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How To : Origami the basic form of four cranes

This video origami tutorial shows how to use the traditional Japanese art of paper folding to make shapes. This particular video shows how to make the basic form of four cranes, which serves as the foundation for lots of origami folding projects. Learn how to fold the basic fo ...more

How To : Use One Lipstick Four Different Ways

Rich pigmented lips are in right now, but not always an appropriate look. In this video, we show you how to use just one lipstick four different ways. Lip Stain Use your lipstick like a stain. Just dab a bit on your finger and blot into lips. Apply sparingly. Cheek Stain Us ...more

How To : Bake and frost festive petit fours

Petit fours are excellent substitutes for hors d'oeuvres, combining chicness and appetite piquing sweetness for a wonderful treat that all your guests will enjoy. Complement your superb hosting and incomparable party decor by learning how to make these petite treats in your o ...more

How To : Mix four different sweet cocktail drinks

This video alcoholic drink-mixing tutorial shows how to make four different specialty cocktail recipes. For a chocolate mint quake, you will need chocolate syrup and Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps. For an espresso-tini espresso martini, you will need vanilla vodka, Godiva es ...more

How To : Brew beer at home using four different methods

Brewing beer in your basement using only one method is no fun. Watch this video to get informed on four different ways to brew beer, so if you don't like one way you have other methods to choose from. The methods include: Extract brewing, partial extract brewing, mini-mash br ...more

How To : Do a simple four aces trick with a deck of cards

If you ever find yourself surrounded with a bunch of bored people (jury duty anyone?) this trick may be a perfect way to break the ice. In this tutorial, you'll discover how to perform a simple four aces card trick using a simple deck of cards. It's easy to understand and with ...more

How To : Install a four gauge power wire

This video will show you how to install a 4 gauge wire with a 100 amp fuse that powers a 2600 watt amp and a big capacitor. Follow along as this tutorial takes you step by step through the process of installing a four gauge power wire.

How To : Build a four-way mobvator in Minecraft beta 1.6

The key to building a great Minecraft world is efficiency. This video will show you the most efficient way to kill mobs, a four-way mobvator that attracts mobs to spawning pads and elevates them to a killing mechanism so you can capture the loot. This is up to date for Minecra ...more

How To : Lose belly fat fast in a four minute workout

In this tutorial, we learn how to lose belly fat fast with a four minute workout. The overview of the workout is there are 8 different exercises that are 20 seconds each. There are 10 pushups in between each exercise and absolutely no rest for these four minutes. This is not f ...more

How To : Tie the perfect four-in-hand necktie knot

This video tutorial is in the Beauty & Style category which will show you how to tie a necktie in a four-in-hand knot. The broad end should hang lower and to the right. Take the short end of the tie in your left hand and bring the long end of the tie across it and hold it in y ...more

How To : Do the four aces trick

You can learn how to do the four aces trick. You shuffle the deck of cards and then separate the deck into four piles first. You really need to remember where you put the aces in the beginning.

How To : Tie a skinny necktie in a four-in-hand knot

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tie a four-in-hand knot with a skinny necktie. Begin with the wide end at least 12 inches longer than the thin end. Then put the wide end over the narrow end and wrap it around once more. Now bring the wide end under the loop and do ...more

How To : Play the four knights game in chess

This is a discussion of Black's chances with the Fork Trick in the Four Knights Game... How to remove your opponent's advantage when he plays 4.Bc4! Kill your opponent, but not literally, you dope.

How To : Use four tricks to make your eyes look bigger

In this tutorial we learn four tricks to make your eyes look bigger. The first tip is to layer on a shimmery light shadow to the eyes and then add on a darker color to the crease of the eye. Curl the lashes and then apply mascara to the eyes after clamping and working up the e ...more

How To : Perform a flat four string briad on your own hair

In this video, we learn how to perform a flat four string braid on your hair! First, you want to start off with either wet or dry straight hair that has just been brushed out. Next, you will grab the top three piece of hair on your head and perform a regular braid by placing t ...more

How To : Tie a Four-in-Hand tie knot

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tie a four-in-hand knot for a tie. Begin by putting the tie around your neck with the wide end on your right and narrow end on your left. Bring the wide end over the narrow end ad wrap it around. Wrap it around once more and bring i ...more

How To : Tie the four in hand tie the sexy way

Are you a complete klutz when it comes to doing things with your hands? Improve your fingerwork and show the ladies how deft your hands are (if you know what we're talking about) by mastering the four in hand tie knot presented in this video. A rather sexy school uniform-clad ...more

How To : Play four open chords and an easy progression

Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video that shows you how to play four open chords and an easy progression. This is a great chord progression for beginning guitar players. You will also learn correct finger placement. This lesson provides a great chord progression ...more

How To : Perform four abdominal exercises for cyclists

If you are a beginner when it comes to bike riding and you're constantly finding yourself to be sore, then check out this next tutorial. In this video, you'll find out how to perform four basic abdominal exercises that will help get rid of soreness and imrpove your bike riding ...more

How To : Poach an egg in under four minutes

In this tutorial, we learn how to poach an egg in under four minutes. First, fill a pan 2/3 of the way full with water and bring it almost to a boil on high heat. Once the heat is almost boiling, turn the heat down to medium heat. Once you've done this, pour a splash of white ...more

How To : Count with four criteria in Microsoft Excel

New to Microsoft Excel? Looking for a tip? How about a tip so mind-blowingly useful as to qualify as a magic trick? You're in luck. In this MS Excel tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 596th installment in their series of digital spreadsheet magic tricks, you'll learn how to use the ...more

How To : Grow four easy vegetables in your garden

Fresh veggies are the tastiest way to eat right. They are delicious, as fresh as can be, nutritious and best of all.. free! In addition to all of that, you get the satisfaction of growing your dinner all by yourself. In this tutorial, learn how to plant four vegetables that ar ...more

News : I Am Number Four (2011)

Here are the trailers for the new feature film "I AM NUMBER FOUR" Here is a behind the scenes featurette about the 2011 feature film "I AM NUMBER FOUR" The cast includes: Timothy Olyphant Kevin Durand Alex Pettyfer Callan McAuliffe Teresa Palmer Brian Howe Dianna Agron ...more

How To : Make dinner for four for less than $5

In this penny-pincher's guide from Mahalo, you'll learn how to make dinner to serve a family or four or five for 5 dollars or less. For all the details, and to get started capitalizing on cheap eats yourself, take a look.

How To : Find the first four stars in the game Braid

There are eight stars hidden throughout the game Braid, and you can earn a special achievement or trophy if you uncover all of them. This tutorial shows you where the first four of these stars in this game can be found.

How To : Train for basketball with the shell four drill

In this sports how-to video, Farmington HS boys basketball coach Shane Wyandt and team demonstrate the shell four defense drill. The shell four drill is an effective way of training for basketball. Follow along with this video demonstration and improve your game with this drill.

How To : Style simple, effortless waves with four tips

First things first, ladies: You should avoid any type of heat styling when you can, since heat - duh! - ruins your strands and makes them weak and brittle, leading to split ends and just overall tumbleweed texture, which is not so pretty. That being said, every now and then a ...more

How To : Search for four different things on Google at once

Interested in submitting up to four different Google queries all at once? Let this video be your guide. With, it's easy and this clip presents a complete, step-by-step overview of the process. For more information, including detailed instructions, ...more

How To : Handle your four-year-old

By age four, you've probably noticed that every kid has grown and developed at a different rate. Those differences in development and growth are part of a concept we call “ages and stages.” This video goes through what you should expect from your four-year-old and how to make ...more

How To : Hack WPA WiFi Passwords by Cracking the WPS PIN

A flaw in WPS, or WiFi Protected Setup, known about for over a year by TNS, was finally exploited with proof of concept code. Both TNS, the discoverers of the exploit and Stefan at .braindump have created their respective "reaver" and "wpscrack" programs to exploit the WPS vul ...more

How To : Crack a Combination Bike Lock in Under 30 Seconds

Have an old bike combination lock that you can't remember the code for? If it's a simply four-digit cable lock, you can easily figure out the combination with a quick peck-and-go method. Best of all, this technique doesn't require any tools or special know-how, and let's you r ...more

How To : Make Pizza Without Dough

I was getting kind of sick of ordering delivery pizza (this happens at least 2-3 times a month). It was time to put a spin on gourmet pizza, but I just didn't know what it would be. Without pizza dough or an oven that is capable of creating the perfect pizza crust (I don't hav ...more

How To : Find a P-Value with Excel

So you need to find the p-value for your hypothesis test. To do so, employ the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel. Using a simple formula, you can easily determine the p-value for your tests and thereby conclude strong or weak support of the null hypothesis. Probability valu ...more

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