Draft Fantasy Footba

How To : Draft your fantasy football team

Don't let fate decide the makeup of your fantasy football team. Participate in a live draft with these tips. You Will Need * Knowledge of your fantasy league's rules * A computer with internet access * A "cheat sheet" WARNING: Several states officially bar all gambling, incl ...more

How To : Draft a great fantasy team in Madden '09

Check out this video for information on how to use NFL Madden '09's new fantasy draft mode. If you use it right you will be able to craft the ultimate team. This clip will give you the best ways to draft to ensure a trip to the Super Bowl.

How To : Manage your fantasy football team

You've drafted a promising team, and the season's under way. Now increase your chances of making the playoffs. You Will Need * Time * Football news * Knowledge of your league's rules * Patience Step 1: Pay attention Devote time to following football news. Keep track of injur ...more

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