Convincing Magic Tricks

How To : Perform Criss Angel's Convincing magic trick

Lots of people love magic, and most of those people like prop tricks, so why not learn a few? Whether you're a magician or not, you can still impress your friends with a few prop tricks up your sleeve. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to perform Criss Angel's Convin ...more

How To : Perform This Cool Magic Tricks with No Props

No nets, no coins, no cards, no nothing! This magic trick is a fun one to do and only requires your hands, arms and an audience. Check it out and see how to convince your friends that your arms are made of rubber. Video: .

How To : Do a variety of magic tricks

Learn some basic magic tricks in this video tutorial series made by the experts. See how to do a variety of magic tricks, like the ball production magic trick, the swivel cut magic trick, the mod French drop magic trick, and the clip vanish magic trick. Unlike the typical user ...more

How To : Perform complicated looking magic tricks anywhere

In this video, Justin Kredible will teach you how to perform a ton of cool magic tricks using items you already have around the house. Justin is a master illusionist and in this clip he shows you some of his easiest (yet still fascinating) magic tricks. Like Justin says, he do ...more

How To : Make fake coins for magic tricks like David Blaine

(S.E.P) ShootingEggs Productions shows you how to make a magic coin like David Blaine to be used as currency! We show you how. You need a jeweler's saw, a vice, small rubber bands and a coin of your choice. This coin can be used for the coin bite trick or the coin in the bottl ...more

How To : Shuffle cards for magic tricks

Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards. I will be teaching you how to do a hindu shuffle, an overhand shuffle, and a riffle shuffle. If anyone plays cards, gambles, or does card magic, they must know how to properly shuffle a deck of cards.

How to Do magic tricks : The missing glass

For this trick you need a glass, a coin and a large piece of paper. 1. Sit at the table. 2. Put a coin on the table surface. 3. Cover the coin with a glass. 4. Wrap the glass with a paper. 5. Pick up the glass with a wrapping and uncover the coin. 6. While uncovering move both ...more

How To : Perform card magic tricks that work by themselves

In this video series, Malik the magic guy explains how to do the 21 card trick then enhance it, how to do the clock trick, the paired court cards magic trick, the two pile separation card trick, the 4 Apartment card trick and the Speller trick. Part 1 of 8 - How to Perform car ...more

How to Perform magic tricks : false cuts

Learn the craft of magic. This magic tutorial demonstrates the following trick: false cuts. Jarek is an 18 year old magician here to instruct his love of magic. Magic tricks take time and patience to learn. Watch this magic trick tutorial to master false cuts. From Jarek: Sta ...more

How To : Perform some beginner's magic tricks

This video is a demonstration of a number of basic magic tricks: how to melt a coin through a table, the flip trick, the pass, the French drop and a number of card tricks. Techniques demonstrated include lapping, card control, card force, the move and more! Perform some beginn ...more

How To : Do string magic tricks to win money (or drinks)

In this video, the host, Mr. G teaches you an array of seemingly impossible magic tricks. Not only is it entertaining, but a viewer can learn how to scam money out of their friends. My only suggestion is that the steps for completing the tricks were explained in detail. The vi ...more

How To : Perform magic tricks with body manipulation

Remember that uncle that used to do simple palming tricks, like pulling a coin from out behind an ear? This video magic tutorial shows how to perform several easy illusions using your hands such as the moving thumb trick. Watch this instructional video and learn how to do some ...more

How To : Perform Mathemagic magic tricks with math

This cool trick involves a little math, but you won't believe the results! Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors, so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks. You will need two sheets of paper and a black ma ...more

How To : Attract women using magic tricks

It's possible to attract women using magic tricks, and Alex will teach you how to in this video. You can do this during the day or in bars and clubs, which will entertain one women or an entire group. First, take a small piece of paper, a piece of money will work as well. Fold ...more

How To : Do 5 different rubber band magic tricks

5 simple rubber band tricks that only require rubber bands and some hand manipulation are revealed in this video magic tutorial. Learn how to perform some fun rubber band tricks by watching and following along with the magical fun.

How To : Perform color change magic tricks

Watch this instructional magic trick tutorial video to learn how to perform this simple color change trick. Fool your spectator into believing your card magically changes colors. A great trick to practice for beginners and those looking to polish their magic skills.

How to Perform magic tricks : the revolver

This is one of my favorite tricks. I still don't have it mastered yet, but figured I would put it out there to hopefully draw some advice or suggestions to make it better. Watch this magic tutorial to learn how to do the revolver magic trick.

How To : Make Your Magic Tricks Appear Original

If you're a magician, or an aspiring one, you'll want to learn how to put your own stamp on your tricks. It's very hard to actually find a trick that hasn't been done already, but you can still find ways to personalize the trick and bring new life to it. Video: .

How To : Palm objects for magic tricks

Learn how to perform simple palming techniques from this instructional video. Palming allows a magician to hide objects in the palm of their hand, while creating the illusion of having absolute nothing hidden. Watch this video magic tutorial and find out how to palm hidden obj ...more

How To : Perform basic card and coin magic tricks

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to three easy tricks. The first trick is the coin in the hand. The magician drops a penny into the spectator's hand 3 times. on the third time, the coin ends up being a nickel instead of a penny. The second trick is vanishing coin. The ...more

How To : Do sleight of hand magic tricks

Douglas Phillips has been performing magic for over fifteen years, and he gives you all the tips you need to know to entertain your audiences. Learn the simple rules of magic, and learn how to truly trick your audience. Douglas shows you famous sleight of hand tricks like the ...more

How To : Do magic tricks with props

In this video series, watch as magician Joseph Salazar teaches how to do different magic tricks with different items. Get free advice on how to tricks like the floating handkerchief, the milk pitcher trick, the cut rope trick, the magician's bouquet, the floating ball, and mor ...more

How To : Do rope magic tricks

In this street magic and illusion revealed video series, learn how to do rope magic tricks. Our expert magician will show you how to do the one handed knot trick, the three ropes to one trick, how to cut a rope in half and restore it, the ring and rope trick, and more. Get tip ...more

How To : Perform office magic tricks

In this expert video series, learn simple magic tricks to do at work. Greg Trevors will show you simple supply closet items that can mysteriously transform into magical objects. He will teach you a simple magic show routine, and various magic tricks using pens, rubber bands, p ...more

How To : Know what cards to use in magic tricks

In this online video series learn from expert magician Brandon Nowasky as he teaches magic tricks, fundamentals, and techniques such as the two detectives, trick break, glide technique, the rising card, envelope prediction, the double lift, and how to control a card for a tric ...more

How To : Do magic tricks for beginners

In this video clip series, a magician will reveal the secrets behind the art of coin magic, sharing tips on performing a variety of coin tricks, information on acquiring coins for magic shows and table magic shows, and general introductory information on coin magic for beginne ...more

How To : Do ESP magic tricks

In this magic trick video series on remote viewing, magician Joe Marshall divulges magic secrets and demonstrates magic tricks using poker chips, cup shuffling, dice, and an ordinary watch. Part 1 of 14 - How to Do ESP magic tricks. Do ESP magic tricks - Part 2 of 14. Click th ...more

How To : Learn about ESP magic tricks

Learn background of magic trick remote viewing in this free magic trick video. Learn about ESP magic tricks - Part 1 of 14. Click through to watch this video on Learn about ESP magic tricks - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Perform magic tricks at the office

In this series of magic videos from our professional magician, learn how to do a variety of basic tricks with props that you can find laying around almost any office. Got a spoon for your coffee cup? Then bend it to the delight of your co-workers. Got spare change sitting on t ...more

How To : Use magic tricks at a party

There are entertaining card tricks performed by our expert that are easy to learn and fun for everyone. Learn the typical cup trick or the more complicated magic Mentalism Trick. Make sure you have the needed props for the rope trick or the floating ball trick. Part 1 of 14 - ...more

How To : Perform basic sleight of hand magic tricks

In this series of magic videos, our professional magician demonstrates basic sleight of hand tricks such as the French drop and false transfer in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. He also performs several tricks using cups and balls and explains these routines in detail. He e ...more

How To : Perform 10 awesome science magic party tricks

The best part of science class for many was the awesome demonstrations and experiments teachers use to demonstrate scientific principles. This video will teach you how to capture some of that magic by performing ten awesome science party / magic tricks, like relighting a match ...more

How To : Perform a few magic card tricks

Learn how to do magic tricks like the ones in the video and impress your family and friends. Watch this instructional magic card trick video and learn to perform such tricks as Cheek to Cheek, the Wild Card, and the Disappearing Card deck trick. Practice these tricks and soon ...more

How To : Do basic false shuffles for magic card tricks

This is an instructional video on how to perform card shuffles that allow you to place particular cards at the top or bottom of the deck and how to keep them that way. False shuffles, such as the riffle shuffle and Hindu shuffle, are important for card magicians to create the ...more

How To : Do some cheesy beer gag magic bar tricks

Scam School presents four silly beer gags in this how-to video. The Eye of Hercules: This one actually fools people, but it's so simple that most people write it off. To make it look you're opening a beer with your eye, remove the bottle cap and set it gently on top of the be ...more

How To : Do magic coin tricks

Learn the secrets of how to perform magic coin trick illusions in this free magic lesson video. Do magic coin tricks - Part 1 of 15. Click through to watch this video on Do magic coin tricks - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.c ...more

How to Do magic card tricks : full deck arrangements

In this online video series, learn how to do full deck setups and arrangements, creating opportunities to do card tricks specifically tailored to a prearranged order of cards. Part 1 of 15 - How to Do magic card tricks: full deck arrangements. Do magic card tricks: full deck a ...more

How to Do magic card tricks : full deck arrangements

Whether you are a budding magician, or just a card game enthusiast looking to bone up on his skills, impress your friends and learn some of the many ways to perform card flourishes. Our expert magician will demonstrate each flourish, with step-by-step instructions and tips for ...more

How To : Use Svengali magic cards for advanced tricks

In this second installment of our series on the Svengali deck, our expert magician Malik Haddadi demonstrates more great tricks. Learn how to perform the grand maneuver known as the all alike trick, which transforms what appears to the audience as a normal deck of cards into a ...more

How To : Use Svengali magic cards for pro tricks

With this series of card trick video clips, our expert magician Malik Haddadi wraps up his lessons for using the Svengali deck. By now you know enough about these trick cards to go public with your new set of skills. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use Svengali magic cards for pro trick ...more

How To : Use Svengali magic cards for basic tricks

Our popular Expert Village card trick professional Malik Haddadi tells you all you need to know about the Svengali deck in this series of magic videos. He begins with prepping the cards and quickly jumps to tricks sure to impress your audience. Pick a card, any card from one p ...more

News : Wow a crowd with superhero strength

With the recent release of both Watchmen and X-Men Origins, convincing a drunken buddy at the bar that you've got slightly super human lifting abilities isn't completely out of the question. Brian Brushwood delights in exploiting the gullible bar flies with his magic show, Sc ...more

How To : Read Minds with a Simple Mentalism Effect

What if I told you that you could read minds? You'd most likely think I was crazy, and you'd be right. But what I really meant is that you could make people think that you could read minds, something that's not the least bit crazy. Performing mind reading — and it is a perfor ...more

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