News : Ex-Dentist Crafts Insanely Anal Model Airplanes

Young C. Park, retired dentist of Honolulu, Hawaii, has satisfied a life long interest in model airplanes with his meticulous, incredibly detailed models of the Corsair and P-51 Mustang. Pictured below is Young Park's Corsair. Via the Internet Craftsmanship Museum, "The wing ...more

How To : Whiten teeth with advice from a dentist

Always wanted a smile that will light up a room? Learn about teeth whitening from a dentist in this free dental video series. Part 1 of 5 - How to Whiten teeth with advice from a dentist. Whiten teeth with advice from a dentist - Part 2 of 5. Click through to watch this video ...more

How To : Prepare my child for going to the dentist

More than 25 percent of children in the United States have cavities by the time they are 4 years old, sometimes as early as age 2. Regular dental checkups are one way to help your child maintain good oral health. This program offers some ideas on how to prepare your child for ...more

How To : Get your kids to go to the dentist

Do you struggle taking your child to the dentist? Well, taking your children to the dentist doesn't have to be like pulling teeth. Watch this video to learn the best ways to keep your child happy during this doctor visit.

How To : Become a dentist

Does dentistry sound of interest to you? If you don’t mind spending the day in other peoples’ mouths, dentistry might just be the career for you. In this video, learn what steps need to be taken to break into the field of dentistry. • An undergraduate degree • Application f ...more

How To : Go to the dentist and not have pain

While some may fear the dentist's chair, the visits are key to keeping our mouths clean and healthy. Dentists are testing a new scanner which may take the pain out of some dental visits. Go to the dentist and not have pain. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Turn Your Gag Reflex Off with Pressure Points

The gag reflex: it can interfere while in the dentist's chair, upon seeing another person throw up, or even just getting a whiff of a disgusting, stomach-twisting scent. Every time this reflex kicks in, it stops us immediately, inducing a choking, gagging, coughing fit. To ge ...more

How To : 10 Amazing Uses for Dental Floss

Sturdier than sewing thread and far less cumbersome than metal wire, dental floss has an amazing multitude of practical uses that can be used for baking, cooking, interior decorating, and more. The sturdy and thin material that helps you get gunk out of your teeth can be used ...more

How To : 10+ Time Saving Menu Bar Applications for Mac

If you‘re new to Mac, you may not realize that the Dock is not the only place you can access applications and folders. The menu bar of your desktop can also hold a dozen or more applications and plug-ins for easy access to lots of content on your computer. In this article, I ...more

How To : Get Natural, Sparkling White Teeth on the Cheap

You Want White Teeth Without Expensive Over-The-Counter Products? Here's An Inexpensive, Effective Solution. Everywhere you look there are products for whitening teeth. You could spend a fortune on products you have to use everyday. This tutorial will show you a natural, inex ...more

How To : 9 Home Remedies for Toothaches

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of nursing a painful toothache, you can easily find many DIY home remedies in your kitchen or medicine cabinet before your next scheduled dentist appointment. For a super-easy home remedy, simply dissolve a teaspoon of sa ...more

How To : Whiten teeth naturally

Having less-than-brilliant teeth doesn't have to mean a trip to the dentist or a whitening kit. Try this all-natural remedy instead. Watch this video to learn how to whiten teeth naturally. You Will Need * Baking soda * Hydrogen peroxide * Bowl * Toothbrush * Plastic wrap * ...more

News : Take Pictures With Your Mouth-Camera

Justin Quinnell has created a series of pinhole photographs taken from the perspective of an open mouth. Pinholes can be disposable, flexible and pretty simple to make. Play around and see what kind of interesting perspectives you can come up with...                           ...more

How To : Understand the procedure for root canals

So you got a very bad cavity and now you need a root canal. What is a root canal and how is your dentist going to do it? This how to video tutorial walks you through the step-by-step process of the root canal procedure performed my most dentist.

HowTo : Make Elephant Toothpaste

Nope, not the kind used by this elephant dentist: But THIS kind, the kind a mad scientist concocts: And what better mad scientist to demonstrate than Nurdrage? Another tutorial this week by WonderHowTo's doctor of science (previously, Turn Your Piggy Bank to Gold). Image cre ...more

How To : Clean your teeth at home

Cleaning teeth at home can help prevent further damage . Learn about home teeth cleaning options and possible benefits in this free dental care video series from a dentist.

How To : Treat burning mouth syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is not very common, but if you get it it really, really sucks. Symptoms include an extreme, burning sensation in your mouth, including on your tongue and gums. This first aid video will run you through remedies to burning mouth syndrome. While you shoul ...more

Chess : The Ultimate PvP On-the-Go

Sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, I found I couldn’t browse the internet on my smartphone anymore. My eyes were tired from reading and there were no headphones to listen to music. There are no magazines at this dentist’s office, just an old TV playing Russian music videos ...more

News : Russian Hobbyist Creates Collection of Mini-Weaponry

Says English Russia, "In Staraya Poltavka, someone named Igor Boldenkov lives and creates miniature copies of weapons."  Check out his array of lovingly crafted mini-weaponry. Reminds me of WonderHowTo's very favorite Sherman Tank man. Previously, Ex-Dentist Crafts Insanely ...more

How To : Learn about dentures and false teeth

Dentures and false teeth serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Hear information about dentures and false teeth from a dentist in this free oral hygiene video series. Part 1 of 9 - How to Learn about dentures and false teeth. Learn about dentures and false teeth - Part ...more

How To : Deal with a knocked out tooth

A childhood visit from the tooth fairy is one thing, but having a permanent tooth knocked out is another, distinctly less enjoyable affair. Act fast and it could be a temporary one. Learn how to deal with a knocked out tooth. You Will Need: * Sterile gauze pads * Cup * Water ...more

How To : Avoid nitrous oxide

Your dentist may give you a dose of nitrous oxide when he extracts your wisdom teeth, but this chemical compound isn't just used in surgery! From a whippet to a whipped cream canister, this stuff is an easily abused drug on the illegal market. Health Guru is a site that produ ...more

How To : Break in a mouth guard for sports

Using mouth guards or mouth pieces, protect the mouth and teeth from injury during sporting events or intense activity. There are two general types of mouth guards that can be utilized. Learn how to fit a mouth guard and stay fit in this sports medicine how to video. Take Act ...more

Say basic phrases in Polish : "I have a headache"

In this video from AbcSchoolofPolish we learn some basic Polish phrases. The first phrase is "I'd like to make an appointment to see a dentist." In Polish this is "Chce sie umowic na wizyte u dentysty." Next phrase is "Can I come this afternoon?" In Polish this is "Czy moge ...more

News : Get Your Tooth Tattooed (Um, Is That Tiger?)

No joke, Heward Dental Lab offers customized tooth tattoos at a reasonable price. Plus, they only stay permanent as long as you'd like them to - "they can easily be removed in five minutes in the dentist’s office with just a little grinding with a rubber wheel." Heward boasts ...more

How To : Determine if you need a root canal

Root canal warning signs. Learn how to determine if you need a root canal in this free dental health video from an experienced dentist. Part 1 of 14 - How to Determine if you need a root canal. Determine if you need a root canal - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch this vide ...more

How To : Whiten your teeth at home

This video shows how to whiten your teeth at home. Give this a try and save the money from the Dentist for a nice dinner. Whiten your teeth at home. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Whiten teeth

Don't want a root canal? Learn about alternatives to root canals, such as fillings, in this free dental care video from an experienced dentist. Part 1 of 15 - How to Whiten teeth. Whiten teeth - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on Whiten teeth ...more

How To : Make healthy Halloween apple snacks with Nutella

It's nearly impossible to survive Halloween without gorging yourself out on hordes of cavity-inducing candy, chocolate, cake, and other sweets. That being said, your little kid is probably getting enough sugar from trick-or-treating and school parties as it is, so keep him fro ...more

How To : Stay healthy as a pipe smoker

A pipe smoker, PipefriendCHS, shares some interesting pointers in staying healthy while continuing to pipe smoke. Stop pipe smoking if that is an option. Go to a dentist four (4) times a year and explicitly ask to check for oral cancer. Also tell your dentist that you are a pi ...more

How To : Whiten teeth with products and procedures

Interested in teeth whitening products? Learn how to keep your teeth bright and white with expert tips from a dentist on instant and prescription teeth whiteners in this free oral health video series. Part 1 of 9 - How to Whiten teeth with products and procedures. Whiten teeth ...more

CONFLICT 10/23 : Interpol @The Greek or AIR @The Shrine???

There's also Shakira at the Staples Center going which is worth mentioning. The big toughie for me is Interpol or Air though. I was lucky enough to snag a pair of GA tickets to Air, which is a small standing pit in front of the orchestra. I bought them during the presale, in t ...more

How To : Stop grinding your teeth at night

Vampires and bad dreams aren't the only enemies of the unwary sleeper. Teeth grinding while asleep is an annoying and possibly painful problem afflicting may people. There are a variety of reasons you may grind your teeth but, luckily, there are also a number of solutions to t ...more

How To : Keep your teeth healthy and brite

It is important to have healthy teeth not only for your appearance but for your overall health as well. You can keep your teeth white by avoiding foods that stain your teeth and having a good cleaning routine including fluoride If you want your pearly whites to shine like dia ...more

How To : Prepare raw food for your dog

Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg guides on how to prepare raw food for dogs in this video tutorial. This diet consists of bones and raw meat. You can use cheap cuts of meat to feed the dog, which includes meats like turkey necks. Nature never intended dogs to eat cooked food, so this raw ...more

News : Making A Crisis-Management Plan

CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN A FORM TO FILL OUT FOR WHEN CRISES ENTER YOUR WORLD I have carried a Crisis-Management Plan and a Medical Alert Book with me for about 4 years now, and it has been just as valuable to have on hand as my health card. In times when I am unable to speak, ...more

How To : Replace a Missing Tooth

Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. Although it does require some surgery, the benefits of dental implants are numerous. Your dentist can implant an artificial tooth by drilling into your jaw bone, inserting an anchor and placing a crown upon the an ...more

News : Weston Price Foundation

The Weston Price Foundation is the gold standard for truly good nutrition. Weston Price was a dentist practicing in the 1930s who over the course of many summers visited fourteen different native groups and correlated the health of their teeth to what they were eating. He cons ...more

How To : Replace a Missing Tooth

Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. Although it does require some surgery, the benefits of dental implants are numerous. Your dentist can implant an artificial tooth by drilling into your jaw bone, inserting an anchor and placing a crown upon the an ...more

News : Those important disclaimers

Any time you broach the subjects of natural or holistic health, you run into that gray murky area where you have to watch what you write and make sure you are not making any claims that the FDA does not approve. I actually don't want to delve too much into "curing" or "treati ...more

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