Do Tricep Dumbbell Exten

How To : Do overhead tricep extensions with a dumbbell

This video shows how to do overhead tricep extensions with a dumbbell. You sit on a chair or a angle bench. You lower the dumbbell behind your head in a slow and controlled manner. Do overhead tricep extensions with a dumbbell. Click through to watch this video on global-fitne ...more

How To : Do tricep extension exercises with a dumbbell

In this free video exercise lesson, you'll learn how to do tricep extensions with free weights. With weight lifting, as with any physical fitness system, a basic mastery of proper technique is essential for both maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts and avoiding accide ...more

How To : Do overhead dumbbell triceps extensions

The bicep and the tricep are like the yin and yang — if you overdevelop one and not the other, it looks weird at the beach. You will need a dumbbell and a padded weight bench. Warning: In case you drop the weights, make sure no one is standing behind you, other than a spotter. ...more

How To : Perform triceps kickbacks to tone triceps

Despite what the name may imply, triceps kickbacks don't involve kicking of any sort. Rather, this tricep-sculpting exercise move involves getting down to a near squat position and bringing a dumbbell forward and back, keeping the shoulders stead and down. This move targets a ...more

How To : Get ripped arms with a 3 minute arm workout

I bet you could use a pair of ripped arms, right? Well if you have three minutes and some weights you can be there in no time. This video will demonstrate exactly how to get ripped arms with a daily 3 minute workout. If you love training arms but just dont have time for those ...more

How To : Do tricep cruls with dumbbells

Triceps curls target the muscles at the back of the arm, building muscle mass and toning. Learn how to do triceps curl exercises in this strength training video. Take action: extend arm above head & elbow at 45 degrees, move slowly, lower weight and extend up, fix your upper a ...more

How To : Do a killer bicep & tricep bodybuilding workout

Here is a killer arm workout you can do at home with just a set of dumbbells to help get those huge guns. You will be sore for days after doing this workout. This is for the advanced bodybuilder. There are six exercises, three for biceps and three for triceps. The entire work ...more

How To : Get Michelle Obama Arms

Stop envying the First Lady's toned arms and start working on your own with these exercises. You Will Need: * 5- to 10-pound weights Step 1 For each exercise, do three sets of 15 reps three times a week. Start with push-ups: Lie facedown on the floor, with your palm on the fl ...more

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