News : R-Rated School Desk Carvings

Now, that's some whittling. Awesome school-desk-art by Ben Turnbull. See how wood carver Bob Seguin makes a mini navy colt revolver out of basswood here. Previously, This Will Blow Past Airport Security.

How To : Carve a miniature navy colt revolver

Bob Seguin demonstrates how to carve a mini navy colt revolver out of basswood. The video walks you through preparing the wood, carving the pieces, painting, and putting the pieces together.

News : Steampunk Bottle (a Red and Malevolent Glow)

Thought I would cross-post a piece I did a while ago. So here is a piece I made a while back. I found this brass and glass bottle at the thrift store. At the time of purchase it had a broken music box on the bottom. I actually was able to fix the music box and it plays "How D ...more

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