Demolition a Wall with a Chipping Hammer

How To : Demolition a wall with a chipping hammer

There are a couple of ways of bring down existing masonry, stone or brick. This construction how to video shows you the proper operation and use of the chipping hammer for breaking up stone. Get all the tips and tricks for using a chipping hammer to help remodel your home.

How To : Create a plate wall

To build your plate display you will need a plate collection, some plate hangers, and a hammer. A good part of hanging plates on the wall is you can use cracked and chipped plates in your display. To get the plates ready to hang all you have to do is make sure they are clean a ...more

How To : Install a sump pump with This Old House

Watch this video from This Old House to learn how to install a sump pump. Steps: 1 Set sump basin upside down on basement floor; mark its outline on floor. 2 Use demolition hammer to chop through concrete floor. 3 Dig hole deep enough to set basin flush with floor. 4 Wrap the ...more

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