How To : Vanish a coin with a pen

Watch this magic trick tutorial video to understand the full effect of this amazing magic trick. Use a pen to vanish a coin in your hand with your hand wide open. A coin is vanished with a pen right in front of the audience's eyes. Practice this simple magic trick and impress ...more

How To : 10 Super-Practical Uses for Dishwashing Soap

Bored of using your bottle of dishwashing soap for just washing dishes? You're in luck. Not surprisingly, the soapy liquid commonly used for removing stubborn food build-up from your eating utensils can also be used as a general cleaner for washing windows, removing clothing ...more

How To : Levitate a Paper Cup Using Magic

In this tutorial, learn how to trick your audience into thinking you can control things with your mind! With this super simple magic trick you will learn how to make an ordinary cup appear to be floating out of your hands! This trick is so cool, you will have anyone who watch ...more

How To : Make one coin turn into two coins with a pen

This magic trick is for the kids! It's a simple magic trick (or illusion) that will have your kids wondering if you really do have magical powers! Watch to see how to make one coin turn into two coins with just a pen. You'll need a razor blade to hack into the pen, to hide the ...more

How To : Perform simple rope trick

Here is a creative yet simple magic trick that will sure to make heads spin. Learn to make a rope travel through your neck like a knife slicing into butter. This trick is very easy to perform and a lot of fun as well.

How To : Perform Criss Angel's Convincing magic trick

Lots of people love magic, and most of those people like prop tricks, so why not learn a few? Whether you're a magician or not, you can still impress your friends with a few prop tricks up your sleeve. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to perform Criss Angel's Convin ...more

How To : Do a dollar bill and coin trick to make extra cash

This is a simple magic trick where you can get extra money, when you need it most! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do a dollar bill and coin trick to make extra cash. Watch this magic trick, learn it, and make money fast. Street hustle! If you like gags, pranks and ...more

How To : Separate pepper from water

A simple magic trick in which you appear to be able to make pepper sprinkled into a bowl of water move across the surface of the water. Separate pepper from water. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Perform a severed finger trick

A simple magic trick to make it look like you can pull the tip of your finger off. Perform a severed finger trick. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Practice the disappearing quarter trick

Watch this basic magic tutorial video to practice the classic disappearing quarter technique. Practice this simple magic trick that will wow your spectators as you master the art of illusion. Soon you will have this magic trick up your sleeve!

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