Connect and Load Truck Trailers

How To : Connect and load truck trailers

Two locks are used for truck trailers to prevent someone from taking the trailer. Secure a truck trailer by using locks with tips from a custom car repairman in this free auto maintenance video. Part 1 of 17 - How to Connect and load truck trailers. Connect and load truck trai ...more

How To : Set up a hayride

Take a break from the city and treat your friends and family to some good old-fashioned fun. You Will Need * A route through fields and woods * A pickup truck, or tractor with trailer * Firewood * Marshmallows * Hot dogs * 1 to 2 dozen bales of hay * A clear night * Friends an ...more

How To : Use ratchet straps with twisted snap hooks

See how to use a 1-1/2 inch x 15 ft. long 4,000 pound ratchet strap assembly with the twisted snap hooks. This device is intended for anybody carrying a heavy cargo load on their trailer or flat bed pickup truck.

How To : Install a trailer wiring harness on a Chevy Aveo

If you want to pull a small trailer with the Chevy Aveo, you are going to need some wiring for the trailer lights. This video will demonstrate how easy it is to connect a modulite circuit protected wiring harness. Now, even though you don't have a truck, you can run to the har ...more

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