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News : Princess Peach Poses as Mother of God

Princess Peach poses as the Madonna, cradling Mario (as Jesus), in artist Kordian Lewandowski's sculptural rendition of Michelangelo’s “La Pietà”. Now that's some serious Nintendo fan art. Add it to the collection of mario nerd madness. Previously, Mario Mania + LEGOs = Ulti ...more

News : Do Do Do, DoDo Do-Do, DoDoDo-Doo DoDoDo DoDoo...

Does that (hopefully somewhat correct) tune ring any bells? Here's a reminder: Once upon a time there were two Italian plumbers named Mario and Luigi. Mario and his sidekick resided in the Mushroom Kingdom, a monarchy ruled by the beautiful Princess Peach. Mario's mission: st ...more

News : What if Super Mario Was a First Person Shooter?

The classic Super Mario Bros is perhaps the most beloved video game on Earth. Almost daily, homages to Mario pop up on the web over and over and over again. Everybody loves the charming 2D world of Mario. But what would Mario look like in 3D… and moreover, what would Super Mar ...more

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