How To : Use Diagonal Lashings to tie poles together

Diagonal lashings are a popular type of knot for building structures with wooden poles that allows you to join two poles at a 45-90 degree angle. It can replace a square lashing, but not vice versa. This video will show you how to tie a diagonal lashing yourself, which can be ...more

How To : Knit the fair isle diagonal stripe stitch

See how to knit the fair isle diagonal stripe stitch, with this easy, up close demonstration by Judy Graham, Knitter to the Stars. Judy's knits have appeared in movies, television, and concerts for over thirty years. She herself has been hand-knitting for over fifty. Watch as ...more

How To : Tile a diagonal cut tile

Tile RIGHT demonstrates how to tile a diagonally cut tile. First set the Measure Right Pro to the appropriate setting, extending it from corner to corner along your tile. Account for your grout line and the space up against the wall. Then, lock the tool. Next, place the tiles ...more

How To : Find the diagonal sum in Excel

In this how to video, you will learn how to create a diagonal sum in Microsoft Excel 2007. First, open the program and make a large selection. Type in =int(rand()*500) and then press control enter. This will create random numbers for the cells in the selection. From here, clic ...more

How To : Make a diagonal lace stitch pattern

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a diagonal lace stitch pattern. Begin by knitting the first and second stitch. Then, make a yarn over and then slip slip knit, which will create a left slanting decrease. Now, you take your left needle and slip it through these two stitch ...more

How To : Apply a two-color diagonal manicure with rhinestones

Nail artist Anna shows how easy it is to design a spur of the moment nail decoration. You'll need any two colors of nail polish that you want and rhinestones. Watch this video nail art tutorial and learn how to create a two-color diagonal manicure with rhinestones.

How To : Perform the diagonal wood chop exercise

The bosu ball is a great piece of exercise equipment that anyone can use to strengthen muscles. The diagonal wood chop exercise is a great example of this. Perform the diagonal wood chop exercise - Part 1 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Perform th ...more

How To : Do a cool diagonal finger tutting combo

Finger tutting is one of the coolest techniques for giving lightshows at raves or spicing up a hip-hop routine. This video will tech you a cool finger tut combo that involves a lot of back-and-forth and diagonal finger connections. If you don't have strong, flexible fingers, m ...more

How To : Do weighted diagonal lunges

Gain muscle strength and flexibility with diagonal lunges. Learn about dumbbell exercises to promote fitness in this weightlifting video. Take action: maintain balance, keep back leg straight, and increase difficulty by adding dumbbells. Michelle, the instructor in this how-to ...more

How To : Snap a diagonal chalk line

If you need to snap a diagonal chalk line on a sheet of plywood, you could hope that the hook will hold when you pull on it or try to find a third hand – or you can follow this video guide, which demonstrates a method for snapping chalk lines using a utility knife. For a compl ...more

How To : Exercise with 1 arm diagonal dumbbell row & press

Learn how to exercise by doing the 1 arm diagonal dumbbell row and shoulder press with overhand grip. EXERCISE DETAILS: Primary Muscle Group: shoulders Secondary Muscle Group: biceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings, lats, levator scapulae, lower back, quads, rhomboids, serratus an ...more

How To : Perform the Diagonal Attraction card trick

This video is a detailed tutorial on how to perform the Diagonal Attraction card trick. Some deck manipulation prior to the magic trick is required, so make sure you do it at the beginning of your performance so that the cards are the way you want them to be before you perform ...more

How To : Do T's, touchdowns, and diagonals for cheerleading

What's a football game without a touchdown? And what's a cheer without the right touchdown move? Learn 3 moves that will have you bringing the crowds to their feet! Follow along and learn how-to do t's, touchdowns, and diagonals for cheerleading. 1. This is a hand and arm for ...more

How To : Create an origami suit jacket

In this video, Ngai Chun Cheung demonstrates how to make an origami suit jacket. He begins by folding a right triangle and tearing off the excess to make a perfect square. He folds it on both diagonals, then folds the four corners into the center. He turns the paper over and f ...more

How To : Solve the Rubik's Cube using different patterns

This video series shows you different patterns for solving the Rubik's Cube. The four patterns are a different colored dot on each side, a cross and an X, a pattern with an X on each side and the last pattern is 2 sides with solid colors and 2 with diagonals. Part 1 of 4 - How ...more

How To : Draw a rhombus from Geometry

In this video the author shows how to draw a rhombus when given with the values of long diagonal (D) and a short diagonal (d). Now he draws the long diagonal of size D horizontally on a sheet of paper. Now he points the mid point of the line as he explains that the diagonals o ...more

How To : Make a poplar wine rack

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a poplar wine rack. First, cut the top, bottom, and sides of the rack. Then, use a router to cut out the center of it. Now, assemble the rack together by using wood glue. After this, measure the length of the diagonals, then add in pieces ...more

How To : Make a six-sheet 3D paper star with origami

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make a six-sheet 3D paper star with origami. Take three pairs of paper; each pair of different color or take six pieces of paper of the same color. The paper should be square size. Fold the paper in half, open the fold ...more

How To : Make an 18-unit curler kusudama with origami

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make an 18-unit curler kusudama with origami. Kusudama is a Japanese paper ball that is made out of a large number of smaller shapes glued together. This video will show you how to do this without the need to sew or gl ...more

How To : Calculate the area of a rhombus

This is how to calculate the area of a rhombus. A rhombus is a quadrilateral shape in which all sides are congruent. A rhombus has two sets of parallel lines, the diagonals of which form 90-degree angles at the point they meet. Also the angles opposite to one another are congr ...more

How To : Make an good looking paper flower

This video shows the method to make a good looking paper flower. The basic thing needed for performing this task is a rectangular sheet of paper. The paper is first folded to make a square piece of paper. The rectangular piece left is then cut out. This rectangular piece is fo ...more

How To : Make a unique paper rose

In this video we learn how to make a unique paper rose. First, grab a square piece of paper and fold it into quarters while maintaining the fold. Then, fold along the diagonals and fold lower in half twice and the top in half twice. Then, fold the halves in half and repeat the ...more

How To : Fold an origami enigma box

For all origami enthusiasts, here is something new. This video details how to make your own origami enigma box. As with all origami pieces it can be made using just a single piece of paper. The paper is first folded, taking from two separate parallel ends, in such a way that b ...more

How To : Understand the properties of a rhombus in Geometry

In this math tutorial the instructor discusses the properties of a rhombus. He begins by saying that the properties of a rhombus are similar to the properties of a square. He says that the rhombus is a quadrilateral and hence the sum of internal angles of it is 360 degrees. He ...more

How To : Make a Box Out of Scrap Paper

This video tutorial is in the Arts & Crafts category which will show you how to make a box out of scrap paper. Take a piece of square paper and fold it across both the diagonals to get an intersecting crease. Now fold all the points to the middle of the sheet and unfold them. ...more

How To : Make a customized origami fortune teller

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make an origami fortune teller. Fold a sheet of blank paper in half--vertically and horizontally. Fold the four corners of the paper into the middle. Flip the paper over and fold the corners into the middle. Fold it on the horizonta ...more

How To : Understand the properties of a parallelogram

This video describes the properties of a parallelogram. It states that it is a quadrilateral, meaning that the four angles inside have to add up to 360 degrees. Both sides of the parallelogram are always going to be parallel. Also, both sides are congruent, as well as the oppo ...more

How To : Understand parallelograms

This video helps us understand parallelograms and its properties. The video starts with the description of the basic properties of a parallelogram. The parallelogram is a four sided shape which has the sum of all four interior angles equal to 360 degrees. The opposite sides of ...more

How To : Fold a Heavy Rain-style paper origami bird

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to fold a Heavy Rain-style paper origami bird. For this project, you will need a square sheet of paper. Fold it diagonally across both diagonals. Open it up and fold one corner up to the center point of the paper. Flip it ...more

How To : Understand the properties of a rectangle

In this tutorial, we learn how to understand the properties of a rectangle. A rectangle has four interior angles that add up to 360 degrees. All of the angles have to be exactly 90 degrees in a perfect rectangle. Two opposite sides have to be congruent and parallel. The other ...more

How To : Fold a basic paper balloon with origami

This video shows the way to make a paper balloon. A square paper is taken. Two perpendicular folds are made down the diagonals of the square. Then an isosceles triangle is made by folding one side of the square towards its opposite side and the other two sides are tucked in. N ...more

How To : Understand the properties of a square in Geometry

In this tutorial, we learn how to understand the properties of a square in Geometry. The four angles on the inside of a square have to be right angles. All but be 90 degrees and add up to 360. A square has four equal sides, which you can notate with lines on the sides. The dia ...more

How To : Solve the Rubik's Cube faster with shortcuts

As the best-selling toy of all time, the odds of you once playing with a Rubik's Cube are pretty high. And if you're like me, or even the cube's inventor Erno Rubik, your first attempts likely ended in futility. Every twist, every turn, the cube just gets more and more mixed u ...more

How To : Make your own origami magic ball

Tutorial of how to quickly make and Origami Magic Ball! Get a piece of 20x40cm paper. Fold along side in 32 equal parts, by repeatedly folding the paper in half - using genderless folds. Fold the short side in 8 equal parts- using valley folds. Turn the sheet over and start di ...more

News : The 5 Best Word Game Mobile Apps Besides Scrabble

When you don't have anyone to play with in the flesh, nothing beats a round of competitive online Scrabble. If you're constantly on the move, the Scrabble app developed by Electronic Arts (EA) for Android and iOS mobile devices is probably your favorite way to play. But let's ...more

How To : Create glass material in 3ds Max

Dave shows you how to produce a glass three different ways in 3ds Max in the video tutorial. Put two panels away, then concentrating on sensor one press m on the keyboard to bring up the materials editor. On the material editor go to the first sphere, choosing a slight blue co ...more

How To : Draft a Sleeve Pattern

A well designed sleeve is very important to creating a top or jacket that fits comfortably. Get your correct measurements before you begin. Please view the following step-by-step instructions and accompanying video and diagram to create the basic sleeve. Video: . Step 1: Measu ...more

How To : Make a newspaper tree

The Professor of Silliness returns with some paper. Watch this instructional video to make a tall tree out of newspaper. You need an old newspaper, masking tape, and scissors. Simply lay out the newspaper pages from end to end and tape them together. Then roll it up at a diago ...more

How To : Dominate the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

First off, don't be frustrated. YOU CAN DO IT! Contrary to the message in the image above, it's NOT over. It's just beginning. And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice makes perfect. I've read quite a few books and ...more

How To : Fold a Unique Paper Sculpture

This ornament can be challenging for a novice, but rewarding for everyone who takes the time to complete the project. With its notably awkward and fascinating texture, you will be sure to impress all who see this. Supplies Paper Scissors Tip A4 letter size paper or 8 1/2" ...more

How To : Create a Redstone Clock in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. Real time redstone clocks are a marvel of redstone technology. Not only can they keep track of time, they are capable of powering other more complicated redstone machines. Regardles ...more

News : How to Start a Fire with a Lemon

There's no doubt you've heard the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The phrase was penned in an obituary to a dwarf actor in 1915 by an anarchist named Elbert Hubbard, who lost his life five months later aboard the RMS Lusitania when it was torpedoed by ...more

How To : Fold a Textured Origami Ball

One of the most popular and basic origami geometric shapes is the "water bomb," which is a simple inflated cube. With a few extra folds and only a minor shift in approach, a more complex geometric shape can be achieved. This 24-faced, 3-dimensional object is formed using 8 id ...more

How To : Make Colorful 'Fireworks' Using Origami Paper

If you won't be near any real fireworks for the 4th of July holiday, do the next best thing and origami yourself some! For this origami fireworks project, you'll need square sheets of paper of different colors. Video: . First, you fold it diagonally across to form a triangle. ...more

How To : Cut a Cooked Steak the Right Way

There is no greater food to master than steak. If you can make a steak that's only marginally better than your neighborhood Applebee's, you'll still have friends waiting outside your door for steak night. And if you can make steak as good as that expensive gourmet steakhouse y ...more

How To : Throw a Knife Without Spin

Okay, I am sure you have seen a lot of knife-throwing articles on this website (and others like it), but let me assure you that this one will be different. The fact is, anyone can throw a knife, but most people have terrible technique and thus get very inconsistent results. I ...more

How To : Make inexpensive tortilla chips from scratch

HippyUrban teaches viewers how to make inexpensive tortilla chips from scratch! First you will need to buy some MasaMix at your local Spanish market! It really is just corn flour. First, you need two cups of corn flour, 1 quarter teaspoon of salt and 1 quarter cup of water. Mi ...more

How To : Sketch a busy street

Miandza teaches you how to sketch a busy street. You start by drawing a horizontal line and add 2 diagonal lines, for all 3 lines to meet in the middle. Using those diagonal lines, draw vertical lines, at the same distance from each other. These will act as buildings. Also sta ...more

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