Easy Pinata

How To : Make a piñata in the shape of a car

Piñatas add great fun to any party. However sometimes it is hard to find the pinata shape you want. This how to video is a demonstration of how to make a car shaped piñata. Watch and learn how easy it is to make a piñata from scratch. Create it in the shape of a car, or get cr ...more

How To : Customize a pinata buster stick

In this tutorial, we learn how to customize a pi–ata buster stick. First, choose a couple streamer colors that match the theme of your party. Next, roll the streamer around the stick, covering the entire stick. Tape down the end on both sides so the streamers stay on. Next, wr ...more

How To : Make a homemade smiley face piñata

Piñatas add great fun to any party. Why not a make a classic Mexican pinata for your next party. This how to video shows how to make a home-made piñata. Design a happy face on your pinata or create your own.

How To : Make a bulldozer & a motorcycle shaped piñata

This video shows us how to make bulldozer and motorcycle shaped piñatas. Use balloons and newspaper to create your unique pinata for special celebrations. Make a bulldozer & a motorcycle shaped piñata. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Make a dragon piñata

This is an easy project where you make a piñata shaped like a dragon. Add a wooden or toy sword and you can bring the dragon down from the air. A very fun pinata!

How To : Make your own piñata

Don't waste money on a poorly built piñata at the toy store or anywhere else they sell them. You can save money and give your party a much more personalized feel by making your own piñata. This video will show the simple, easy way to make your own piñata.

Get Dinokeeper in Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise

In this video, Geoff shows us how to get Dinokeeper in Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. You will do this by first creating a garden named 'garden people' After this you will unlock the credits. From here, you will see a garden full of pinatas and you will need to beat all of ...more

How To : Make a piñata with household materials

Need a pinata for Cinco De Mayo or special occasion? This week Meg of Decor It Yourself shows you how with some simple house hold materials. Piñatas are a fun Mexican tradition, and are as easy to make as any paper mache project. Check out this how-to video to get ready for yo ...more

How To : Make a spider piñata

Are you expecting a party? Make your party fun by learning how to make a piñata! This tutorial teaches you how to make a piñata and design the piñata into a spider. This is great for a Halloween party. Upon completion of the video, you will also be able to make a piñata and de ...more

How To : Make a piñata, step-by-step

In this video, we learn how to make a pi–ata, step-by-step. First, you need to soften up the balloon and then blow it up until it's the size that you want it to be. After this, set the balloon aside and then make the glue for the pi–ata. Take flour and put it in a bowl with wa ...more

How To : Play Viva Piñata

Viva piñata is a heartwarming family-friendly game in which you breed a a colorful menagerie of pinata pets…and then sacrifice them for fun and profit.

How To : Make a simple spikey piñata

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a simple spiky pi–ata. First, you will need to blow up a balloon and grab some pieces of newspaper. After this, cut out pieces of the newspaper then use paste to stick them onto the balloon. Make a thick wall of this newspaper throughout ...more

News : Zipline Pinata

Have all the guys take turns on the zipline while the others shoot at him with paintballs. The guy with the most of hits win!! Make a zipline close to the ground. Have Weeman dress up like a pinata so all the guys can whack him with wiffle ball bats as he zips by.

How To : Throw a Naked Sushi Party

The Japanese know how to party. Browsing the internet for my daily fix of Weird Asian News, I stumbled across this article on Cannibal Banquets. According to Steve Levenstein, Japanese Innovations Writer, "a pinata-like 'body' is carefully crafted, then stuffed with edible go ...more

How To : Plan a fun and fabulous baby shower

Debel1800 shows viewers how to throw a fabulous baby shower! You definitely want to do fun decor, such as standard plates and great decor for the tables such as floral and jars. You can also use these decor for after wards as a gift! You can also use pinatas for decor and fun. ...more

How To : Get three easy achievements in Just Cause 2

Check out this clip from IGN and learn some key strategies for the new video game, Just Cause 2. In it, Jessica Chobot tells you how to turn your vehicle into a wrecking ball, fall a thousand feet and make pinatas our of your enemies in this achievement hunting guide.

News : Price Drop! Xbox 360 Arcade now $149!

The 360 Spring Arcade bundle is $149 at Amazon and Ebgames! This includes Viva Pinata and Banjo Kazooie. If you buy it at Amazon, you'll get a $50 credit towards a future video game related purchase (video game, hard drive, controller, etc..), making the system look like a 10 ...more

How To : Set Up an Evil Prank at a Party

There are many ways to have fun at a party, like the traditional party games or cracking open a Piñata and let's not forget eating delicious treats but here I'm going to show you how to have more fun an EVIL way. Yes with a prank, because you can't have a party without a pract ...more

Review : Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Keanu Reeves is a really good actor and I'm not even kidding Pity the fate of the blank-faced man or: Why you need to rewatch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Somewhere along the line, around about the time Pacino, De Niro, Brando and Hoffman and Hackman and Eastwood were int ...more

News : Ways to entertain your viwers

-Suck a fart -Make a pinata from a bee nest. -Try to light someones fart(Wee Man for ex) - It's a romanian game called BAZA,one of you stay with your eyes closed and with a palm rised up and one of your friend hit your palm with his palm or something else and you have to g ...more

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