Crochet Potholder

How To : Make a crochet potholder using single crochet

Single crochet stitches sound easy, but when many are knitted together into a pattern you get a very thick and heat-resistant surface. That's the idea behind this simple beginner-level crochet project for crafting a granny-style potholder out of a single crochet stitch. These ...more

How To : Crochet a potholder for your kitchen

The joy of crocheting is that you can create almost anything out of yarn. These how to videos show you how to crochet a pot holder, or hotpad, for your kitchen. Watch and learn how simple it is to crochet potholders like the ones grandma use to have. It is so easy a beginner c ...more

How To : Crochet a left handed magic heart potholder

In this tutorial, we learn how to crochet a left handed magic heart potholder. This will only take you a total of around seven rounds to finish from the beginning. Start out with a chain one and then do six half double crochets in the loop and join. For round two, you will do ...more

How To : Make a crochet foundation chain for left handers

Crochet quilts, potholders, and mittens would just be endless jumbles of webs without the appropriate edges to finish them off and give them polish. There are many different ways you can create edges in crocheting, but the crochet foundation chain is among the more creative. ...more

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