Easy Pillows

How To : Sew easy pillow shams from old t-shirts and fabric

Anyone who's tried to redecorate their home or even one room in their home knows that between new furniture, paint, and new upholstery, the budget for the job - or lack thereof - begins to skyrocket quickly. You can cut back at least a little bit, though, on matching pillowca ...more

How To : Make round box pillows

Square edges on a round box pillow are easy if you follow the steps. Learn the more obvious, but often overlooked, techniques for laundering buttoned pillow covers. This video goes over it all, just make sure to click the Real Player or Quicktime link to start the actual video.

How To : Sew a round pillow with piping

Sewing a round pillow with piping is a fun challenge for a beginning seamstress. Learn to sew a round throw pillow with this free sewing video series. Part 1 of 11 - How to Sew a round pillow with piping. Sew a round pillow with piping - Part 2 of 11. Click through to watch th ...more

How To : Make a pillow-shaped tiered cake for your wedding

Forget circle and square-shaped wedding cakes - pillowy clouds of icing and cake are the way to go! Be original without compromising your unique style by learning how to bake and decorate this lovely stacked pillow cake. Reminiscent of the pillow that bears the ring, you can ...more

How To : Make Yin-Yang Pillow Boxes

Here's a Math Craft project that takes less than 20 minutes, has an attractive, practical result, and is at least a little mind-blowing due to folding along curves. The designer of these boxes is Phillip Chapman-Bell, who runs an amazing origami blog and has a spectacular fli ...more

How To : Sew a pillow case cover

Looking for an easy sewing project? Learn how to make a flanged pillow case in this free video series from a professional seamstress. Part 1 of 11 - How to Sew a pillow case cover. Sew a pillow case cover - Part 2 of 11. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com S ...more

How To : Make decorative pillows

Learn how to make decorative pillows with expert tips on sewing and accessories in this free home decoration video series on making decorative pillows. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make decorative pillows. Make decorative pillows - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on e ...more

How To : Get a firm butt just using a pillow

The man describes how to get a nice round sexy looking butt. He says to use a bed, but if you don't have a bed, a long table that will support you will do fine. He shows his technique on a table. Next he lays on the table, reaching up and out he grabs the sides of the table. R ...more

How To : Make a boppy pillow cover

Make a handmade boppy cover for your breast feeding boppy pillow with the expert sewing tips in this free craft video series. Part 1 of 8 - How to Make a boppy pillow cover. Make a boppy pillow cover - Part 2 of 8. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Make a ...more

How To : Make a king themed pillow cake

In this two-part cake making tutorial, learn how to bake & essemble a beautiful pillow cake! A pillow cake is a neat idea guaranteed to wow any party. This cake is two layers and is all cake, as opposed to a layer of cake & a layer of frosting. Learn how to build the cake from ...more

How To : Sew a simple pillow or dog bed out of jeans

In this how to video tutorial learn to sew a simple pillow out of jeans. Make your own pattern and create a pillow using just about any piece of clothing you don't use. You can also use creation as a pillow or as a dog bed if you make it big enough.

How To : Embroider your pillows with your own designs

If you've just recently gotten into embroidery, or are bored with the look of your pillow cases and want to give them a personal touch, check out this video! In it you will learn how to embroider your own custom designs right into the pillow cases! Before you know it you will ...more

How To : Sew a spa pillow and eye pillow

Melissa Watson from DIY Style shows how to make a spa pillow and eye pillow with micro beads and soothing lavender in this instructional video. You will need a sewing kit (needles, thread, pins, and scissors), 3/8 yard of two different kinds of cotton fabric, a cup of rice, 1/ ...more

How To : Make a Petal Pillow

Do you ever get overwhelmed with how many beautiful things are out there? Do you want to be able to alter your home's aesthetic with your mood or the season? A great solution for this is making your own pillows. In this tutorial sewing and fashion video, you can learn how to m ...more

How To : Sew a knife edge pillow with a zipper

This is a great project for beginners - sew your own knife edge pillow with a zipper. If you can, use a rotary cutter instead of scissors to get better, cleaner lines for your project. Also get a sturdy zipper.

How To : Use freezer paper to create monogrammed pillows

Freezer paper to make stencils? We're aware that you're probably not used to using the food staple for crafting, but it's actually a super inexpensive way to create beautiful stencils - in this case, monograms - on fabric. Join Kim and Kris from as they show you an easy and i ...more

How To : Sew a decorative pillow

In this video series, Carolyn Saylors is going to show you a quick and easy way to make a simple pillow. In the first video she's going to show you some of the things that you need: fabric, thread, ruler, scissors and also an old newspaper, marker, pen, crayon and the stuffing ...more

How To : Turn your old t-shirts into throw pillows

Turn your old t-shirts into pillow covers. You will need: Old T-shirts Cushion – 14” x 14” Ruler Rotary cutter or scissors Colored chalk to mark fabric • First, cut around the T-shirt. Then, cut the front of the T-shirt avoiding the neck and the sleeves. • Cut the top part o ...more

News : My Pillow for Macrame - Unboxing (What Is Inside?)

Many people asked in my email, how was and of what is my Macrame Pillow made. I couldn't answer because it is a long story, but now I decided to show you. A surprise is awaiting you, because it's not a ordinary pillow for macrame. Watch how to make a macrame pillow. Video: .

How To : Transform your hoodie into a pillow

Need a place to rest your head on the go? Just check out this quick vid to find out how to transform your hoodie into a porta-pillow. Seems like it'd be great for late night bus rides!

How To : Make a decorative pillow

In this series you'll see how to make a decortive pillow with a geometric boarder and multiple pieces of material. You will need a sewing machine. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make a decorative pillow. Make a decorative pillow - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expe ...more

How To : Make a Pillow Using a Vintage Handkerchief

This project makes for a nice gift. This pillow was made for a baby, but with a change of the hankie, it could easily be made for the home. It's easy and fun. Here's the pillow back: Directions Chose a pillow and measure it. Knit a piece that will fit 1/2 or 2/3 of the pillo ...more

How To : Play musical pillows

Looking for a party game for your child's next birthday party? Follow these directions to have your party participants skipping around the room, playing "Musical Pillows". You Will Need: • A radio or other music player • A music operator • Participants • Pillows Step 1: ...more

How To : Sew an anime inspired rabbit pillow

Want to know how to make the most adorable pillow in the world? Then you've stumbled upon the right tutorial. This video will guide you through how to sew together a blasphemously cute round rabbit pillow with eyes done in the anime style. Of course, his doesn't have to be a ...more

How To : Create a lavender scented spa pillow

Refresh and relax with a soothing lavender-scented spa pillow! In this DIY sewing project, Melissa shows you how to make this super easy gift (or make it for yourself, you deserve it). Watch this how to video and you will be taking it easy with these lovely scented pillows in ...more

How To : Sew a throw pillow

You hunt and you hunt, but you can never find the right pillows to go with you couch. Even your reupholstered chair needs a little pillow love, but it seems impossible to find the right color and design to make a perfect match. That's when you know it's up to you save the day. ...more

How To : Sew a Victorian style pillow out of felt

This is a fun project that doesn't take much in terms of time or resources. You can even make it out of your scrap fabric! Use whatever notions or embellishments you want to create a lovely, Victorian inspired pillow at home. Part 1 of 2 - How to Sew a Victorian style pillow o ...more

How To : Craft an herbal eye pillow for sewing beginners

In this video you will learn the basics of starting a beginner sewing project. The project featured in this video is an eye pillow. Eye pillows are filled with flax seed and essential dried herbs like lavender, spearmint, chamomile, etc.They are easy and fun to make and they m ...more

How To : Make a No-Sew Pillow Cover

Video: . This DIY room decor tutorial is super easy and the final result is very girly and polished. This is what you'll need: -A piece of fabric -A pillow -Scissors -Fabric glue, hot glue or thread and needle if you want to sew. Measurements in my case: Large piece of fab ...more

How To : Mix a Pink Pillow cocktail

Learn how to mix a Pink Pillow alcoholic drink! Ingredients: * 3 oz Vodka * 1 dash Grenadine * 5 oz Sweet and sour * 5 oz Ginger ale Instructions: Pour the Vodka in first and add Grenadine till it is nice and pink. Then add equal parts of Sour Mix and Ginger Ale until the g ...more

How To : Make a decorative pillow

In this video series, let Denise Robinson show you how to make a decorative pillow. Part 1 of 8 - How to Make a decorative pillow. Make a decorative pillow - Part 2 of 8. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Make a decorative pillow - Part 3 of 8. Click throu ...more

How To : Make a basic princess pillow case

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a basic princess pillow case. First, you will need to have a large piece of pink silk fabric. Lay this out flat, then cut out a 45x75 cm rectangle. Once finished, separate the two pieces of the fabric, then cut a new piece 45x20 cm. Then, ...more

How To : Make a pillowcase and re-cover a pillow

Pillows are one of the most important things you own. If you've had the same pillowcases forever and they are threadbare and faded, why not make new ones? This video will show you how to make a fun pillowcase from scratch.

Apple AR : Redbubble Throws Pillows in AR with ARKit Update

While IKEA will employ ARKit to help you see how that new couch looks in your living room, Redbubble wants to show you throw pillows that match. Redbubble, an online marketplace for clothing and home décor from independent artists, has updated its iOS app to enable customers ...more

How To : Wash pillows

Remove all those dust mites and pet dander from your pillows on a regular basis with a good wash in hot water. Pillows can be a little trickier to wash than other linens so keep you pillows fresh and new by following proper washing instructions. Pillows should be washed every ...more

How To : Repurpose an old T-shirt into a pillow

Due to the current bohemian/indie trend in music, film, and fashion, vintage and recycled wares are in high demand and sell like hotcakes in many stores. But don't waste your hard-earned money on overpriced vintage goods when you have the materials lying around the house to ma ...more

How To : Fit a Spa Pillow in a HotSpring Hot Tub

Replacing the pillow on a modern HotSpring hot tub is a relatively simple job, requiring no tools and just a few minutes of effort. Wayne Hitchcock from the Hot Tub Barn demonstrates just how simple it is. Wayne Hitchcock from Hot Tub Barn demonstrates replacing the pillow on ...more

How To : Make Furniture in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play with us on our free server. Although Minecraft is a powerful creative tool, it does have limitations. The scarcity of block types and their linear size tends to make the creation of certain detailed ob ...more

How To : Bake Homemade Dinner Rolls from Scratch

Dinner rolls help complete any decent family meal, but can the frozen dinner rolls in lieu of some fresh, homemade ones! You won't believe how easy rolls are to make, and once you hop in the kitchen and try them out, you'll never go back to the mediocre store brought brands. T ...more

How To : The 5 Best Dry Ice Party Tricks & Pranks

There's no reason to wait for Halloween to play with dry ice. It definitely creates a creepy fog-like effect when you add a little water to it, but there are some other really cool things you can do wit dry ice. Here are just 5 non-Halloween ways to use dry ice for tricks or p ...more

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