How To : Cook Thai red curry fish with Kai

Bamboo shoot is commonly used in Chinese and Vietnamese cooking, but can be thrown into Thai cooking every now and then. This fish curry has enough of a sweet taste to keep it from being too spicy, but is still full of flavor. You will need bamboo shoots, Thai eggplants, cocon ...more

Manas : A Taste of India

The smell of hot curry pouring from room is inevitable. The mixture of spices filled up my nostril as I sat. The lighting of the room might not be pleasant but it is the way in which the restaurant owner set up his restaurant to stop excessive lighting, which is done with a hu ...more

How To : Make Thai curry fish

This Thai Curry Fish is simple to prepare at home and is very delicious. Directions: . Put the Prik Khing can curry paste in the heating pan . Add 2 1/2 coconut milk and stir it continuously . Add 1 tablespoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar . Also put 2 tablespoons o ...more

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