How to Dance the Ragtime Dance : Castle Walk

An American Ballroom Companion presents this social dance demonstration from the Library of Congress. Watch this demonstration traditional dance video on the Ragtime Dance: Castle Walk. Not for beginners - this is not an instructional, step by step video. It is an authentic, p ...more

How To : Jerk (dance) - "Stick Walk"

Stick Figures, a Jerk dance crew, show JusJerk their famous variation of the Stick Walk by mixing an older move known as the "Clown Walk" with "the Reject". Quickly going through a step by step instructional, study fast to steal the Stick Figures' unique family recipe. JusJer ...more

How To : Perform the Egyptian walk in belly dancing

The Egyptian walk is a belly dancing step with a number of variations. Learn how to do the basic drill for the belly dancing Egyptian walk with free video lessons from a belly dancer. Perform the Egyptian walk in belly dancing - Part 1 of 28. Click through to watch this video ...more

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