How To : Shop for, eat & de-seed a pomegranate

First, when shopping for a pomegranate, you want to look for ones that are red and firm. You don't want a pomegranate that is soft or that is turning brown. A good solid red color is best. To eat the pomegranate cut the top off where the stem is. The pomegranate is divided int ...more

How To : De-seed a pomegranate

First, cut through the pomegranate horizontally with a knife. Then, cut small divots between every section of seeds on the fruit. Then, hold the pomegranate so that your palm is facing your work surface. Take a pestle and lightly hit the back rind portion of the pomegranate ov ...more

How To : Cut a pomegranate into sections to de-seed

Start by cutting the top of the pomegranate off. Looking down into the pomegranate from the top you will see four to six white lines that divide the pomegranate into four to six sections. Cut down each one of the lines, cutting the pomegranate into four to six sections. Take e ...more

How To : De-seed chilli peppers

This neat little trick was invented by my wife after watching me core apples one day. You could adapt it for a number of other things as well.

How To : Remove Seeds from a Pomegranate Like a Boss

Despite its deliciousness, the pomegranate is one of the hardest fruits to eat. Once you cut it open, the seeds are stuck behind a bitter-tasting white membrane, and trying to pull them out with your fingers just results in a huge mess. You can break it open underwater to mak ...more

Tongs : Your Most Underrated Cooking Tool

Don't leave your tongs out by the grill, as they are one of the most useful and versatile cooking tools to have in your kitchen. In my house, they come in a very close second to chopsticks, which I cook with everyday. Like chopsticks, they make it easy to delicately flip and t ...more

How To : De seed a vanilla bean

This video show you how to get those deliciously fragrant vanilla beans out of their pod. Whenever possible, opt for the fresh whole vanilla beans over the extracts. A vanilla bean can cost anywhere from $1.50 and up, but the flavor it adds is priceless.

How To : Skin tomatoes for cooking

Everyones favorite sauce is tomato sauce. In order to make a delicious tomato sauce you need to know how to make clean, peel and de-seed tomatoes properly. In this how to video Chef Paul demonstrates how to remove tomato skins effectively.

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