Social Engineering, Part 1 : Scoring a Free Cell Phone

This Null Byte is the first part in a mini-series on the art of Social Engineering. I will be teaching you how to effectively defend yourself against it. What is Social Engineering? Social Engineering is the art of hacking humans. It's when a person is manipulated into doing ...more

How To : Use "SET", the Social-Engineer Toolkit

Welcome back my social engineers/hackarians! Today we'll be looking into a fantastic piece of software, The Social-Engineer Toolkit or just SET for short. SET is designed, Developed and used by several Social-engineers. So... Let's get started! Getting Familiar When you boot ...more

Hack Like a Pro : The Ultimate Social Engineering Hack

Welcome back, my greenhorn hackers! Although we have focused primarily on technical hacks here, social engineering can sometimes be especially effective. This one requires a bit of technical skill, but not too much. In addition, it's limited by how specific a target you can c ...more

Social Engineering : The Most Powerful Hack

Social Engineering was mentioned a few times here on Null Byte, but not very many explained what it is, or how to do it. I love this quote because it's true: Social Engineering is the key to carrying out client side attacks, and all you need is a little creativity! Social Eng ...more

How To : Use Social Engineering to Hack Computers

Today I am going to teach the various ways that you can use social engineering to hack a system. For those of you that have followed my past tutorials, you know that social engineering can unlock a world of possibilities. This is because no matter how many firewalls, no matter ...more

How To : Install an engineered wood floor

Redoing your floors can be expensive unless you know how to do it yourself. Learn the basics for installing a new engineered wood floor in this how to video. Watch the short DIY show clip and follow along so that you too can install a new engineered floor in your kitchen.

How To : Engineer a No-Slip Sandwich

Most of us know how to make a sandwich, but how many of us know how to make a sandwich correctly—i.e., so that the slippery ingredients like tomatoes and cucumber don't come gushing out the other end when we take a bite? And while some might classify this as a not-really-a-pr ...more

How To : Fold a t-shirt like an engineer

Are you not satisfied with haphazardly folded laundry? Learn how to make a handy tool out of cardboard and fold a t-shirt with exactitude. Make sure every t-shirt you fold is perfect.

How To : Social Engineering - Total Guide

Good day to everyone, today I will present some basic and advanced concepts that targets sophisticated attacks on the social basis, also I will write about some steps that can prevent this attacks from occuring, basically we will examine Social Engineering from the angle of at ...more

Social Engineering : The Basics

I felt our community would benefit from this article. Social engineering is a big part of what we do, so it's something you should all become familiar with. This article outlines some basic principles of social engineering. While the information we want will be more specific ...more

How To : Read a micrometer in mechanical engineering

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to read a micrometer. This tool allows the user to accurately measure components. They have the ability to measure dimensions accurately to within one hundredth of a millimeter. Micrometers are designed with a wide variety of styles an ...more

How To : Install engineered wood siding on your home

Your home's siding will only last so long, so when it's time to replace it, what will you do? Well, calling a professional will cost you thousands, but this home video from Buildipedia will walk you through the steps to replace your home's siding yourself.

How To : Antisocial Engine

A.E Hi again this is my second post on nullbyte. The first one was on how to make a remote screenshot captor, now I will give you a presentation for a project of mine(I have named It Antisocial Engine) that It is not something extraordinary but will help many guys. It is a g ...more

How To : Play the Engineer class in Battlefield 3

This tutorial goes over all the different things you need to know in order to be a good Engineer in Battlefield 3. You will want to repair vehicles nearby while avoiding gunfire. The guide will also show you how to use javelins and lock on-missles to take out enemy vehicles.

News : Social Engineering for the hell of it.

I've recently been on holiday in Europe, staying in a hotel that was part of a big chain that included many in the local area. A quick review of the wi-fi within range of my room showed that there was another in the chain that was in range of my Yagi Turbotenna, which naturall ...more

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