Craft Different Types

How To : Craft different types of blocks in Minecraft

A big part of the fun in Minecraft is figuring out all of the different things that you can craft and how to craft them. Sometimes you just want to make the damn thing though, and to that end this video will show you how to make many of the game's better and more complex to cr ...more

How To : Do different types of traditional hand animation

This film was awarded the Green Ribbon in Itami Film Festival, 1993. Learn how various techniques of animation work and see some amazing examples- including an animated pin up girl! The film is in Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. Part 1 of 3 - How to Do different type ...more

How To : Draw different types of anime/manga hair

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw different types of anime/manga hair. Different types of hair can completely change the look of a character. For example, if you are going to draw hair on a girl manga character, you will want to make it curly and long. Use long lines with ...more

How To : Identify different types of diaper rash

There are a number of diaper rashes that your baby can face. Sometimes a rash can be a great risk and hard to treat. You may need to take your baby to a doctor if you have tried treating their rash with different types of ointments/creams/medication and the rash has not gotten ...more

How To : Use different types of keyframes in After Effects

Nick from Greyscale Gorilla boils down the basics of keyframing. Many beginning users of After Effects try to use too many different keyframes and styles. Fortunately, this tutorial shows you simpler executions of the same concepts. Check out this link for the After Effects p ...more

How To : Tie different types of knots

In this free video series learn how to tie knots from knot tying expert and outdoor enthusiast Dan Schieffelin. Part 1 of 17 - How to Tie different types of knots. Tie different types of knots - Part 2 of 17. Click through to watch this video on Tie different ...more

How To : Fold different types of shirts

Are you tired of wrinkled clothes? Have you ever had to iron one of your shirts more than once? Get tips and advice on how to fold your various items from ShaNay Norvell in this free clothing care video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Fold different types of shirts. Fold differe ...more

How To : Understand the different types of cooking flours

Flour comes in many different types. Whole wheat, unbleached, bleached and even specific types for gravies. This how-to video discusses the different types of flours out there and what they are good for. Watch and learn what type of flour to buy the next time you are at the gr ...more

How To : Show your child different types of lines

Children think that a line is a line. Usually a straight line. This video shows children that there are different types of lines. Show your child different types of lines. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Distinguish different types of bulbs

In this tutorial, Scott Atkinson shows us how to identify different types of bulbs. Common types of bulbs are: tulip, daffodil and lily. These are most easily identified but there are many that appear in flowers. A core looks similar to a bulb but it is a solid tissue and does ...more

How To : Identify different types of dinner glassware

Don't know much about the dinner table? You know the basics: you eat from a plate, you use silverware to shovel it in and you drink from glassware. But what about if you're at a fancy dinner? Would you be able to distinguish a juice cup from a champagne glass? A white wine gla ...more

How To : Make six different types of flower rosettes

You probably already have a plethora of white t-shirts and plain blue jeans, and while having outfits you can lean on no matter the time of day or occasion, going with the same neutral tones and combinations gets a bit boring (not to mention visually dull) after a while. Spic ...more

How To : Identify different types of mushrooms

Know the different types and varieties of mushrooms, what they taste like, and how to serve them to add an assortment of tastes, textures, colours and sizes to your meals. Profiles all Canadian grown mushrooms; white button, crimini, portabella, shiitake, oyster and enoki.

How To : Learn about different types of wood

Tim Carter discusses the different types of wood and how they are recognized and how their attributes are utilized. Informative video will help to make sure you use the proper wood for your build.

How To : Do different types of fading in Sony Vegas

This tutorial shows you several different types of fades you can use when working with Sony Vegas. Fades can add a little something extra to your web clips, slideshows and other media, and Sony Vegas offers several ways to customize your own.

How To : Beatbox four different types of snares

This instructional beatboxing video provides a detailed explanation of 4 different types of snares performed in Beatboxing and their application throughout vocal percussion. This video is great for beginners and advanced beatboxers. Practice these techniques and improve your b ...more

How To : Draw 10 different types of anime eyes in GIMP

In this video, we learn how to draw 10 different types of anime eyes in GIMP. For the girls eye, draw the outlining of the eyes and then the eyebrows. Then, color the whole eye black and give it color. Then, burn the shadows and add in white to the top. Color the face around i ...more

How To : Grow different types of garlic

You may know your onions but do you know your garlic? If not, you'll be well served by this gardener's guide, which presents an overview of the different varieties available for planting (including soft-neck, hard-neck and so-called elephant varieties) and provides tips on act ...more

How To : Identify different types of knives

7-year old Chief Culinary Officer (CCO) of Lizzie Marie Cuisine presents kitchen safety tips. Watch this video tutorial to learn about knife safety and what those different knives do in the kitchen!

How To : Use black garlic in different types of recipes

Black garlic is just fermented normal garlic, but most people don't realize just how valuable it can be to their cooking. This handy video will give you tips for incorporating black garlic into all sorts of dishes, from risotto to cheese dip.

How To : Import different types of data in Microsoft Excel

Whether you're interested in learning Microsoft Excel from the bottom up or just looking to pick up a few tips and tricks, you're in the right place. In this tutorial from everyone's favorite digital spreadsheet guru, ExcelIsFun, the 23rd installment in his "Highline Excel Cla ...more

How To : Make baked beans with two different types of beans

Baked beans can be much more than the regular ones you're used to. This baked beans recipe takes an old country classic and spruces it up. These beans are easy to make and delicious to eat! In this how to video, Rita Heikenfeld shows you how to cook "Bodacious Baked Beans".

How To : Do Nine Different Types of the Yoga Down Dog Pose

Ah, the down dog. If you're a yoga aficionado, you either love it or you hate it. Either way you've done it millions and millions of times. Every day. But did you know there are also infinite variations of the prototypal yoga pose? Watch this video to learn nine ways to modif ...more

How To : Solve 3 different types of percent problems

In this video the instructor shows how to compute percentage problems. Percentage was first used in ancient Rome when the emperor Augusts levied a 1/100 of a tax on goods sold. To solve percentage problems you need to know how to convert between percentages and decimals. When ...more

How To : Identify different types of acne

Pimples are definitely not a one size fits all condition. In this video, we'll look at the various forms of acne, from a basic blackhead to clusters of comedones. We'll also teach you the best skin care secrets to zap that zit! Health Guru is a site that produces videos which ...more

How To : Identify different types of seizures

Seizures can take a variety of forms. Learn more in this video. Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provide medical advice in a number of areas: Pregnancy, Sex Health, and College Health. With the aid of Health Guru, you can understand your aches and pains, stay ...more

How To : Identify different types of heart disease

Heart disease affects more than 20 million Americans. Let's explore the various forms that heart disease can take. Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provide medical advice in a number of areas: Pregnancy, Sex Health, and College Health. With the aid of Health G ...more

How To : Pour Different Types of Beer Properly

Think you can pour your favorite cold one in any old glass? Think again. Watch as a seasoned pro shows you the proper way to pour various beers. Pouring Beer - How to Properly Pour Beer in a Glass Video. Think you can pour your favorite cold one in any old glass? Think again. ...more

News : Different Types of Photography

Aerial- standing tall above the subject, or shooting from a tall building, plane, etc... Architecture- shots of buildings (no people) Artistic- any shot of a subject where creativity is the number 1 goal. Black and White - aka... B&W, working with no color. Camera Phone- low q ...more

How To : Draw 4 different types of manga eyes

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw four types of manga eyes. The first style if for a female and they are cute eyes. Start with a half circle curved downwards, then draw a small line underneath the eye. Draw a small line above the eyes and then use a thin pencil lines to m ...more

How To : Distinguish different types of beer

Beer has so many traits and flavors that you might have to taste a lot of it to see what you like. Oh darn. WARNING: Don’t drink unless you’re of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. Step 1 Consider the many varieties of beer. These include lagers, ales, ...more

How To : Hold different types of drumsticks

Drumming with different drumsticks and a variety of drumming techniques will create unique sounds for any type of music. Learn drumming techniques using basic drumsticks, drum brushes and timpani mallets with tips from a professional drummer in this free music lesson video ser ...more

How To : Know different types of Native American flutes

In this series, learn about the different types of Native American flutes. You will be amazed by the various sounds and pitches that these instruments can produce. Let Werner John show you some different styles of Native American flutes. He also plays these flutes so that you ...more

How To : Play basic drum beats for different types of music

There are countless types of drum beats for every musical style and genre. Learn a few basic beats for different types of music with tips from a drumming instructor in this free music lesson video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Play basic drum beats for different types of music ...more

How To : Work with different lens types when using a DSLR

New to shooting video with a DSLR? In this video tutorial from renowned DSLR cinematographer Philip Bloom and the staff of Vimeo, we receive some tips on how to work with different lenses when using a DSLR like the a Canon 7D, T2i (550D) or 5D Mark II.

How To : Use different stroke types during equine massage

A variety of equine massage strokes can be used on different parts of the horse's body. Learn more about types of equine massage strokes with tips from a certified equine sports massage practitioner in this free horse care video. Part 1 of 16 - How to Use different stroke type ...more

How To : Use different shot types when filming

Do your videos lack emotional impact? Do you wonder about the framing options that could be use to produce a better video image? This episode of Izzy Video covers the Framing Terms for different types of shots and how to use them.

How To : Understand different wrap types for boxing

Laura Bateman, of Extreme Fitness Now, demonstrates how to wrap your hands for boxing. Wrapping is important for protecting your wrists and knuckles from injury. Mexican hand wraps are longer than the typical hand wraps. Place the looped end of the wrap over your thumb. Be sur ...more

How To : Cure Different Ailments with Different Tea Types

Are you experiencing difficulties falling asleep? Brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea. Or if you have difficulty feeling hungry when you should be eating, stimulate your appetite with a cup of dandelion tea. Different types of tea contain different healing properties for you ...more

How To : Work with different CG light types in Maya 2011

Learn about Maya 2011's various CG light types. Whether you're new to Autodesk's popular modeling software or a seasoned 3D artist just looking to better acquaint yourself with the Maya 2011 workflow, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. For more information, ...more

How To : Blacksmith steel leaves

Watch this instructional blacksmithing video to forge different types of steel leaves. You can use these techniques to forge fence posts and other decorative metal designs. Forge steel leaves by hand or with an air hammer. Follow these clear instructions to begin the craft of ...more

How To : Blacksmith decorative steel scrolls

Watch this instructional blacksmithing video to forge three different types of steel scrolls. You can use these techniques to forge fence posts and other decorative metal designs. Follow these clear instructions to begin the craft of metalsmithing and add a creative flare to y ...more

News : Minecraft, Meet Terraria

Minecraft was first released just a few years ago, but when a paradigm-shifting piece of media comes along the rest of the world is quick to take inspiration from it. The absolutely terrible XBLA knock-off FortressCraft was the first, and last month a much more interesting gam ...more

How To : Make paper airplanes

In this video series, watch as expert craftsman Sean Salazar teaches how to make paper airplanes. get tips on different types of paper airplanes, what the different kinds are used for, and how to assemble various easy kids crafts from your home. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make pape ...more

How To : Loom Knit The Twisted Knit Stitch

Hello Looming friends! I've uploaded my first tutorial. The video will be included below or you can catch it and new videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Just click subscribe and check the box to email you. You'll be emailed when I upload videos. Learn more about what ...more

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