How To : Apply early neurological stimulation to your puppy

Dogmantics dog trainer Emily Larlham shows us some exercises that should be repeated once a day in the first sixteen days of your dogs life to create a super puppy! "The US military did studies on raising puppies, and they found that doing certain exercises with puppies durin ...more

How To : Deal with a mean boss

Sadly, into each life at least one mean, nasty, low-down, no-good boss must fall. When it's your turn, you'll want these survival tips. Trying to remain calm and protecting yourself are important strategies to protect your career. Watch this video job skills tutorial and learn ...more

How To : Play "How To Deal" by Frankie J on guitar

Learn how to play "How To Deal" by Frankie J, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Sometimes a man has to choose And do something he doesnt wanna do Do i live my life with you as my wife? Or do i go on and pursue my lifetime ...more

How To : sculpt classes in Los Angeles

If you are in the LA area (my old stomping grounds) Karen Cope is the person I would suggest going to for classes. Take a look at her website and see what I am talking about.

How To : Deal with a Stiff, Achy Back?

We've all been there; waking up in the morning with a stiff, achy back. Maybe you overdid the yard work this weekend. Perhaps you were a bit too enthusiastic on the Nautilus circuit. Could be the long hours spent hunched over your computer are catching up with you. Perhaps you ...more

How To : Deal with rats

The best way to keep rats out is by making it difficult and unappealing for them to come inside. Keep your house clean and free of anything that a rat might want to eat. Rats can fit through very small opening so go on the defensive and keep rats where they belong. Simply put ...more

How To : Quit smoking and get through the withdrawals

Quitting smoking is incredibly difficult. It's hard enough to break the habit, but the withdrawals are even worse. In this tutorial, learn how to make the transition a little more bearable. You Will Need • Pen and paper • Prescriptions • OTC medications • Hypnosis • Clean ...more

News : 10 tips for shopping at the farmers' market

Photo: Carolyn Cope Serious Eats has some great tips for shopping at the farmers' market. Some of the best ones: Find out why it's not certified organic. The farmer may not have the resources to get the certification, and it doesn't necessarily mean the food isn't organicall ...more

How To : Ingest vitamin D and minerals to fight MS

It is argued that sun exposure and warm weather helps people cope with and fight multiple sclerosis. Sun is important to produce vitamin D. There are arguments that vitamin D deficiency is connected with cases of multiple sclerosis. Get a blood test to make sure your vitamin l ...more

How To : Water Evergreens in the fall

First of all, he explains that evergreens will have problems if you don't water them late enough into the season. He introduces Ken Mayer who compares two types of evergreens. He shows a tree which has lost its coloration and explains that that tree lost water over the winter. ...more

How To : Choose the right hearing aid

Many people find it hard to cope with hearing loss. Don't let hearing loss limit your enjoyment of life. Get help in choosing the proper hearing device. Choose the right hearing aid. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Overcome the Introvert Quiet Way of Life

Basically, this article is a true life experience writing from the introspective mind of the writer and do share more knowledge on how to deal with introvert lifestyle. firstly, let me just say being quiet gives peace of mind, but when being quiet around people creates curios ...more

How To : Manage nausea and vomiting of pregnancy clinically

This medical presentation discusses the management of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP). Many women who have to cope with nausea and vomiting of pregnancy endure tremendous physical hardship. This suffering may have a profound impact on family, work, and social life. Ther ...more

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