Dragon Kites

How To : Make a dragon kite

The awesome kite in this how-to video has a long tail just like a dragon and is traditionally flown to celebrate the Chinese New Year! You will need RSN, tyvek, heavy duty plastic garbage bag, cloth tape, a bamboo stick - 48" long (window blind source), magic markers, a ruler ...more

How To : Fly a 2 line delta kite

In this series of video clips, you will learn how to fly a wide variety of different kites. Starting with the basic Delta Line Kites, you can see videos with tips for Flying Dragon Kites, Delta Sport Kites, Ozone Kites, and Power Kites. Learn how to loop and unloop your kite a ...more

How To : Build an easy kite

Joe Kelley puts his skills to the test and finds building a kite is easy; it's getting it up in the air that is the hard part. Greg Swanson tries to compete with his store-bought dragon, but has no luck either. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make a kite.

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