How To : Construct a DJ set playlist

This video is about how to construct a DJ set together. Ellaskins states in this video that he doesn't feel you should follow his tutorial step by step. Instead, use it to soak up all of the information and to help finalize your own product. In this video he describes what he ...more

How To : Use Dynamics in Cinema 4D

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla demonstrates how to use Dynamics in Cinema 4D. This feature is incredibly helpful for making chaotic interaction of shapes. It's almost like chaos theory meets order.

How To : Learn spiritual lessons from Chaos

PAT MONAGHAN is a professor at DePaul University in Chicago. She holds a Ph.D. in both literature and science. She is the author of "Dancing with Chaos," a book that expresses the complex ideas of chaos theory in poetry. The THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY in America is a branch of a wor ...more

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