Deal with Being in a Relationship with an Ex-swinger

How To : Deal with relationship communication problems

A lack of good communication is the cause of many relationship problems. Learn about communications barriers in relationships in this free video from an expert on interpersonal communication. Part 1 of 11 - How to Deal with relationship communication problems. Deal with relati ...more

How To : Deal with arguing & fighting in a relationship

In this video, we learn how to deal with arguing and fighting in a relationship. If you find yourself fighting with your partner a lot, this is leading to issues in the relationship. You both need to stop fighting and start to become adults. You need to talk about your problem ...more

How To : Deal with a mother who is ruining a relationship

In this video, we learn how to deal with a mother who is ruining a relationship. If you have a situation with a mother who is ruining your relationship, you need to stop back and talk to the mother. You need to share with the mother and let her know that you are involved with ...more

How To : Keep your boyfriend from checking out other women

Does your boyfriend have wandering eyes? In this how-to video, Tracey Cox talks about addressing the wandering eye problem and how to deal with a man who can't keep his eyes off of other women while you're around. After these relationship tips he will only have eyes for you. K ...more

How To : Deal with on again, off again relationships

Youtube user Vanae, the self-proclaimed love and dating coach, answers subscribers relationship questions with passion and careful insight. This near four minute edition focuses on the oh so complicated on again, off again relationship. Vanae instructs participants in these ar ...more

How To : Avoid common relationship mistakes

There are common relationship blunders that are important to deal with in order to have healthy relationships. Don't get caught up in the media love hype. In the movies love is portrayed dramatically. It is easy to get caught up in movie love expectations. We have to have real ...more

How To : Deal with a verbally abusive boyfriend

Abusive relationships are unhealthy and should be remedied immediately. There are many steps that can be taken to help end an abusive relationship. No one deserves to be anyone else's punching bag, physically or verbally. Take steps to remedy the situation. Step 1: Recognize ...more

News : US spy agency can keep mum on Google ties: court

The top-secret US National Security Agency is not required to reveal any deal it may have with Google to help protect against cyber attacks, an appeals court ruled Friday. The US Court of Appeals in Washington upheld a lower court decision that said the NSA need not confirm o ...more

How To : Deal with a girlfriend who talks about her ex

Does your girlfriend go on and on about her ex? That can be frustrating for any guy trying to get a new relationship off the ground. In this video, see what love & relationship gurus Dan and Jennifer have to say to those of you in this situation.

How To : Deal with Waiting for a Google+ Feature

Google+ is the greatest social network to emerge since Facebook annoyed everyone into joining, but that doesn't necessarily mean that our relationship with it is all rosy. Although Google+ has amazing innovations, like hangouts and circles, users are spending a lot of time beg ...more

How To : Deal with a break up

Getting over a breakup is a difficult thing to do. Learn about dealing with a relationship breakup in this free dating video from a communications expert. Part 1 of 13 - How to Deal with a break up. Deal with a break up - Part 2 of 13. Click through to watch this video on expe ...more

News : Man Immortalizes Dead Fiancée in Virtual World

Death is tough for the living, and those who mourn do all sorts of odd things to cope with it. Some keep mementos, some build towering statues, others create memorial paintings or write sad songs, all of which are healthy in moderation. Honoring the dead has been around for so ...more

How To : Handle people who dominate conversation

Do you have a loved one or coworker you have to talk to who dominates conversation, not allowing you to speak your piece? Watch this video for several great tips on dealing with loudmouth people and having effective relationships with them.

How To : Use a memorandum of understanding to seal a deal

Using a memorandum of understanding, or MoU or letter of intent, is an important business tool that can help deals or projects in the business world. Many companies and government agencies are known for using MoUs to help with relationships with departments, agencies, and othe ...more

How To : Understand propositional logic

In this video the author talks about the basic concepts in propositional logic, explaining how important this concept is to understanding the basic concept of logic. He says that propositional logic is also called "sentential logic" or "statement logic". He states that a propo ...more

How To : Calm down and deal with a workaholic spouse

Money, as we all know, creates stability and ease of living. But an unfortunate consequence of having money is all the work you have to do to get it. If your spouse is obsessed with working and has a problem keeping his/her home life separate from work life, then check out th ...more

News : Did Inception Rip Off a Scrooge McDuck Comic?

You tell us. It's quite possible Christopher Nolan locked The Dream of a Lifetime into his memory bank, not knowing years later it would subconsciously shape Inception: "That contraption is made to help psychiatrists examine the dreams of their patients! The wearer of such a ...more

How To : Make a girl want to kiss you

Dealing with a prudish girlfriend? In this episode of Ask Dan and Jennifer, hear what advice they have to lend to someone who is hoping to make his girlfriend kiss him! Q. Dear Dan and Jenn, I recently got a girlfriend. I really want to kiss her, but she says she doesn't want ...more

How To : Tell if your girlfriend is cheating

Relationship experts Dan and Jennifer addressed a letter from a worried boyfriend concerned that his girlfriend may be practicing unfaithful behavior. The girlfriend went out of town for her birthday and did not invite the boyfriend along. She did not call or text him the enti ...more

How To : Deal with dating a woman who is married

Vanae presents a video about dating a woman who is already married. Monologue to a question presented by a subscriber to her video blog. In her opinion it is not wise or acceptable to date someone who is married or dating already. Reasons to not date a married person and diffe ...more

How To : Deal with a flirtatious boss or sexual harassment

He's not exactly demanding sexual favors, but his flirting is getting really gross. What's a girl who likes her job to do? You will need diplomacy and documentation. Assess his behavior. Now, don’t be offended, but we have to ask: Is he really coming on to you, or is he just a ...more

How To : Go faster on a bicycle

Check out this instructional cycling video that explains aerodynamic concepts in bicycle fit and wheels to go faster. The bike fitters at Fit Werx talk about all the components of a triathlon bike fit and how it relates to aerodynamics and the individual. This cycling tutorial ...more

How To : Cope with your parents' divorce

Everyone benefits from positive coping strategies when dealing with divorce – learn how. Step 1: Stay in touch with both parents Stay in regular contact with both parents. Call, send text messages, or e-mail to ease feelings of missing each other. Step 2: Develop a plan for ...more

How To : Write an autobiography

No matter what age you are or what kind of life you've lived you can put your story out there by writing an autobiography. Every life can be interesting if written about in a well formulated, and honest manner. Committing your life story to paper doesn’t have to end in a book ...more

How To : Create Realistic 3D Shadows

Setting up shadows takes just as much time and attention as setting up lights. You can think of all of your illumination as one half of your lighting design, and shadows as the other, equally important half. Shadows can add richness to the tones and shading of your image, tie ...more

Read Dead Review Part 2 : Structure and Ending

Story, Characters, and Structure Note: The first half of this review is spoiler free. There are spoiler warnings once you approach the later parts of the review. If you’re curious of the game but don’t want to be spoiled, just read the first half. For those of you that have f ...more

News : The Simpsons Family Gets Scrabbled!

My JO was watching The Simpsons on FOX the other day, like she wholeheartedly does every evening, and I joined her, much like I always do— though I must admit, I'm not as obsessed with the cartoon family as much as she is. Just like she isn't as obsessed with SCRABBLE as I am. ...more

Today's Tidbit : Money Can't Buy Everything

Legal Services A group of lawyers refused to provide legal services to needy AARP members for $30 per hour, but when asked to do it for free, they readily agreed. Nuclear Waste Storage The Swiss needed a place to store their nuclear waste. Lacking Yucca Mountain, they surve ...more

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