Dribble a Basketball

How To : Power dribble in basketball

Worried about messing up your power dribble in your next basketball game? This 5-minute MetaCafe how-to video features an expert coach telling you everything you need to know about commanding the key. It covers proper crossover and pivoting techniques, and shot options, includ ...more

How To : Master basketball dribbling

This video will teach you everything you need to know about dribbling the ball. From between the legs dribbling to behind the back dribbling to spin dribbling, these skills will dramatically improve your game.

How To : Practice with basketball dribbling drills

Dribbling is a basketball skill you'll want to improve if you plan on making it to the next level. Get expert tips and advice on basketball rules, shoes, and history in this free video. Part 1 of 15 - How to Practice with basketball dribbling drills. Practice with basketball d ...more

How To : Practice dance dribbling drills for basketball

Learn how to work against pressure defense and keep the defender off balance with the help of this dance dribbling basketball drill. The first video is a team drill and the second is an individual workout variation. Part 1 of 2 - How to Practice dance dribbling drills for bask ...more

How To : Do the crossover basketball move with LeBron James

This video shows you how to do the Lebron James crossover. LB #23 from the Cleveland Cavaliers presents his Signature Move from Nike's series on NBA All Star court moves. Create space, fake drive, crossover dribble and finish at the rim. Take control of the court with great b ...more

How To : Improve your ball handling skills in basketball

This is great for coaches or players who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of dribbling and ball handling skills in basketball. Coach Kirby Schepp makes it easy for even beginners who are just learning this great sport. He explains it, his players demonstrate i ...more

How To : Fake and pass the ball like LeBron James

How to do the Lebron James signature move fake & pass is as easy as a couple of steps. LB23 is a basketball / NBA legend and he's only 24 years old. He is the next Michael Jordan! Watch his Signature Move from Nike. Start by creating space, then crossover dribble, drive and p ...more

How To : Improve ball handling with the two ball drill

In this sports how-to video, Farmington HS boys basketball coach Shane Wyandt and team demonstrate 2-ball, ball handling drills. These two ball, ball handling drills are meant to work on the change of pace dribble, between the legs and behind the back pivots, and change of dir ...more

How To : Maneuver on the court in a wheelchair

Ade Adepitan who plays for the Great Britain wheelchair basketball team, shows you how to maneuver your way around the court. The most impressive technique involves just hip action, leaving the hands free for dribbling, shooting and defense. Maneuver on the court in a wheelcha ...more

How To : Get away from your opponent in netball

Chioma Ezeogu, who plays wing attack for England and Middlesex, shows how she gets away from her opponent. Netball is similar to basketball but with no backboard behind the net, and no dribbling. Evasion techniques involve fakes and rolls. Get away from your opponent in netbal ...more

How To : Improve your basketball skills

Learn how to play basketball better including how to dribble between the legs, behind the back, how to make a reverse lay-up, and more with expert basketball tips in this free online sports instruction video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Improve your basketball skills. Improve ...more

How To : Train for basketball with one ball handling drills

In this sports how-to video, Farmington HS boys basketball coach Shane Wyandt and team demonstrate 1-ball, ball handling drills. One ball handling drills are great for kids who are beginners to the sport of basketball. Follow along with this video and learn to do the speed dri ...more

How To : Play women's basketball

In this video series, our expert Cynthia Dallas will teach you basic basketball skills like shooting, rebounding, and dribbling. She will also show you various drills like the michon drill and mummy wraps to improve your speed, ball handing, and shooting. Part 1 of 22 - How to ...more

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