Do Beginner Resistance

How To : Do a beginner resistance workout with Joel Harper

Workout expert Joel Harper takes the viewer through a step-by-step regimen of doing beginner workout with resistance bands. This workout schedule is very important and should be done as described in the video, otherwise, the body might retain some of the stiffness which could ...more

How To : Tone abs with a pulse up exercise

If you want killer abs, then you have to work on them. Men's Health gives you the expertise advice on improving your abs. Try this "pulse up" exercise that helps beginners strengthen their core muscles. Lie with your hands under your tailbone and extend your legs straight up ...more

How To : Choose the right pilates class for you

Pilates is fantastic exercise. If you are a beginner, though, it can be confusing to choose the right type of class. Check out this tutorial before you head to the studio and ensure you get the most out of your exercise routine. You Will Need • Mat or reformer class preferenc ...more

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