How To : Write a properly formatted credit dispute letter

The key to repairing bad credit is to write a properly formatted letter of dispute to one or all of the credit bureaus and send them out via registered mail. Here's a step-by-step guide to writing a letter of dispute to get rid of those black marks off your credit report for g ...more

How To : Resolve a border dispute with a neighbor

Boundary issues are complicated, and border disputes can cause unnecessary tension between neighbors. We'll show you how to resolve a border dispute with your neighbor. Resolve a border dispute with a neighbor. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

News : Learn Tagalog Today Episode 2,Domestic Dispute !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 2,Domestic Dispute! In this lesson,follow along as we jump into a Domestic Dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend. Listen as they discuss infidelities.We'll learn to say things like , I Heard You Were With,then learn how to deny the allegations ...more

News : Them's the Rules!

Giveaway Tuesdays has officially ended! But don't sweat it, WonderHowTo has another World that's taken its place. Every Tuesday, Phone Snap! invites you to show off your cell phone photography skills. Submit your best shot to our weekly competition for a chance to win an awes ...more

How To : Achieve full and bouncy beauty pageant hair

It seems that recently there's been a lot of controversy surrounding beauty pageants (specifically, controversy stemming from what happens once those pretty faces open their mouths), but there's little dispute that all pageant girls know how to rock their locks. Also known as ...more

News : Official Phone Snap! Challenge Rules

Before you start snapping away and submitting your photos, please take some time to read the official rules below! No purchase necessary to enter or win; a purchase does not improve your chance of winning; void where prohibited by law. ELIGIBILITY: Only legal residents of t ...more

How To : Cheat at rock paper scissors

Rock Paper Scissors can be a fair way to solve a dispute, and we all know that fair is no fun. Winning is fun. So learn the secrets of Rock Paper Scissors from a true Rock Paper Scissors legend. Then take those teachings and train hard - or just cheat your way to the top. Chea ...more

How To : Pronounce the word "virtuoso"

Today's word is "virtuoso". This is a noun which means an expert, often in music. For example, you can say, "Few people would dispute that Itzhak Perlman is the reigning virtuoso of the violin today."

News : Waymo's Move to Trucks Should Be a Smooth Ride

Waymo's transfer of its driverless car know-how to commercial trucks will likely pose few challenges for the self-driving unit of Alphabet, which owns Google. That's because the sensor, deep machine learning, mapping, and other technologies underpinning its driverless cars ar ...more

How To : Ship a car when moving

You've boxed up and shipped all your other possessions for the big move and all you're left with is the little issue of how your getting your car there. There are companies out there that will ship your car to you, just make sure your car is prepped for the journey. If you’re ...more

How To : Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Rock-paper-scissors is a great way to alleviate boredom or make decisions, such as figuring out who gets to go first in the next game you play. Step 1: Make a fist Both players make a fist with one hand. Step 2: Tap fists While counting to three, or saying “Rock! Paper! Scis ...more

How To : Frito Pie Is Sinfully Delicious—& Easy to Make

Though the word "pie" may conjure up images of a dessert made of dough with various fillings, the famous Frito Pie is, in fact, something of an entirely different nature. Absurdly simple in its construction, this pile of Fritos and chili is served in the actual chip bag and mo ...more

How To : Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master

For almost 15 centuries the Shaolin Monastery has been synonymous with the greatest fighting skills on the planet. Boxing Classic: Essential Boxing Methods references the Shaolin Monastery as the birthplace of Chinese Boxing, and the practitioners of this martial art are known ...more

How To : To Boost Your Caprese Salad, Just Add Fruit

We like to think of ourselves as caprese connoisseurs. When we made our first batch of the iconic tomato salad, we became obsessed with the classic combo of fresh basil, sweet tomatoes, and creamy mozzarella cheese. But after a while, we wanted more than just the basic, layere ...more

NR50 : The People to Watch in Mobile Augmented Reality

While the world is only recently becoming aware of its existence, augmented reality has been around in some form or another since the '90s. In the last decade, with the advancement and miniaturization of computer technology — specifically smartphones and tablets — AR has becom ...more

News : 'West mulling military action against Iran'

Moscow, May 21 — Some Western countries are still considering a military operation against Iran as an option over its nuclear programme, a Russian minister said Sunday. "Russia is concerned that the possibility to try to solve the Iranian nuclear problem by military means is ...more

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