Crab Scratch

How To : BeatBox the crab & record scratching technique

This beatboxing tutorial shows you how to use your hand and breathing techniques to produce a record scratching illusion. This is known as the crab scratch or record scratch technique. It's extremely easy to do, but it's one of the noises that awes spectators. Practice and imp ...more

How To : Scratch records

DJ Fooders teaches you some advanced record scratches for intermediate and advanced DJs. Techniques covered included scribbles, the transform, flares, the orbit, the tweak, the crab, and record control techniques.

News : Here, Table. Come, Boy!

Gotta get myself one of these walking crab tables. (Now if only it came on command. Life would be complete.) Question is, how does one build something like this? Post ideas below. Previously, Self Healing Chair Picks Itself Up Off the Floor... Literally. Got an Itch? Let Your ...more

News : Tracking The Tides

When you live on an island, spending time on the beach beomes part of the fabric of life (otherwise why live on an island). Whidbey has so many beaches to explore. I've been here several years and barely scratched the surface. I guess once I discover places I really enjoy, I t ...more

How To : Make crab-filled ravioli

In order to prepare Crab-Filled Ravioli, you will need the following: lemon, crab, Mascarpone cheese, pepper, parsley, and pasta dough. Prepare the pasta dough from scratch in advance. Chop the fresh parsley. Place parsley in a bowl. Add the fresh crab. Make sure the water ha ...more

How To : A Step-by-Step Guide to Homemade Sushi Rolls

Without a doubt, sushi is one of my favorite foods—dainty and delectable, while also fun to make. So let's get started with maki rolls, aka makizushi, probably the most iconic form of sushi. You know, the one filled with rice and your standard sushi ingredients, rolled up in a ...more

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