Defeat Gears of War 3

How To : Defeat Tempest - the final boss in Gears of War 3

Trying to take out Tempest, the last boss fight in Gears of War 3? You'll find her in Act 5, Chapter 6 of the game. Take a look at this gameplay video to find out just exactly what you'll need to do to defeat her and beat Gears of War 3! Be careful, the ending of Gears of War ...more

How To : Beat Gears of War - Act 5 - Desperation

This video walkthrough shows you how to beat Desperation, the fifth and final Act, of Gears of War for the XBox 360 on insane difficulty. The video also includes a voiceover to guide you through some strategies and covers a strategy for defeating RAAM, the final boss. Part 1 o ...more

How To : Fight and prevent flea infestations

In this excellent informative yet entertaining video Sara from invites you to join here in the war to end flea and tick infestation. You'll learn why they love to attack your pet and how exactly to combat these pesky little parasite. So gear up for battle and make ...more

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