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How To : Treat bug bites on children

Bug bites are very irritating, especially for kids. Learn about common bug bites that you might find on your child and how you can treat them at home by watching this video.

How To : Know if your children do drugs

As a parent, it's important to know whether or not your kids are doing drugs to help preserve their safety and well-being. This video will give you some tricks on how to spot if your child is using. Parents are usually the last to know, which is why you have to act swiftly if ...more

How To : Teach children to read when homeschooling

Learn how to teach your children to read and write the alphabet and basic words through phonics in this free home schooling and tutoring video series. Part 1 of 31 - How to Teach children to read when homeschooling. Teach children to read when homeschooling - Part 2 of 31. Cli ...more

How To : Teach piano to children

How to teach music concepts to children, including tips and techniques for teaching piano keys, notation and other music theory from an expert at teaching children music, Hope Wells. Part 1 of 10 - How to Teach piano to children. Teach piano to children - Part 2 of 10. Click t ...more

How To : Make ice cream in a bag with your children

You don't need an expensive ice cream maker to make your own ice cream! All you need is a sandwich bag or Ziploc bag, milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring. Once you've put your ingredients in the bag, mix it up and then freeze it!

How To : Teach children to play the piano

Our expert, Hope Wells, shows you some basic ideas for teaching music to children. Using a piano, Hope teaches basic beats, reading notes, and staffs. Part 1 of 10 - How to Teach children to play the piano. Teach children to play the piano - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watc ...more

How To : Make children listen with the marshmallow game

In this video, we learn how to make children listen with the marshmallow game. When you are trying to tell a story to children, they can talk and start a conversation without being quiet. To help this out, tell the children to put a pretend marshmallow in their mouth and they ...more

How To : Submit a children's book manuscript to publishers

In this video, we learn how to submit a children's book manuscript to publishers. First, you will want to type your manuscript oh white paper and make sure it's double spaced and indented at the beginning of each paragraph. Use one inch margins on each side as well. Make sure ...more

How To : Play "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath

In this video, we learn how to play "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath. Start with E, C sharp, and your fingers on the top strings. After this, play an A and an F sharp. Follow this with a fourth string D and E, then you will have the basic sounds for the song completed. ...more

How To : Raise well-behaved children

Are you a mom or a dad that has run into a road block with your kids? Are they out of control disobedient? Follow this advice on how to raise well-behaved children and raising your children will be much more rewarding. You Will Need: • Time • Patience • Disciplinary rules ...more

How To : Buy good and creative gifts for children

Whether they're your own children or a niece, godson or grandchild, this gift guide is perfect for figuring out what to give the kids on your gift list. Every gift is innovative, eco-friendly and facilitates talking between children and parents.

How To : Make a fall leaf card with your children

Here's a fun craft project you can make with your kids to celebrate autumn! Create a fall themed card, complete with colored leaves. All you will need is some white cardstock, red, yellow and green construction paper, a pair of safety scissors and some non-toxic glue.

How To : Teach children to read

This video series will show you tips, techniques and information about how to teach your children to read and what methods are most useful in certain cases. Our expert, Debbie Noah, not only explains how children comprehend reading but also ways to make it fun for them and giv ...more

How To : Teach children about water safety

Did you know that drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14? I worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor when I was younger and I have seen firsthand too many close calls with kids around water. This program is about basic water safety ...more

How To : Manage a fever in children with Dr. Bill Gray

In this tutorial, we learn how to manage a fever in children. When your child has a fever, this means their body is fighting an infection. The fever will vary depending on what it is, but it will usually peak at 106 degrees. Don't bring the fever down with Tylenol, because it ...more

How To : Teach children to search on the internet

Who needs books when you’ve got the Internet? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will help you get the most out of your Internet connection as they give you some guidelines to start your research on the World Wide Web. Teach children to search on the internet. Click through ...more

How To : Help children understand steroids

A steroid are a group of fatty substances or lipids found in the body. Sometimes people take steroids for the wrong reason. Anabolic steroids increases muscle mass. Most professional sports and the Olympics test for it. There are many side effects to taking steroids. Many high ...more

How To : Photograph children for optimal cuteness

Your childhood is arguably the stage of development where you look most cute and naturally perfect for photographs, so it makes sense that your parents compiled albums after neverending albums depicting several hundred different angles of your cute little tushy (grimace). But ...more

How To : Teach children to be polite

This how to video teaches kids how manners are important to be used as adults. Even something as simple as saying please and thank you makes a big difference in how people people respond to you and how you feel about others. Watch this video etiquette tutorial and learn how to ...more

How To : Help children cope with divorce

Divorce can be a most difficult process for anyone to go through, let alone a young child. Both parents need to remain large parts of the childs' life, as well as continuously remind the child how much they're loved. This parenting how-to video gives some quick tips on how to ...more

How To : Avoid empty threats when disciplining children

Following through with discipline is the best way to get your kid to behave. Don't threaten to throw child's toys away if they don't clean up. A follow through would be to throw the toys away! Avoid empty threats when disciplining children. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Make your home safe for children

Even if you don't have children, these tips are great for grandkids or visitors with children. This how to video outlines ways you can child proof your home and prevent accidents.

How To : Teach your children to multiply early

The gentleman, acting as the Instructor, starts the session immediately by suggesting that to teach early multiplication all parents should practice a method of "Count-by's" with their children when they are very young using ones to ten, twos to twenty, threes to thirty, fours ...more

How To : Play "Married with Children" by Oasis on guitar

In this video, we learn how to play "Married with Children" by Oasis on guitar. The intro starts with B, G# on the fourth fret, then C# minor, A on the fifth fret, C, B, and E. Play these separately, then play all together twice. After you do this, you can go into the body of ...more

How To : Protect children from high bath water temperatures

Giving your kid a bath is an integral part of child care. What's that saying? Cleanliness is next to Godliness? Okay, maybe not, but a clean baby is a great sight, but there are things to worry about when filling up the bathtub. Could the water temperature be too hot? NFPA's A ...more

How To : Build confidence in your children

Jerry Lavender demonstrate how to build confidence in your children. Use secure attachments to provide a stable base for your child. Your child will fee safe to explore the world. Provide structure and predictable environment for your child. This will enable your child to rela ...more

How To : Make lamp cords safe for children

Still need to child proof your home for your little one? Gets some tips here on how to prevent accidents with lamps and lamp tip overs in your home by using electrical receptacle covers, cord winders and surface mounted raceway. Ron Hazleton is a DIY home improvement master. ...more

How To : Teach children to safely walk to school

This vintage video clips was produce in conjunction with the Los Angeles Unified School District with the intention of teaching school children how to walk to school. Watch and learn a few helpful tips that may help your young ones how to stay safe while walking to school. Rem ...more

How To : Care for children's ear infections

Two out of three children will have an ear infection. But when is it time to take your child to the doctor's office? Dr. Alan Greene is in the Parents TV studio to show you how to eliminate some unnecessary doctor's visits. Watch and learn.

How To : Care for your children's eyes

In this tutorial, we learn how to care for kid's eyes. First, make sure you get an eye exam for your children at a young age. This should occur while they are in pre-school. This can help track any problems with the eyes and see if they are developing correctly. Make sure to h ...more

How To : Feed picky children

Every mom struggles with trying to ensure her kids get enough to eat and that they eat the right foods. We hear and read so much today about childhood obesity but in our house it is sometimes a struggle just to get the kids to eat. If you have a picky eater you know what I am ...more

How To : Filter Yahoo! search results for children

This video tutorial will show you how to filter Yahoo! Search results for children. To filter Yahoo! Search results, do the following: Go to Yahoo! Search and select the search preferences link. Locate the safe search header and click edit. The Yahoo! Search Preferences page a ...more

How To : Filter AOL search results for children

This video helps you filter AOL search results for the protection of your children. In your internet browser, type in or go to AOL Search home appears. Click the link named "Settings" located on the upper right corner of the AOL Search home. Click the r ...more

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