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How To : Do the bunny hop trick on a bicycle

Check out this cycling video tutorial to see how to do the bunny hop trick on a bicycle. Your BMX instructor for the day goes through the very basic steps with demonstrations on the bike bunny hop, along with some out-takes at the end to ease the pain of falling on your ass. ...more

How To : Tailwhip on a BMX bicycle

Want to learn how to tailwhip your BMX bike? Well, why don't you let Ben Snowden help you out. Watch as Ben Snowden teaches you how to tailwhip on a BMX bicycle in this video tutorial. To learn how to tail whip on the bike, you don't even have to be on a ramp. One way is by l ...more

How To : Do the bunny hop to manual trick on a bicycle

Check out this video tutorial on how to do the bunny hop to manual trick on a bicycle. Your BMX instructor will go through the basic steps of how to do the bunny hop to manual trick on a bike, along with a few cool out-takes for you to enjoy. Basically, the bike hope to manua ...more

How To : Do the manual trick on a bicycle

Check out this video tutorial on how to do the manual trick on a bicycle. Watch your instructor go through the basic steps and things to look out for in the manual trick on a bike. What is a manual bicycle trick? Basically it's just riding your cycle on the back wheel, with t ...more

How To : Pick a bicycle seat

If you do a lot cycling, or are about to go on a long bike trip, you might want to check out a new bicycle seat. This how-to video shows different options for saddles. There are different materials and styles to help keep you comfortable while sitting. Watch this video cycling ...more

How To : Go faster on a bicycle

Check out this instructional cycling video that explains aerodynamic concepts in bicycle fit and wheels to go faster. The bike fitters at Fit Werx talk about all the components of a triathlon bike fit and how it relates to aerodynamics and the individual. This cycling tutorial ...more

How To : True your bicycle wheels

Whenever you're out cycling, you may hit a pothole or some obstruction and bend your rim or take your wheel out of true. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to true your bike wheels. By adjusting the spokes, you'll be able to bring your wheels back to true an ...more

How To : Steer and handle a bicycle

This how-to video offers some tips for improving bike riding skills. You'll want to work on balance, steering, speed, and how use your weight. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to steer and handle a bicycle.

How To : Brake on a bicycle

This how-to video demonstrates the proper procedure for coming to a stop on a bicycle. The rear and front brakes have different degrees of effectiveness, with the front being more powerful. Be sure to keep your weight back to keep yourself from going over. Be careful of skiddi ...more

How To : Go through corners on a bicycle

This how-to video demonstrates the safe way to go through corners or make turns on a bicycle. Start braking before making the turn, so as not to lose control of the bicycle, and speed up when going through. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to ride through corner ...more

How To : Oil a bicycle chain

This how-to video demonstrates the process of oiling a bike chain. A well-oiled chain will keep the bicycle running smoothly and prevent any possible breakage. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to oil a bike chain.

How To : Fit a bicycle helmet

Fitting a helmet correctly is an important part of cycling. A helmet used properly, like in this how-to video, will drastically reduce the chance and severity of injury. Watch this video bike riding tutorial and learn how to wear a bicycle helmet.

How To : Determine good handlebar positions on a bicycle

This how-to video details different ways to hold onto a bicycle handle bar to maximize comfort. This is especially important for long rides. Demonstrated are in the drops, in the hoods, or on top of the bars. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn good handlebar positions ...more

How To : Ride in a group of bicycles

The riding style demonstrated in this how-to video is very common to take, is legal, and encouraged. If the road is too narrow or there is too much traffic, it might be safer to ride single file to make room for other vehicles. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how t ...more

How To : Signal on a bicycle

To prevent accidents, it's important to indicate to other riders what you're doing. This how-to video covers good cycling communication. These skills are especially important while riding in groups, when visibility is low. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to sig ...more

How To : Pedal a bicycle like a pro

Katya Meyers, professional Ironman triathlete offers some cycling tips in this how-to video. Learn how to find a proper seat height, reach, and pedal stroke. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to pedal like a pro.

How To : Ride your bicycle with proper road etiquette

Riding a bicycle by yourself can be a pretty enjoyable experience. But riding in a pack can be much more satisfying. If you're interested in riding with a pack, there are some riles and proper etiquette that needs to be followed. In this tutorial, you'll find out how to get i ...more

How To : Change gears on a bicycle

This how-to video demonstrates the process of switching gears on a bicycle. Depending on the number of chains and hubs, your bike will have a varying number of gears. You should be aware of the terrain and make sure you are in the appropriate gear. Don't change gears under pow ...more

How To : Maintain good cadence while pedaling a bicycle

There's more to pedaling than meets the eye. This how-to video offers some advice for keeping up a good cadence, or rotations per minute. Many unexperienced cyclists will pedal slowly at a high gear, but this will just wear the rider out quickly. Too quick pedaling will cause ...more

How To : Centralize pistons on a bicycle

This how-to video demonstrates the process of centering the piston on a bike. One piston might be touching the disk more than the other. Try to evenly space the pads. This will keep the wheels running freely. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to centralize the pi ...more

How To : Start and stop on a bicycle

This how-to video offers some steps for coming to a safe stop and a quick start on a bicycle. Coming into the stop, lift the foot off the bike pedal early so you have a chance to get the foot on the ground before stopping. Use the brakes while in the stop position. Reset the p ...more

HowTo : Draw With a Bicycle

Joseph L. Griffiths, an Australian artist who resides in Paris, has created a DIY bicycle-powered drawing machine. I'd like to see a video of the piece in action. Says Griffiths: "My drawings and mechanical installations seek to transcribe the living relationship between man ...more

News : Who Needs Spokes? I'd Take a Hubless Bicycle

The Gumby bike. The invisible steering bike. The spokeless bike. All kinda bizarre. All kinda awesome. Designed by Luke Douglas as an entry for the James Dyson Awards, the Lunartic Cycle boasts a toothed belt drive and hubless rear wheel. I want one. Previously, The Invisible- ...more

News : World's Fastest Bicycle Goes 75mph

Cycling enthusiasts, behold. Fastest bicycle in the world, designed by VARNA of British Columbia. Pretty impressive. Check it out, Barbara Buatois of France completes her new One Hour World Record at 75.458 MPH this past July.

How To : Make a manly pair of bike pants for urban cycling

Sure, there's lots of bicycling clothing out there, but most of it doesn't work too well for everyday wear, leaving you a bit out of place when you've reached your destination. You know what we're talking about, guys: those too tight, super contouring bike pants that facilitat ...more

How To : Take care of your bike

Whether you use your bike everyday or for the occasional spin, regular care and maintenance, including cleaning, will keep it in good condition and ensure your safety when cycling. Watch this video tutorial for tips on how to maintain your bicycle. To keep your bicycle clean a ...more

How To : Fix bike brakes

Maintaining your bicycle's brakes is essential in ensuring a safe ride when cycling. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to maintain and fix bike brakes. Fix bike brakes - Part 1 of 2. Click through to watch this video on Fix bike brakes - Part 2 of 2. Click throug ...more

Pyro-Cycling : Death Wish in the Name of Advertising

Wow, the lengths some go to for a spot in the advertising limelight these days... NeilPryde Bikes created this advert of a "mad frenchman" riding a bike in flames. What do you think? Jackass worthy? Previously, Bicycle of Death (Yes, That's a Flamethrower). A Lesson in Adverti ...more

How To : Give other cyclists a safety cushion

Bicycle riders in groups often don't leave each other enough room. This how-to video demonstrates good safety cushion technique for bikes. Space is important to allow for maneuvering around pot holes or traffic. Watch this video cycling tutorial and learn how to maintain a saf ...more

How To : Stock a bike repair kit

Ever wonder what basic tools you should have for all your bicycling needs? This how-to video covers some basic gear that will help you with frequent bike repairs. Tire levers will help change any flats. A multi-tool will keep you from needing to buy several different Allen key ...more

How To : Learn the basics of a triathlon bike

What makes a triathlon bike a triathlon bike? Check out this instructional cycling video that teaches you about angles, seating, position, aerobars, and the importance of a proper bike fit. In summary from the video, a triathlon bike has a steeper angle for the seat-tube which ...more

News : The Epic Danny MacAskill's Greatest Hits

Danny MacAskill has been a cycling and internet god since the day he surfaced on YouTube back in April of 2009. A Scottish street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd., MacAskill has been practicing his stunt riding for over 12 years. He gave up his job as a mechanic to ...more

News : Fancy Bike Folds Into Handy Tote Bag

I'd take one of these: "Wallpaper commissioned a bike, two in fact, that could be broken down (using very clever and super-sturdy S&S couplers), packed in a bespoke bag and loaded on a plane, with no excess baggage charge, and taken with us wherever we went. The project pulle ...more

How To : Make a cycling cap with Threadbanger

Ride your bike in style! Check out this how-to fashion video and learn how to make an easy little hat to wear out on your bicycle. This Earth Day our good friends over at Rocks and Salt Design show us how to make an awesome cycling cap just in time for spring. Threadbanger is ...more

News : DIY Contortionist-Cycle

Finally, a well designed solution to studio-style living. The Contortionist bicycle. London-native Dominic Hargreaves, unhappy with the available options, designed this folding bike himself (true DIY spirit). “I couldn’t find a folding bicycle I liked. I wanted something tha ...more

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