Crazy Vocal Effect Fl Studio

How To : Create a reverse delay effect in FL Studio

This effect is used to spookify a sound and make it sound like it's coming from the underworld. Follow along as NFX shows you how to create a reverse delay effect in Fruity Loops (FL Studio). This can be done with vocals or instruments.

How To : Prepare an Acapella vocal for a mix in FL Studio

In this tutorial NFX shows you (and explain why) his method of getting an acapella ready for the mix to be used in FL Studio (Fruity Loops). This tutorial is intended mostly for those acapellas you work on as a collab with an MC and not commercial quality acapellas.

How To : Create a melody around a vocal in FL Studio

In this video, we learn how to create a melody around a vocal in FL Studio. Start to play around with the melody to the song and change the tempo to how fast you want it. Then, move around different sections to create the exact sound that you want. Finish editing all of the ba ...more

How To : Get the T-Pain effect in FL Studio 8

In this how-to video, you will learn how to get the T-Pain effect with Fruity Loops Studio 8. First, open the program. Insert the sound by clicking on the sampler and opening a recording. Next, click the arrow and select assign a mixer track. Select GSnap for the T-Pain effect ...more

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