How To : Add a hard drive to a Dell Dimension

This video demonstrates how to add a new hard drive to a Dell Dimension without damaging the computer. The video walks your through opening the computer and installing the hard drive to the computer correctly.

How To : Use the dimension tool in Google SketchUp

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to use the dimension tool in Google SketchUp. This tutorial covers how to add dimensions directly to your model and how to adjust dimension settings. To dimension a distance between two points, simply select the dimension t ...more

How To : Snap and move with dimensions in 3ds Max

How does one snap in Autodesk's 3ds Max and how can one move things dimensionally? This 3ds Max video tutorial explains both of these questions as well as angle snaps and axis constraints. Topics Covered are Snapping, Angle Snaps, Axis Constraints, Absolute World vs. Offset w ...more

How To : Build a Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension deck

Build and play a Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension deck and learn the monsters and spells that have DD effects with the tips in this free Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension video series. Part 1 of 20 - How to Build a Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension deck. Build a Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension ...more

How To : Experiment with two-dimensional motion

Motion can be studied in different dimensions. Study of motion of a body in a straight line is called motion in one dimension. A falling body can be called as motion in one dimension. Things can also move sideways when they fall at the same time. This is also called as project ...more

How To : Measure wood by relative dimensioning

The Wood Whisperer demonstrates how we can install hinges on a cabinet without a tape measure, using relative dimensioning. In this example, we use center lines instead of marking the top and bottom of each piece that needs to line up. Using shims at the bottom and top of the ...more

How To : Work with 3-dimensional figures in geometry

An introduction to three-dimensional geometry types and working with them. This video is very detailed and good for people who have never worked with three dimensions in geometry before because it concerns only special case figures.

How To : Add dimension to your drawings

This video tutorial shows you how to add dimension to your drawings using line and texture. This video can be helpful but it is slow, hard to listen to, and fuzzy.

How To : Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Smartphone

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the world's best selling smartphone, there a few people that find the device just a bit too large. With a 4.8 inch display and 136.6 x 70.6mm dimensions, the phone can be slightly large for kids—and adults with small fingers. It can even be a has ...more

How To : Create an Epic Build in Minecraft

Minecraft is not just a game. It is a creative tool. Over the past year and a half countless epic builds, servers, and community projects have been undertaken. I'm sure some of you have seen the one-to-one scale recreation of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek or the epic ...more

Fastidious Book Art : Cut or Folded?

Amazing paper art books by Isaac Salazar. As a bibliophile... I can't help it, I really hate to see pages cut. I can't tell. Are the pages only creased or were small cuts necessary to achieve some of the finer dimensions? Previously, Painstakingly Crafted 3D Paper Art.

How To : Resize the Google Keyboard on Any Android

Google Keyboard, which comes pre-installed on Nexus devices (and is available for all others from the Play Store), is one of the most functional keyboards currently available for Android. With features like gesture-based typing, next-word prediction, and even text expansion ma ...more

How To : Hide Private Photos on Your iPhone

When a photo or video is just too sensitive to leave laying around in your Photos app, you'll want to either delete it for good or hide it away in safe, secure location on your iPhone. As for the latter, Apple actually has a few tools available to make photos and videos hidden ...more

Making Electromagnetic Weapons : EMP Generator, Part Two

In this article, I'll be covering Triggers and Coils, part two of the series (see part one here). Generally, a simple EMP generator consists of four components; a capacitor, a transformer, a trigger and a coil of copper wire. The transformer component can be varied, but the co ...more

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