How To : Apply drag makeup

Men, want to look like a woman this Halloween, or anytime for that matter, follow this easy tutorial and you'll be stopping traffic in no time.

How To : Apply drag makeup like drag queen Roxy Hart

Roxy Hart, an International Drag Artist, takes you on a journey on how to professionally apply drag makeup. Follow along with the steps of applying this high drama look. Watch this video makeup application series and learn how to do drag makeup just like Roxy Hart. Roxy's 14 ...more

How To : Apply Nina Flowers inspired drag makeup

In this video we learn how to apply Nina Flowers inspired drag makeup. Start out by using black eyeliner to draw on the mask around the eyes. Fill this in with black face paint and then create lines above it for the rest of the mask. After this, apply white makeup over the top ...more

How To : Create an Easy Drag Makeup Look

An easy and very simple "Drag" Makeup Look that would switch your shy, little girl personality into a fierce, bold scene stealer. This makeup look is inspired by the famous drag queen herself: Manila Luzon. Sit back and enjoy watching the video! Video: . Don't forget to check ...more

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