Clean a Ps3

How To : Deep clean your PS3 controller without ruining it

Buttons feeling sticky? Too much cheese puff dust lodged in the control sticks? This video will show you all of the steps that you need to dig in and really clean your Playstation 3 controller thoroughly. Just remember to check the factory warranty before you take the controll ...more

How To : Take Apart Your PS3 to Clean the Lens

This video shows how to take apart a Play Station 3 (PS3) in order to clean the disc reading lens. First locate the sticker that says "void if removed" and remove the plastic cover from this point with a screw driver. Once this cover is removed there is a second cover which is ...more

How To : Clean your PlayStation 3's Blu-ray Disc drive lens

If your Blu-ray Discs aren't playing properly in your PlayStation 3, then the answer may be as simple as a dirty lens in the Blu-ray Disc drive. Anybody with a few screwdrivers can do this themselves, right at home, no repair costs. But it would void your PS3 warranty, so bewa ...more

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