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News : The Rattling Wall Issue 4, (publishing Opportunity)

Submit The Rattling Wall is accepting sophisticated short fiction, travel essays, and poetry submissions for Issue 4 until April 1, 2012. The literary journal accepts simultaneous submissions, but asks to be contacted immediately if work that a writer has submitted for review ...more

How To : Write a letter

It might seem easy to a few, but some of us out there grew up with email and consider "the letter" an artifact. However, writing a letter is the ultimate in class and shows someone you took the extra time to get in touch with them. Whether you are writing a business letter or ...more

How To : Give negative feedback to workers on the job

Need a new perspective on giving feedback in the workplace? Giving feedback can be tough, especially when you're dealing with negative feedback. It's a challenge. This video will cover some quick tips you can use to make sure both parties get the most out of the experience. It ...more

News : Why we shouldn't rush the job search

In a recent survey of more than 5000 UK jobseekers by, it was found that 60% spend less than two hours working on each application following a job search, all inclusive of the time it takes to write a CV and covering letter, and to prepare for an interview. What ...more

How To : Get album artwork on your iPhone with iTunes

Watch this iPhone tutorial video to learn how to make your iPhone's Cover Flow beautiful with complete album artwork. This how-to video offers tips on fixing iPhone cover flow gaps that new iPhone owners and experienced iPhone users alike will appreciate.

How To : Cover a square shaped cake with fondant

Most cakes are round, so it's only natural that most cake decorating tutorials only focus on how to ice and apply fondant to round cakes. But sometimes you want to think outside of the box by decorating, ironically, a box-shaped cake instead. If you're trying to apply fondant ...more

How To : Repair your eyeglasses

Try these simple fixes to salvage your specs. Learn how to fix your eyeglasses with this helpful guide. You Will Need * Duct tape * Needle-nose pliers * An eyeglass repair kit * Superglue * A wooden toothpick * A paper towel * A miniature safety pin * All-purpose glue * A met ...more

News : Welcome to the Google+ Insider's Guide!

Google+ is the most exciting new social network to come around this decade, and the only product with a chance of challenging the monopolies we know as Facebook and Twitter. As an Internet addict, I've joined every major social network there is - from Friendster (who?) to MySp ...more

How To : Pronounce words in German

German phonemes pronounced, each with example words. I tried to cover all letters and letter combinations which learners of the German language need to pay attention to. One thing I forgot: Words that start with "Ch": here the CH is either pronounced as a K (Chor = choir, Cha ...more

How To : Write a binding, effective letter of intent

A letter of intent is a good way of formalizing a verbal agreement without going through the effort of having a contract drawn up by lawyers. This video will give you tips for writing your own binding letter of intent to protect your business interests.

How To : Fix a front load washer that won't drain or spin

If you are finding water after the end of a cycle, you may have a problem that needs to be resolved quickly. There are several ways to check what is going on with your machine. This tutorial will cover a few of the troubleshooting tips that you should try out before calling a ...more

How To : Use border punches & a stamp

This video is part of the lawn fawn card series and it explains the making of a card using border punches and a stamp.The materials required are a set card-polka dot basics from paper tray ink.This card has a variety of dots on it. Remove the big open circle polka dot and lay ...more

How To : Write a heartfelt love letter

Writing a love letter be scary and intimidating when you try to get started. Finding a way to put all your emotions into words on a piece of paper can trouble even the greatest of minds. This video will offer some helpful and insightful tips to make sure you write a letter tha ...more

How To : Cover blemishes with makeup

Skin not looking its best? Find out how to cover blemishes with makeup with tips from a professional makeup artist in this free cosmetics video. Part 1 of 15 - How to Cover blemishes with makeup. Cover blemishes with makeup - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Make a boppy pillow cover

Make a handmade boppy cover for your breast feeding boppy pillow with the expert sewing tips in this free craft video series. Part 1 of 8 - How to Make a boppy pillow cover. Make a boppy pillow cover - Part 2 of 8. Click through to watch this video on Make a ...more

How To : Measure a hot tub spa cover

Does your hot tub spa cover need worn and need a replacement? Watch this three-part video tutorial to learn the measuring basics and get tips on how to measure curved corners before ordering your new spa cover. Part 1 of 3 - How to Measure a hot tub spa cover. Part 2 of 3 - H ...more

How To : Remove acrylic nails at home

If you've grown tired of your acrylic nails and want to remove them, but don't want to go to the salon, follow these steps to learn how to remove them from home. You will need to use a 100 percent acetone remover to take off all of the nail polish first. Then, take an old cont ...more

How To : Resign

Kate's tips on the correct way to resign and how to write a resignation letter for the boss you do, and DON'T like.

How To : Create Poison Ivy theme nail art

This video demonstrates how to make nail art inspired by the character Poison Ivy. You'll need a nail file, three non-fabric Band-Aids, scissors, toothpicks, green metallic and gold nail polish, and top coat. First file nails into a square shape. Cut each Band-Aid in half. Pai ...more

How To : Cover acne with makeup

How to cover acne scars with makeup; get professional tips and advice from a cosmetologist for concealing your skin irregularities in this free beauty video series. Part 1 of 17 - How to Cover acne with makeup. Cover acne with makeup - Part 2 of 17. Click through to watch this ...more

How To : Coach Young Softball Players to Pitch a Fastball

Softball is essentially the opposite of baseball… but not really. Softball is always associated and stigmatized with weaker pitching, but softball pitchers can pitch just as fast as baseball players. This video will cover the beginning fundamentals to help youth players develo ...more

How To : Use the Manual Trace tool in Adobe Illustrator CS5

In this clip, you'll learn how to use the Manual Trace tool when, for example, desiging a book cover in Illustrator CS5. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular vector graphics editor or just looking to pick up a few new tips and tricks, you're sure to enjoy this free video soft ...more

How To : Prepare your perennials for the winter

This how to video shows you what to do to prepare your perennials for their winter sleep. Dave teaches you methods to cover of cut back your perennial plants. Make sure your plants are safe during the cold winter months with tips from this tutorial.

How To : Play "La Villa Strangiato" by Rush on drums

Neil Peart is a famous drummer from the band Rush. Get tips on Neil Peart drumming techniques and how to play one of the beats from the song "La Villa Strangiato" in this free cover songs and drum lessons video series. Part 1 of 5 - How to Play "La Villa Strangiato" by Rush on ...more

How To : Crack a Combination Bike Lock in Under 30 Seconds

Have an old bike combination lock that you can't remember the code for? If it's a simply four-digit cable lock, you can easily figure out the combination with a quick peck-and-go method. Best of all, this technique doesn't require any tools or special know-how, and let's you r ...more

How To : capture video from your 360, PS3, Wii with $9

Hey, would you like to be as cool as this: You wish! But you could do the next best thing, and that's capturing your earth shattering game play with the Easycap DC60. Originally retailing for forty dollars, you can buy this at Amazon for $8.50. This device will capture video ...more

How To : Paint ceramic tile

Painting ceramic tile is an easy and inexpensive way to cover up ugly tile. Meghan Carter walks you through the steps for painting ceramic tile. Her tips will make painting ceramic tile a painless process, and ensure that you get professional results.

How To : Make crockpot enchiladas

The Food Corner brings us a unique idea – enchiladas cooked in a crock-pot. The ingredients needed are tortillas, cooked hamburger meat, pinto beans and black beans, some water, a can of tomatoes with green chilies, cumin, pepper, chili powder, Monterey jack cheese and sharp ...more

How To : Attach a clam shell end tip

Clam Shell end tips, or knot covers, are normally used when you are stringing pearls or other beads on silk or nylon thread. They cover the knots on the ends of the thread so they can't be seen. First take your string and tie a double overhand knot on one end leaving a half o ...more

How To : Grow ivy plants

Every one knows what ivy is, but most think of it as the poisonous ivy that gives a horrible itchy rash, but poison ivy isn't the only kind out there. There's beautiful ivy that can make your home more elegant than ever. Growing the prolific ivy plant will convince you that yo ...more

How To : Propagate plants from tip cuttings

In order to propagate plants from cuttings, you will need the following: plants that can grow from clippings, a container, potting soil, water, and a rooting hormone. You should water the plant the day before you plan to take clipping. You will need to make sure that the clip ...more

How To : Plant dahlias with the Dahlia Guy

The Dahlia Guy is going to show you step by step how to plant dahlias. First, you want to bury your tubers at 2-4inches of depth and place a stick right next to the eye so you know exactly where the dahlia will be. Also, you want to place a timed release fertilizer in the hole ...more

How To : Hard boil eggs using some easy tips

Tony D'Angelo demonstrates his method of making hard boiled eggs. He starts with room temperature eggs to avoid cracking the shells, adds water to cover them, and adds a little salt and vinegar to prevent the eggs from cracking. Once the water boils, he takes the pot off the h ...more

How To : Make Filipino paksiw na pata (sour pork leg)

Ingredients: 1 pig'seg (pata), cleaned and cut into small pieces 1/2 cup dried banana blossoms soaked in water 6 bananas, fried and sliced. (Saba variety or plantains) 4 segments crushed garlic 1 laurel leaf 1/4 cup soy sauce 2 tbsp. white vinegar 3 tbsp. brown sugar ...more

How To : Create a flirty and romantic eye makeup look

Youtube Makeup diva Julie G gives us another installment in her glamorous makeup tutorials. Whether you're new to makeup application or you're a practiced hand, Julie's style ideas and tips are sure to give you some inspiration. This look is a flirty and romantic look, and can ...more

How To : Create an earthy henna eyes makeup look

Youtube Makeup diva Julie G gives us another installment in her glamorous makeup tutorials. Whether you're new to makeup application or you're a practiced hand, Julie's style ideas and tips are sure to give you some inspiration. This look is called earthy henna eyes, and can b ...more

How To : Create a mocha pearl eyes makeup look

Youtube Makeup diva Julie G gives us another installment in her glamorous makeup tutorials. Whether you're new to makeup application or you're a practiced hand, Julie's style ideas and tips are sure to give you some inspiration. This look is called "Mocha Pearl Eyes', and can ...more

How To : Learn to draw and sketch

This comprehensive video series by Bob Davies serves as a basics drawing lessons that are excellent for beginners just starting off in addition to tips for intermediate artists. This series covers all the basics of drawing from choosing paper, drawing medium (graphite,charcoal ...more

How To : Use old tennis balls

Tennis balls aren't just for playing tennis, so when you are getting ready to trash those tennis balls… DON'T. There are many different uses you can find for them, from donating them to fluffing up laundry. Recycle them using these 7 helpful tips. You Will Need * Trailer hitc ...more

How To : Create a Simple Procedural Brick Texture in Maya

This is a guide to making a very simple procedural texture for Maya. As with all procedural textures, the basic texture can be refined and added to. It's a texture! Open up the Hypershade (Window > Rendering Editors > Hypershade). This is where you can edit any textures as w ...more

How To : Choose a Speech or Writing Topic

Whether you're a student, a toastmaster, just writing, or making articles on WonderHowTo, you will have to come up with a topic. The topic should be able to guide you to some of the things you want people to know about. Here are some ways that you can can come up with a topic. ...more

How To : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (11/23 - 11/29)

WonderHowTo is made up niche communities called Worlds. If you've yet to join one (or create your own), get a taste below of what's going on in the community. Check in every Wednesday for a roundup of new activities and projects. Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone enjoys th ...more

How To : Create a Basic Attendance Sheet in Excel

If you're a teacher in any type of school, whether it's high school, college, or middle school, it's imperative that you keep an attendance sheet. The paper and pen route can get pretty messy, and very disorganized, and that's where Microsoft Excel comes in. With this software ...more

News : Minecraft World's Ultimate Survival Guide, Part 1

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. Note: As I thought of writing something like this, it sounded fairly simple. A one-stop guide for everything related to survival (survival mode, SMP) in Minecraft. But as I progress ...more

How To : Cook a whole duck

This video shows us how to cook a duck. The ingredients listed are 2 kg whole duck, cleaned, 20 ml of maple syrup, 20 ml of olive oil, 2-3 tsp. of sea salt, 12 prunes, 30 ml of cognac (brandy), parsley and orange slices. Mix together the 20 ml of maple syrup and 20 ml of oliv ...more

How To : Get a tattoo to cover a scar or birthmark

Many people wrestle with their ugly scars and birthmarks every day. These are usually quite difficult and expensive to remove, but there is another solution: cover them with a tattoo! Watch this video for tips on getting some ink done to cover a scar or birthmark.

How To : Bolt a velocity stack to 28mm Mikuni carb in a DIO

This scooter modification tutorial gives you some tips on how to bolt a velocity stack to a 28mm Mikuni carburetor on a Honda Elite DIO scooter exhaust system. The video doesn't cover the actual install but gives tips on ways to make the connection easier.

How To : Cover Up Fine Lines and Wrinkles

When skin loses elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. In this video, Aida gives us some tips on how to cover those fine lines and diminish the look of wrinkles. Prepare Skin Cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting is key with any skin care routine. Use a moistu ...more

How To : Make light switch plate covers

Learn how to make a picture light switch plate cover with expert tips and advice on wiring and interior design in this free decorating video series making light switch covers. Part 1 of 25 - How to Make light switch plate covers. Make light switch plate covers - Part 2 of 25. ...more

How To : Cover Nasty Blemishes and Eye Circles

It is easy to use too much product when trying to cover dark under eye circles and blemishes. Here we give some tips on how to apply these products in moderation. For Dark Circles: Eye Gel: Use an eye gel or cream to help reduce the appearance of under eye circles and puffin ...more

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