How To : Create rollover effects in InDesign that work in PDF

Adobe InDesign can create PDFs natively. In this video we'll see a rarely used feature that allows us to create rollover effects that work beautifully in PDF files. InDesign allows us to create buttons and using the States palette we can create rollover effects.

How To : Use transparency effects in InDesign CS3

In this NEW CS3 version, InDesign's transparency effects become even more powerful. InDesign borrows some of our most favorite effects from Photoshop. In this episode we'll take a look at the new Effects Panel.

How To : Apply opacity effects with InDesign CS3

This video shows you how to apply opacity effects to an object in InDesign, such as drop shadow, directional feather, and gradient feather. You learn how to separately control the opacities of stroke, fill, and text in an object, and create an object style from you transparenc ...more

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