Diy Chair

How To : Build a cardboard chair

We recycle cardboard, but Gomi Style is going to re-use the cardboard and create chairs with the fine found material. The gang at Gomi style made a two different types of chairs from tossed out cardboard, simple and easy

How To : Make a fondant icing or gumpaste sofa chair

So, Dad's Birthday is coming up and you want to make him a specialized cake. "What are his interests?" you ask yourself. Watching football, baseball, Wheel of Fortune? Do all his hobbies include a sofa and a television perhaps? Then why not make him a cute living room cake! B ...more

How To : Reupholster the seat cushion of a chair

Want to try your hand at reupholstering a seat cushion? This breezy how-to video will take you the reupholstery process from start to finish as well as inform you of everything you'll need for a succesful project. Watch this video to learn how to rejuvinate your antique chairs.

How To : Make a Unique Cardboard Chair

There have been numerous chairs made out of recycled or reclaimed cardboard. This week on the GreenerBusiness Podcast, we attempt to build our own unique comfortable cardboard chair. Video: .

How To : Reupholster a drop-in chair seat

Are your chairs still covered in that faded and threadbare chintz your great-grandmama picked out in 1936? She'd be the first to tell you—it's time for an update, dearie. This tutorial teaches you how to re-upholster a chair. It is easier than you think to replace the upholste ...more

How To : Make a homemade electric chair

Whether you’re pro or con on the death penalty issue, there’s nothing more terrifying than having a real live electric chair in your own home! So you should probably just use these simple steps to create a mock-electric chair to “shock” your guests! This Fear.Net Halloween vid ...more

How To : Build chest muscles through chair push-ups

In this tutorial, we learn how to build chest muscles through chair push-ups. To begin, you will need to set up three chairs in a pyramid shape that will fit your body laying down. To begin, place both of your feet on one chair and then push each of your hands laying on a chai ...more

News : Fully Functional Gravity-Defying Chair

With severed, angled gaps in three out of four legs, it looks like the work of a chainsaw-wielding maniac. But those gaps are clean cut and without blood, despite the redness of the slices, and definitely not the work of Leatherface. Peter Bristol's "cut chair" seems to defy ...more

How To : Chair dance

Chair dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise and it's fun! Learn how to chair dance with expert tips from a dance instructor in this free aerobic exercise video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Chair dance. Chair dance - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch this video on exp ...more

How To : Re-upholster vintage dining room chairs

Learn how to re-upholster six vintage dining room chairs and learn how to re-cover a vintage ottoman. Give new life to an old piece with organic fabric! This is a quick tip that will keep your linens smelling fresh.

How To : Master 3D modeling in Maya by modeling a chair

Maya is the most powerful 3D modeling tool that most people are likely to have access to. This video will teach you some basic techniques for creating 3D models in the program by teaching you how to make a chair from scratch. It's not a very exciting chair, sure, but you have ...more

News : Air Bag Chair

i never stop laughing at this. somebody sits in a chair. somebody has a trigger button. a air bag is in the inside of the chair. ( recliner ). the air bag goes off and the person flys in the air. way up in the air. it can also be installed in a bed. the bed is best for a midni ...more

How To : Play a Desk Chair Prank on a Coworker

Lighten up your office with this quick and easy prank. You Will Need A chair with a pneumatic pressure release Electrical or packing tape An unsuspecting coworker Step 1: Choose Your Mark Choose a coworker with a good sense of humor, and get in before them one morning, or ...more

How To : Reupholster a retro dinette chair

Sarah McColl, the hip and modern Martha Stewart of Brooklyn gives us a great video on how to reupholster a retro dinette chair. Sarah is learning along with you, so don't be overwhelmed by the task ahead.

How To : Make a breakaway cardboard chair prop

A breakaway chair is one of the best pranks, or one of the easiest effects for your indie film project. A breakable chair can be made out of simple household items, and is very cheap. The biggest material needed is cardboard. So basically, you'll make a cardboard chair, that b ...more

How To : Make a compact chair from (free) post office boxes

This is an amazingly creative idea. Watch this video hosted by Graffiti Research Lab in NYC and learn how to create a portable chair for free out of post office boxes. These guys provide a resting place for the city lunch roamer, but these chairs would be great for a kids play ...more

How To : Origami a table and chair

Watch this origami how to video and learn how to make an origami table and chair. If you are a fan or origami, this instructional video will surely satisfy your origami needs. This origami video goes a little fast, but the table and chair are really cute! Just pause the video ...more

How To : Repair a wooden kitchen chair spindle

The handyman in this video teaches viewers how to repair a broken leg of a kitchen table chair. To make these repairs all that is needed, other than the chair, is a liquid nail, a small nail screw, turpentine and screw driver. The handy man in the video makes this repair look ...more

How To : Make a shopping cart chair with MAKE magazine

Kick back with John Park as he demonstrates how to upcycle a no-longer-usable shopping cart into an easy chair. This Make: magazine-based project offers an introductory look at how to cut, bend, and shape metal using metal cutters, saws, vice grips, and other tools common to h ...more

How To : Prank a chair with a booby trap

If you ever wanna get back at someone for pulling a prank on you, this is the prank you wanna do on them. You will literally make them jump off of their chair. Watch this prank video to find out how to do it yourself. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pra ...more

HowTo : Insanely Creepy Mini Electric Chair Tortures Chucky

Not for the faint of heart (in terms of both the concept AND difficulty level), Jon Williams has posted full build details for a mini electric chair fully equipped with a gnarly Chucky doll, in celebration of Halloween. Try it if you dare. Previously, Halloween HowTo: Gore G ...more

How To : Upholster a full occasional chair

This is a demonstration of how to upholster full an occasion chair. First the seat upholster is removed carefully. The new cloth is cut accordingly to the shape. The edges are folded and stitched. The cloth is spread over the seat, tucked under the hand rest stretched to the b ...more

How To : Do the Chair Spin pole dancing move

Zuzana shows you how to do the more advanced pole dancing chair spin. This move is a great workout for your abs and arms. Body Rock TV brings you this instructional video on pole dancing. This how to video demonstrates the pole dancing move: The Chair Spin. Pole Dancing is a ...more

News : Grow a Chair Out of Crystals

Entitled "Venus", the "Natural Crystal Chair" is Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka's latest project.  Truly an innovative production process, "a substrate made of polyester elastomer forms the skeleton and is submerged in a tank, causing crystals to grow on the substrate", s ...more

How To : Get a bigger butt using two chairs

In this tutorial, we learn how to get a bigger butt using two chairs. First, stand in between the two chairs and put your hands on the chair in front of you. After this, put your foot on the back chair and squat down, placing your back knee on the ground. Your other leg should ...more

How To : Create a chair in Google SketchUp

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to create a simple chair in Google SketchUp. This tutorial covers how to render this piece of furniture in two different ways, and then shows a third more advanced method to introduce some new tools in SketchUp.

How To : Photomatch a chair component in SketchUp 6

Alright MacGyver, for this week's assignment, you're going to need a picture of a chair, and SketchUp. And maybe some duct tape. We're going to show you how to use Photo Match to create a chair component from a digital image in this SketchUp software tutorial. It's one thing t ...more

How To : Reupholster the seat of an old chair

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to reupholster the seat of a chair. Begin by taking the seat off the chair and remove the staples on the back of the fabric. Remove the fabric and cushion, leaving you with the wood base. With polstry foam, cut the foam out 1/8" larger ...more

News : Got an Itch? Let Your Chair Do the Scratching

The itch chair, designed by Dana Gordon and Alejandro Zamudio Sánchez, is a futuristic chair that scratches the back of the sitter. "Scratch underneath this four-legged friend and feel how the motion is mapped and scaled up to your own back.  The user, moving a fingertip acr ...more

News : The Magically Shrinking Chair

A worthy addition to the world of outstanding chairs, this magical chair doesn't shrink in the morphing sense, but it does shrink to incredible compactness. Makes for a great magic trick prop, or a must-have for your next tailgate party. Previously, Self Healing Chair Picks It ...more

How To : Repair a wooden chair

In this video series, learn how to fix a broken piece of furniture you may have kept for years. Our expert will guide you step-by-step through a wood chair repair. Learn how to remove broken spindles and replace them with wooden dowels. Tips include using an epoxy glue, drilli ...more

How To : Rejuvenate a chair

Sarah McColl, the modern Martha Stewart from Brooklyn, takes full advantage of outdoor space. She shows us how to reupholster and rejuvinate a chair. The video is simple and easy to follow, and our host is always entertaining.

How To : Do the "air chair" in breakdance

Have you mastered the beginning break dancing tricks and are looking for something a bit harder? Try the "air chair". To do the air chair in breakdance, you'll need to already know how to do a chair, because the air chair is an advanced version of the chair. Get the air chair ...more

How To : Build a pipe organ chair

It's a chair. It's a musical instrument. Eureka! Techno-guru Brian of tech makeover show My Home 2.0 builds a pipe organ chair, a (very) old-school invention that you can play just by sitting down. Sit back and enjoy this silent movie DIY!

How To : Install a chair rail in 3 easy steps

Traditionally installing a chair rail is intended to protect the wall from the chair. Chair rails can also create a dramatic accent to your room. This project has three steps. First mark your walls. Second measure and make our cuts. The third step is to set your molding to mak ...more

How To : Repair an Old Wooden Chair

Unscrew chair and knock apart gently with a rubber mallet. To fix a broken stretch, use quick dry polyurethane glue, using plenty (better to have too much than too little) Wipe of excess glue. Leave to set for 10 minutes. Sand down the points that slot into the seat of the cha ...more

How To : Model a parametric chair in 3ds Max

In this 3D software tutorial you will learn how to model a chair parametrically in 3ds Max. This tutorial covers making a simple parametric chair with using editable poly modifier and wire parameters in 3D Studio Max. If you are not good at modeling with modifiers in 3ds Max, ...more

How To : Sabotage your boss' office chair

How to rig an office chair to collapse. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks! Sabotage your boss' office chair. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Construct a wooden Adirondack chair

In this video, we learn how to construct a wooden Adirondack chair. First, you will build the subframe followed by the back of the hair. After this, you will build the arms of the chair and connect all the different parts together. This is an easy and fun project to do, where ...more

How To : Work out your lower abs on a roman chair

Your body is a temple and must be taken care of accordingly to keep it working for years. Scultping your body can also be a great way to keep the fat away and your mind sharp. This tutorial will focus on the lower abs of your body and how to use a roman chair to work them out. ...more

How To : Disassemble the Eames lounge chair

If you own an Eames lounge chair and wish to restore it, give it a nice polish, or just know how to take it apart, this tutorial is for you. In the video, you'll be shown what it takes to disassemble the Eames loung chair easily. It doesn't require a great amount of tools and ...more

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