How To : Set up a Honey Bee CP2 remote control helicopter

Watch this instructional hobby video to properly set up and fly a remote control helicopter. Transmitter switches and servo wires should all be set up this way. Charge the flight pack and you are ready. If you are a beginner, leaving the flybar weights at the outer position wi ...more

How To : Set up and modify a remote control helicopter

Watch this instructional hobbies video to setup and modify the Honeybee CP2 and CCPM remote control helicopter. Also, pay attention to some helpful remote control helicopter flying tips. Never fly away until you can hover, because you will never get back without being able to ...more

News : New AF100 Remote Helicopter Footage

Tabb Firchau over at just released some new footage shot with his remote controlled helicopter and its awesome. Here is a behind the scenes look at how he gets these shots done.

How To : Build an RC T-Rex 500 helicopter

This is a stop action video showing the construction of a complete model RC helicopter from beginning to test flight. Written directions can be a little tricky to follow, so this how-to video serves as a great visual guide to help put together a remote control helicopter. Watc ...more

How To : Prepare a RC helicopter body for paint

Radio Control Helicopter Magazine Editor Klaus Ronge shows how to get a helicopter body ready for paint. Paint will add a personalized touch to the remote control helicopter, but does take some prep work. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to get an RC helicopter body rea ...more

How To : Trim the reflex on "elevator" RC helicopters

These models are sometimes called "elevator" helicopters because they basically go up and down. There are no cyclic controls, so don't expect much control. Here is a simple explanation of how to trim the Reflex or Helix on your remot control helicopter.

How To : Fix the counterclockwise rotation on an RC mosquito

This is an easy way to fix your Micro Mosquito from spinning out of control. This fix is for fixing counterclockwise over rotation. Watch this hobby how-to video and learn how to repair the counterclockwise rotation on a mosquito remote control helicopter.

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