Dog Play Ball

How To : Make a tennis ball dog toy

Your dog doesn't care how much you spend on their toys – they just want to play! Here's how to provide some homemade fun. You Will Need * Tennis balls * A clean sock * Rope * A knife * A jingle bell * A strong needle and thread Step 1 Stuff a tennis ball inside a sweat sock a ...more

How To : Train a dog to fetch a ball

Warm up your pitching arm and be patient—you might just be playing “Throw” for a while before your dog catches on. You will need: a dog somewhere big enough to play a tennis ball dog treats optional: a tshirt or dish towl with a knot tied in the middle, a leash, and a helper ...more

How To : Make homemade Boomer ball dog treats

An animal keeper shares the recipe for her Boomer Ball dog treat in this how to video. Watch and learn how to keep your dog entertained and happy with delicious dog treats that any pet would love. All you need for this homemade boomer dog treats is a two liter soda bottle, tap ...more

News : Play Ball

Get rockets put them on the bottom of shopping carts and race them through the aisles in a store while you are in the shopping cart pulling shit of the shelves to slow each other down.

How To : Play 9 ball pool

Want a new pool game? Learn how to play nine ball in this free video series about the rules, special shots, and more! Part 1 of 18 - How to Play 9 ball pool. Play 9 ball pool - Part 2 of 18. Click through to watch this video on Play 9 ball pool - Part 3 of 18 ...more

How To : Do an 8-ball position play in pool

In this video, we learn how to play pool with a lesson in 8-ball position play. If you are playing a game of 8-all and you are the stripes, it's good if you end up in a position in the middle of the balls. You want to increase the margin of error by playing for an area of the ...more

How To : Play Skee-ball on the Apple iPhone 4 or iPod Touch

Need some help figuring out how to play Skee-ball on your Apple iPhone? This video tutorial presents an overview of the game's essential rules and objective. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started playing Skee-ball on your own A ...more

How To : Teach a dog to play tug of war

Some trainers argue that playing tug of war is not healthy for a dog. It can be a battle of strength between a dog and owner, that the dog might think they control. However, tug of war can be a great way to train a dog a release command that can be useful in day to day situati ...more

How To : Play tee ball

Learn about the structure of the tee ball game in order to play and coach to the best of your ability.

How To : Play the ball below your feet in golf

Take a great golf Lesson from Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and CPGA Teaching Pro, who shows you how to hit straight shots even when the ball is below your feet!

How To : Play a 9-ball billiards game of kick pool

Learn to play Kick Pool and add variety to your billiards game. Although difficult to play, this is a great skillbuilder game if you're trying to improve your kick shots. Kick pool, which is set up by racking the set like 9-ball, is a scoring game, and games are won by scoring ...more

How To : Play safe in 9 ball

Learn the basics of safety play in 9 ball pool. This video covers some common misconceptions regarding breaking and running that many beginners hold. Part 1 of 2 - How to Play safe in 9 ball. Part 2 of 2 - How to Play safe in 9 ball.

How To : Play and win 9 ball pool

Richard has been an avid pool player for the past 25 years and has played in competitive team and singles events since 1993. He has finished in the top ten percentile in both BCA national and VNEA international tournaments. Part 1 of 15 - How to Play and win 9 ball pool. Play  ...more

How To : Teach Your Dog to Grab It's Ball

This how to is to teach your dog to hold it's ball in it's mouth for a short time Step 1: Ball/Treats get a ball and a treat he/she loves Step 2: Sit get your dog to sit and sit down in front of him/her Step 3: Lets Start once you have done the following steps hold the ba ...more

How To : Teach a dog to roll over and play dead

This video pet training tutorial shows how to teach a dog how to roll over and play dead. This method relies on lure training, which means the dog will be rewarded with a treat when the dog has performed the trick. It takes time, patience, and consistency, but over time any do ...more

How To : Play a simple game of 8-ball

New to billiards? Well, that probably means you're new to eight-ball, too. In this video tutorial, you will learn the rules and regulations to the 8-ball game, along with some of the basic frameworks to get you, the player, started playing pool. First, you'll begin by racking ...more

How To : Play the "On the Spot" billiard ball game

In this video guide, we learn how to play On the Spot, a variation of pool and billiards where the objective is to hit a ball directly onto a designated spot on your pool or billiard table. For all of the details, and to get started playing On the Spot yourself, take a look.

How To : Play "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" on the ukulele

This is a video tutorial that is showing its audience how to play and master the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" on the ukulele. The first step is to grab your ukulele. Next you should play the following notes: C, G7, C, G7, A, Dm, Dy, G7. Then you will repeat this section ...more

News : The Mein Teil March

Have the members of Jackass hooked up to dog leashes wearing ball gags. Have the members of Rammstein holding the leashes and walking the Jackass guys down the street. While walking have mein teil playing over speakers as Till sings and the other members using their flamethrow ...more

How To : Use old tennis balls

Tennis balls aren't just for playing tennis, so when you are getting ready to trash those tennis balls… DON'T. There are many different uses you can find for them, from donating them to fluffing up laundry. Recycle them using these 7 helpful tips. You Will Need * Trailer hitc ...more

How To : Dive while playing soccer

Welcome to the Rudi Latka's Soccer School. The basic dive is best done at speed so the referee can't see what's happened. As you approach your opponent, flick the ball past them, and then as you pass the player dive upwards and then turn in the air slightly before landing. As ...more

How To : Hit shots from the corner in raquetball

In this Sports video you will learn how to hit shots from the corner in racquetball. When your opponent hits a shot into one of the corners, the common mistake that a lot of players do is to run into the corner in order to dog out the ball. If you do this, the ball can jam you ...more

How To : Crochet a goldfish style dog or cat chew toy

In this tutorial, we learn how to crochet a goldfish style dog or cat chew toy. Start with a slipknot, then chain 2. Now, do 5 single crochets next to the hook. Then, do a slip stitch to finish and then knot. Now, make the eyeball by using a yarn needle and black yarn. Go thro ...more

How To : Play baseball with Goofy

In this tutorial, we learn how to play baseball with Goofy. First, you will need to play in a ball park and have players for each team. The pitcher will throw the ball and the hitter will hit the ball, then run to the different bases. The uniform will be loose fitting so it's ...more

How To : Use the infielder's ready position in baseball

This instructional video from BaseballRox will help you develop your infield mechanics in the sport of baseball. This baseball video is aimed to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field. See how to use the infielder's ready position in baseball. I ...more

How To : Practice the outfielder's math drill in baseball

This instructional video from BaseballRox will help you develop your outfield mechanics with outfield drills in the sport of baseball. These baseball videos are aimed to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field. See how to practice the outfielder's ...more

How To : Turn double plays as an infielder in baseball

This collection of instructional videos from BaseballRox will help you develop your infield mechanics in the sport of baseball. These baseball videos are aimed to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field. Turning a double-play with good footwork t ...more

How To : Play bocce

Imagine a game almost anyone can play that combines the best of skee-ball, bowling, and shuffleboard. Welcome to the ancient sport of bocce. You Will Need: * A set of bocce balls * Open space or a court * Two to eight players Step 1: Find friends to play with Grab as few as ...more

How To : Inflate a flat ball without a needle or pump

Well, you're all ready to play basketball, or dodgeball or football or kickball, but, your ball is flat. To make matters worse, you don't have a pump. To make matters even worse, you don't have the needle you'd normally use to inflate your flat ball. Well, this how to video sh ...more

How To : Run a successful running offense in Madden NFL 11

Having a successful rushing attack is the key to good offense both in real football and virtual. If you play Madden NFL 11 and are having trouble running the ball, this video will give you all sorts of great tips and tricks to help you out getting your offense moving and scori ...more

How To : Keep the golf ball low

The low golf shot is particularly useful when you are playing a links course and the wind is blowing, as it stops the ball ballooning and losing distance in its flight. It's also the best way to punch the golf ball out from beneath the branches of a low, overhanging tree. A lo ...more

How To : Properly break in a baseball glove

This video gives you four steps on how to properly break into a baseball glove. If a glove isn’t correctly broken into, it may affect a player’s performance. The first step is to condition the leather, softening it by adding either glove oil or cream. Remove any excess oil ...more

How To : Find a tennis grip

Welcome to a tennis lesson from FuzzyYellowBalls, the the best place to learn how to play tennis online. Our free video tennis lessons teach you how to play the game in a new way that combines technical analysis, visual learning, and step-by-step progressions. This video expl ...more

How To : Make Japanese Yakitori (skewered chicken)

Ingredients for Yakitori (serves 2) 300g Chicken (0.661 lb.) 12 Shishito Peppers 1 Spring Onion 2 Shiitake Mushrooms Salt 1/4 Lemon Seven Flavor Chili Pepper 3 Shiso Leaves - Yakitori Sauce - 100ml Soy Sauce (3.38 fl. oz) 100ml Sake (3.38 fl. oz) 3 tbsp Brown Sugar 1 tbsp H ...more

How To : Make Japanese Yaki Gyoza (Fried Dumplings)

Ingredients for Yaki Gyoza (25 pieces) 120g Ground Pork (4.23 oz) 100g Cabbage (3.53 oz) 50g Onion (1.76 oz) 50g Nira - Garlic Chives (1.76 oz) - Condiments - 1/2 tbsp Soy Sauce 1/2 tsp Sugar A pinch of Pepper 1 tbsp Sake 1/2 tbsp Sesame Oil 1 tbsp Potato Starch 1 tsp Grated ...more

How To : Make Gyudon (Japanese beef rice bowl)

Stay tuned for the always enjoyable Cooking With Dog. This cooking show is hosted by a DOG named Francis! The show demonstrates how to make popular Japanese dishes. This video demonstrates how to make Gyudon (Japanese beef rice bowl). Ingredients for Gyudon (serves 2) 200g ...more

How To : Make Kakiage Soba (mixed tempura soba noodles)

Stay tuned for the always enjoyable Cooking With Dog. This cooking show is hosted by a DOG named Francis! The show currently focuses on how to make popular Japanese dishes. This video demonstrates how to make kakiage soba (mixed tempura soba noodles). Ingredients for Kakiage ...more

How To : Make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Assorted Pancake)

This tutorial video will teach you to make a okonomiyaki. This is a japanese assorted pancake. Ingredients for Okonomiyaki (serves 2 people) - Batter - 100g Soft Wheat Flour (3 1/2 oz) 140ml Dashi Soup (5 oz) 1/4 tsp Baking Powder 1 tpsp Grated Yamaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam ...more

How To : Fold an origami magic ball by Kade Chan

The origami magic ball is a very popular but few tutorials show you how to make one in greater detail than this four part series. This complicated paper design takes a little while to create but is worth it in the end when you have a totally unique, fluffy new toy to play with ...more

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