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How To : Export your song from Garageband to iTunes

After you've created a song you're happy with, you'll probably want to use it with your other projects, including iPhoto, iDVD, and iWeb projects, or just listen to it on your iPod. You can easily export your song from Garageband to your iTunes library.

How To : Import & export OMF/AAF files with Logic Pro

This audio editing software tutorial will show you how to export and import OMF and AAF files with Logic Pro. Connor Smith also shows you how to export all tracks as audio files (for importing into DAWs like Pro Tools) from Logic Pro.

How To : Export objects from 3ds Max into the game Crysis

This six-part 3ds Max video tutorial will guide you step by step through the process of exporting from 3D Studio Max into the award-winning, science-fiction, first-person shooter, computer game Crysis. You'll see how to take an MD 500 helicopter and prepare it inside 3D Studi ...more

How To : Export Flash movies as .mov or .avi file types

Are you a certified animation or film geek? Then more likely than not your Adobe flash player program has a bunch of videos stored up that you'd like to convert to different file types for better ease of access. This conversion process is a lot easier than you'd think. Simply ...more

How To : Export a project from Premiere Pro CS4

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software is the start-to-finish video production solution ideal for editors, filmmakers, cable and network broadcasters, event and corporate videographers, rich media creative professionals, and hobbyists. In this Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 video tutorial, y ...more

How To : Design websites with InDesign and export to XHTML

This video shows you how to design a website with InDesign, export the content as XHTML, and then open the XHTML file in Dreaweaver. You learn how to set up XHTML export options in InDesign to effectively export your work, and how to create styles in Dreamweaever. Check out th ...more

How To : Export a Keynote presentation in multiple formats

If you travel a lot for work and give presentations, you know that, sometimes, you're forced to use another person's computer system. And sometimes your Keynote presentation just doesn't look right. In this video tutorial from Apple, you'll learn how to save a Keynote presenta ...more

How To : Export LiveType projects to Final Cut Express

When you've finished a LiveType project, you can import it directly into Final Cut Express. The LiveType projects looks and behaves like an ordinary clip, but it has a .ipr file extension. Edit it like a normal clip, and you can change its attributes after importing by right c ...more

How To : Export video to the web with Final Cut Pro

Once you have your finished video, how do you best export it for the web? Israel Hyman has experimented with many settings, and this is the one he likes the best (using Final Cut Pro). What you’ll see in this tutorial, is just one way.

How To : Export an image sequence from Final Cut Pro

This video editing software tutorial shows you how to export an image sequence from Final Cut Pro. This isn't usually the format people export in, but if you are planning on using the frames for animating or further editing, you may want to export your work on a per frame basi ...more

How To : Import and export .flv files from Flash

If you're using Adobe Flash and are looking how to import or export a .flv file, this great how-to will walk you through all the necessary steps. This tutorial uses Flash CS3, but the information is the same for Flash CS4 an CS5 as well. As you know, Flash is a very versatile ...more

How To : Export video with 720p quality in Final Cut Pro

In this how-to video, you will learn how to get 720p quality videos in Final Cut Pro HD. This is useful if you want to take advantage of the higher quality video settings found on YouTube. First, have your film ready. Go to Export and press QuickTime Conversion. Now, name the ...more

How To : Exporting video from Adobe Premiere CS4

Need help figuring out how to export a video clip from Adobe Premiere CS4 to your desktop? This clip will show you how it's done. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular non-linear editor or a seasoned video professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program ...more

How To : Export video from Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Once you've created and edited a project in Premiere Pro to your heart's content, it's time to export that video so you can watch it outside of your editing console. This video will teach you how to do just that in Premiere Pro CS3 quickly and easily. Make sure your video look ...more

How To : Export iPhoto slideshows as video

You can export your iPhoto slideshow as a video. First select photos, you want to use in the slideshow. Now you need to click on + button in iPhoto which is located at the bottom of the iPhoto. Then click slideshow and make sure "Use selected items...." box is checked and then ...more

How To : Import and export in Microsoft OneNote 2007

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is an incredibly versatile way to capture your thoughts and organize your work. It's far more than a sketchpad: its powerful import and export tools will create a central idea forum for you and your team. For detailed instructions on using the imp ...more

How To : Export HTML from InDesign via GoLive

In this video we'll take a multi-page InDesign document and export one of the pages to HTML. Terry White will show you the ins and outs of how this feature works. Check out the video now!

How To : Export a Cinema 4D project to After Effects

In this clip, you'll learn how to export a clip from Cinema 4D to Adobe After Effects. Whether you're new to MAXON's popular 3D modeling application or are just looking to get better acquainted with Cinema 4D and its various features and functions, you're sure to enjoy this fr ...more

How To : Exporting H.264 from Adobe Premiere Pro

Want to export H.264 video from Adobe Premiere Pro? See how it's done with this quick clip. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular non-linear editor or a seasoned video professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various features and filters, ...more

How To : Export from After Effects CS4 to Flash via XFL

Using the new XFL file format in CS4 makes integration between After Effects and Flash better than ever. This Adobe CS4 tutorial will show you how to export a file from After Effects CS4 into Flash CS4 using the XFL format. See how to create content in After Effects CS4 for ex ...more

How To : Export UV and Object Buffer passes from Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, you'll see how to export UV and Object Buffer passes from Cinema 4D, and how to use those passes to re-texture objects in 2D inside of Fusion 5. Whether you're new to MAXON's popular 3D modeling application or are just looking to get better acquainted with Ci ...more

How To : Export Photoshop layers into Flash

In this video tutorial you will learn to export Photoshop layers into Flash. See how to export each Photoshop layer as a PNG file so you can import each file into Macromedia Flash 8. Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format is especially useful when you have transparencies in yo ...more

How To : Export a MySQL database table to Excel with cPanel

In this short video we export a MySQL database table to a Microsoft Excel 2000 spreadsheet using cPanel and phpMyAdmin. You will need to have your login information for cPanel. Once you are in cPanel, go to phpMyAdmin in the database section and find the database you need to e ...more

How To : Use Google SketchUp Web Exporter

This 3D modeling software tutorial shows you how to use the Web Exporter tool in Google SketchUp. The SketchUp Web Exporter allows you to export your models for 3D interaction in a web browser. You will need to have the Web Exporter plug-in installed before watching the Sketch ...more

How To : Export videos to Vimeo from Final Cut Pro

Vimeo is a fantastic way of distributing your video on the internet and making it accessible for people to watch. Watch this tutorial and learn how to use Final Cut Pro to prepare your completed video for compression and export to Vimeo.

How To : Create custom exports in Final Cut Pro X

Frustrated by the lack of export options in Final Cut Pro X? Watch this video and learn how to create custom export settings. Using Compressor you can set the desired quality of your video exports from Final Cut Pro X.

How To : Export or move your bookmarks to a new computer

Did you purchase a new computer and you want to move your Internet bookmarks over to it? This video tutorial will show you how to export, backup or move your bookmarks in Internet Explorer 7. After you watch this you will be able to move your new bookmarks from your old compu ...more

How To : Export a Flash presentation from InDesign CS4

Adobe instructor A.J. Wood shows viewers how to export a Flash presentation from InDesign CS4. This page presentation will include hyperlinks and buttons, created with the buttons panel in InDesign, whose action will be to move through the pages of the presentation once it has ...more

How To : Exporting a Lowpoly Model to Unity 3D

This clip offers instruction on how to export a model from Blender to Unity 3D and import it into a game. The tutorial also demonstrates how to bake a normal map and a color map from a highpoly model to the lowpoly counterpart, real-time display of the color/normal maps in the ...more

How To : Export MP3 files out of Audacity

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to export MP3 with Audacity. Users will need to download the Lame_enc.dll encoder. The download link is located in the video description. Once downloaded, open Audacity and find the song that you want. Once you have found your song, si ...more

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