How To : Make a quarter appear from a dollar bill

This is the magic trick tutorial for the Coin From a Dollar Bill trick. Just follow these simple steps: show a dollar bill and clearly reveal that nothing is attached to it. Then fold it in fours an make a coin drop from the folds. Practice this magic trick and impress your fr ...more

How To : Make money burn green

This science experiment will show you how to make money burn green. This video tutorial will demonstrate the process of making the buck flame green, without damaging the bill. All you need to get that green flame from your green dollar bill is some Heet (methanol), a glass bea ...more

How To : Get magic lessons from a clown

In this video series, our expert Ayejaye will teach you all about schmoozing and magic: he'll show you how to do the cockroach trick, how to work the crowd, how to swallow a sword, how to make a ring from a dollar bill and other dollar bill tricks, and how to do the bubbles tr ...more

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