How To : Perform the beaten up cigarette trick

Bend a cigarette without breaking it!! Great cigarette trick that can win you some beers. Use this cigarette trick as a bet or use the cigarette trick to impress friends. Truly amazing cigarette trick. Perform the beaten up cigarette trick. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Perform the Impossible Bending Cigarette Trick

In this video, learn how to bend an ordinary cigarette in half without breaking it! With this amazing trick, you can bet your friends that you can bend a cigarette in two, so that both ends touch without breaking the cigarette. This trick is actually pretty easy to learn and ...more

How To : Perform the Rolling Cigarette Trick

Pub magician Christian Lee demonstrates how to perform the rolling cigarette trick. All you need is a cigarette, a table and some magic. By skillfully blowing on the cigarette it will appear as if you are moving it with your mind. Brilliant!!! Perform the Rolling Cigarette Tri ...more

How To : Perform the penetrating toothpick trick

This trick is super sweet and easy to do. What you'll be doing is called the penetrating toothpick trick, which will link two toothpicks together. Any bar or resturaunt that has wooden toothpicks will make for a great location to pull off this trick. This is also known as the ...more

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