Cloud 9

How To : Play the board and card game Cloud 9

Do you like games like Monopoly, Risk, Stratego, Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, Checkers, Uno, Battleship and Connect Four? If so, this board/card game could be next for you. Check out this video tutorial on how to play the board game Cloud 9 with designer Aaron Weissblum. Wha ...more

How To : 3D model a mushroom cloud in 3D Studio MAX

The mushroom cloud is one of the iconic images of the 20th century, calling to mind destruction, progress, and arguably the single most important event of the century. This video will show you how to create a 3D model of one using 3D Studio MAX 4 or higher. This can then be us ...more

How To : Create a cloud in a clear container

Do Try This at Home brings us video on how to create a cloud in a container. With just a few simple items household items we can create a cloud. He explains to us the science behind what he is doing and why is works the way it does. After that he demonstrates how to create the ...more

How To : Do basic cloud computing

This video instructs the viewer about the basics of cloud computing, using more than one computer and managing your computing needs online. The instructor explains, "Cloud computing is a metaphor for using the Internet for your computing needs." A program called cloudo, allows ...more

How To : Create a cartoon cloud in Illustrator

A great free video training from tasktutorial on how to create a cartoon cloud in Adobe Illustrator. All the project files are available to download for free at the Adobe website. First create a background: select the rectangle tool then create a new layer and draw a rectangle ...more

How To : Origami a cloud Japanese style

These instructional animated slides teach you how to easily fold a paper cloud Japanese style. Learn how to use the Japanese art of origami to make your own paper cloud. Use the start, stop, forward and back buttons to easily follow along. You can also speed up the instruction ...more

How To : Create a cloud in a bottle

Cool! A cloud in a bottle! You can make one yourself by watching this little how-to. You'll need a bottle, a bike pump and a little attachment from the hardware store. Have you ever wondered how clouds form? Clouds are formed when water vapor is cooled enough to form tiny wat ...more

News : Charlie St. Cloud

Here are 7 clips from the movie "Charlie St. Cloud" Charlie (Zac Efron) teaches Sam (Chris Massoglia) how to hold a baseball. . Sam (Chris Massoglia) reminds Charlie (Zac Efron) of the deal that they made. . Charlie (Zac Efron) and Tess (Amanda Crew) talk about boats on the ...more

How To : Make an awesome cloud brush in Photoshop CS4

Now this tutorial gives another meaning to being on cloud 9. In this video, you'll find out how to use Photoshop in order to make an awesome looking cloud brush for your photos. Is easier to use than cutting and pasting and looks way better too. Sit back and enjoy!

How To : Create a comic book style cloud in Photoshop

Do you want to learn how to create a comic book style cloud using Photoshop? Now you can with this video. First of all, create a blue colored layer. Next, create a few white shapes on this background. Now duplicated this layer. Go to the bottom layer and make it black. Go back ...more

How To : Make an Alcohol Vaporizer (Whiskey Cloud)

Alcohol Vaporizer Vaporize your alcohol spirit with this simple to make vaporizer and inhale the flavored vapor rather then drinking it. Step 1: Making the Vaporizer This video shows what you need and has a simple step by step guide for how to make your vaporizer. Video: . ...more

News : cloud art pup

ever look into the sky and think that a cloud looks like a pig or an elephant- how bout pup?!

How To : Make a balloon cloud party decoration

Balloon clouds make great decorations for any party. Watch this how to video and learn how to make a balloon cloud for your upcoming party or wedding. Balloon clouds are a simple and fun party decoration that your can create fairly quickly.

How To : Make a cloud lamp

Make a very neat lava-like lamp for less than $10 in parts. Uses only soap and water. No chemicals, easy, fun, and the results are incredibly neat! Make a cloud lamp. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Stand Up a Rackspace Cloud Server (Edited)

Update My sincere apologies guys, but I just got a call from Rackspace to set up my "managed account". After a long discussion, there is no longer an "un-managed" option. This means that there is a minimum support fee of 50 dollars USD tacked on to every account. The instruct ...more

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