How To : Crochet baby bell hats

Make your baby the cutest baby in town during the wintertime with some homemade crocheted hats. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to crochet baby bell hats. This crochet hat pattern was designed by Mikeyssmail. Follow the video for a step-by-step demonstration from start ...more

How To : Crochet a cupcake hat

Are you interested in creating your very own crochet hat from scratch? This video tutorial by Teresa is an excellent treasure for anyone that wants to learn how to crochet a cupcake hat. Even those inexperienced crocheters can learn how to make a cupcake hat easily by followin ...more

How To : Make a cozy kufi box crochet hat for right handers

Would you like a touch of mod and whimsy all in one? Then this hat is perfect for you because it strikes the perfect balance between the two. Made of cozy, soft blue yarn, embellished with a pretty pink border, and done up in a sort of inverse bowl shape, this is not your ever ...more

News : Recycle from Clothing

If you have old clothing that is going to be thrown away, check it thoroughly to see what you can recycle. Save the buttons. They work well for eyes or decorations on your crochet projects. Pockets and zippers may come in handy as an embellishment. Some clothing may have uni ...more

How To : Do color stranding in crocheting

This crochet how-to video is a quick demonstration on color stranding using single crochet. Watch as our host shows you how to practice color stranding on his single crochet hat.

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