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How To : Replace Rear Shock Absorbers on a Audi 100/A6

The video gives you a step by step instruction how to replace the rear shock absorbers on your Audi 100/A6. The replacement is necessary when the absorbers loose their hydraulic fluid, you have problems driving the car, or you find places on the tire where the profile has vani ...more

News : Balloon + Coffee Grounds = Robot Hands

Inspired by Cornell's new, innovative robotic gripper (a sort of shape-shifting balloon hand), Steve Norris of Norris Labs decided to go DIY and make his own home-brewed replica at a lower cost. "I constructed my own version of the Cornell University Universal Gripper using p ...more

How To : Assemble a shock assembly on an RC vehicle

Squirrelod shows you how to put together a shock assembly or a shock absorber on a Factory Team remote control car kit. He takes us through building the piston - shaft, dampener, nuts and over rings step by step. Practical tips and tricks involved in building up the shaft and ...more

How To : Upgrade the hard drive on your laptop computer

Not enough space on your laptop? No problem! Grab a new hard drive from your local office supply store and follow this tutorial to learn how to install it. You Will Need • New hard drive • External hard drive enclosure • USB cable • Hard-drive cloning program • Small Phil ...more

How To : Replace your shocks

Learn how to replace and maintain the shock absorbers on your car with expert automotive tips in this free online auto repair and car maintenance video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Replace your shocks. Replace your shocks - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on e ...more

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