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How To : Use the Piano Roll Editor in Logic Pro 8

In this Logic Pro 8 audio software tutorial you will explore the Piano Roll Editor (AKA Matrix Editor) and see how it compares to Logic Pro 8's Score Editor. Piano Roll Editor is one of the main MIDI editing windows in Logic Pro 8 so it's a good idea to learn how to use it.

How To : Rewire FL Studio to Reason

This tutorial explains how to use FL Studio as the master program and Reason as the server. By doing so, all of Reason's sounds are usable in FL Studio. This tutorial also covers how to set up your midi keyboard device with FL Studio and Reason. Learn just how easy it is to re ...more

How To : Make a cool pitch bend effect in Ableton Live

This tutorial shows you how to create a pitch bend effect in Ableton Live. There is a problem in doing the pitch bend effect as shown in the video: All gets out of midi sync. This is EASY to fix. Follow these steps: 1. Do as I've done in the video 2. Press "Sync" on the grain ...more

How To : Create your own Apple Loops in Logic Pro 9

In this video tutorial, viewers will learn how to create their own Apple Loops in Logic Pro 9. Logic Pro is a hybrid 32/64 bit digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software application. In this video, viewers will learn how to make any regular audio file into an Apple ...more

How To : Make Music with Floppy Drives & LabVIEW

Video: . Project Overview Have any old school floppy drives lying around? Get hacking... and transform them into an electronic orchestra! This project uses a myRIO embedded controller and four floppy disk drives. The myRIO effectively plays the disk drives like musical instru ...more

How To : Use the new features in Avid's Pro Tools 9

Move over Pro Tools LE— Pro Tools 9 is here! One of the most exciting things about Pro Tools 9 is that there's more tracks without having to have a Toolkit. Another great thing is being able to run Pro Tools without having to use Digidesign, M-Audio or any Avid hardware. Also, ...more

News : Everything You Need to Know About the Sony Xperia 1

For 2019, Sony is trying to shake its failures of the past and start fresh. Following the unsuccessful Xperia XZ series, Sony is changing the name of their flagship to a single number: Xperia 1. With the name change comes a few upgrades, one of which is its new look. Secondly, ...more

How To : Use the Vocoder in Logic Pro 7

This software video to show you how to use the vocoder that comes with Logic Pro 7. You will need a midi controller and microphone to play with teh Vocoder filters in Logic Pro 7. If you have these items, watch this audio editing tutorial and start learning to use the Vocoder ...more

How To : Use sound cards with the VCI-100

Do I need a sound card for the Vestax VCI-100? What sound card is the best for beginners? There are a lot of unanswered questions about sound cards. So here is a short instructional guide that answers most of your beginning questions about DJing with sound cards, a laptop and/ ...more

ASUS ROG Phone II : The Gaming Phone for Everyone

Since the Razer Phone's announcement in 2017, we've seen a new subgroup of phones emerge. Gaming phones are now a thing, leading to companies like ASUS creating phones that are thoroughly optimized for the mobile gaming experience. And with their second iteration, they perfect ...more

How To : Build a home recording studio

In this series of video clips you’ll learn how to build a music recording studio in your own home. Expert musician and studio engineer Arie Pytel shares tips on the various types of microphones, monitors, headphones, and computer recording software that are available. He takes ...more

How To : Use sidechain autofilter effects in Ableton

Open your program to a new live set. By using three keys (in Ableton Live), Command (Ctrl), Shift and t, you can create a short cut. Create two new midi tracks making one for (side chain) bass and one for (side chain) kick. To rename a track choose the two keys Command (Ctrl) ...more

How To : Use the groove function in Ableton Live 8

In this tutorial, we learn how to use the groove function in Ableton Live 8. A group settings consists on points along the timeline where hits sit. If you have something with no groove applied, it will sound robotic. By adding a groove, you will shuffle around the midi from th ...more

How To : Use ADSR and AHDSR envelopes in music softwares

This music production tutorial covers ADSR and AHDSR envelopes, how to understand and implement them in Reason, FL Studio, Reaktor and almost every piece of music software. The tutorial shows you how to work with envelopes in each program and includes several takes on common u ...more

How To : Delete notes from tracks using Pro Tools

Pro Tools is extensive enough that you can actually delete individual notes from tracks that you don't like. This tutorial shows you how to go into the built in MIDI editor and delete or alter notes for your own music projects.

How To : Produce live performance patches in Reason 3.0

Would you believe that you can use Reason as an all-in-one performance tool? This Reason 3.0 tutorial will show you how to generate beats quickly, on the fly, using advanced Combinator automation and Dr. REX loops a-plenty. Use of Midi keyboard a must! See how to generate musi ...more

How To : Add music to PowerPoint 2007

In this Software video tutorial you will learn how to add music to PowerPoint 2007. You will be using Partners in Rhyme for background music. On the site scroll down to ‘free midi files’. On the right of the page, you will see all the genres to choose from. Select your genre a ...more

How to Use Logic Pro : Arrange Window

Get to know how to use Logic Pro's arrange page in this short tutorial. Use the arrange area to work with the audio of your song. Change the timeline by choosing a time and beat. Use the toolbar area to do some functions. Use the icons to easily open up media and list areas. U ...more

How To : Use Propellerhead Advanced Reason software

In this video series, watch as musician and songwriter Darin Carter teaches how to use Reason with advanced settings. Learn how to use the different synthesizers and effects, how to sequence them with midi, and how to export them into a format that can be shared with other pro ...more

How To : Use the noatikl generative music VSTi with Cubase

This video tutorial shows how to use the noatikl generative music VSTi with Cubase, for both Windows and Mac. noatikl is a generative (MIDI) music engine. It creates musical information in the form of MIDI notes, and can also generate and send MIDI controller information.

News : Make music with candy

This creation is an intuitive engineering masterpiece. In the video titled "I Eat Beats", creator Kyle McDonald can literally consume his music. Halfway through the video, this wild demonstration really heats up. He loops together three different people's improvisations to cre ...more

How To : Make a melon soup with a crab and fennel garnish

This is an innovative soup. You won't regret trying out this delicious recipe. Juicy cantaloupe and green grapes get a touch of tang with sherry vinegar. Robert Sisca, Executive Chef at Bistro du Midi shows you his delicious melon soup with crab and fennel. Once puréed, you h ...more

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