Chip with the Grip

How To : Chip with the grip

Rickard Strongert explains that to chip with the grip, you must first have a wide set-up and low down grip. You also need to keep your wrists back and bent. You should bend your legs as much as you can and practice. While this shot may not be legal, it still looks cool. Chip w ...more

How To : Chip from a good lie when playing golf

A chip shot is used when the golf ball lies next to the green, and your goal is to get it into the hole in one or two strokes. Learn how to execute a chip shot using the ideal stance, grip, and golf swing.

News : 10 Clever Uses for Sugru

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How To : Sharpen a knife for chip carving

MyChipCarving shows you in this how-to video how to sharpen a knife on ceramic sharpening stones. He shows two different stones used for sharpening. One being a medium grip ceramic stone showing you that you lift the knife at a ten degree angel and rub back and forth quickly. ...more

How To : Hit a chip shot in golf

This is a video clip that shows how to hit a chip shot in golf. He uses a pitching wedge to do the chip. He explains that there are different ways of gripping the club. He says that many professionals today are using the overlapping grip that they use for the irons but many ar ...more

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