How To : Extract whiteheads and blackheads properly

In this how-to video, Kate Somerville shows us a tip on how to extract a whitehead or blackhead the proper way. Don't just go recklessly popping zits and pimples. It'll leave you with a red face and could cause permanent damage. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to extra ...more

News : Pop blackheads - ewwwwww

In case you missed it, we're in the middle of an election! Move over Obama and McCain, the WonderHowTo Awards have the best candidates! Issue of the day-- healthcare, more specifically zit care. (To explain the order sequence, this first Jackass video grossed us so far out th ...more

News : Extract whiteheads & blackheads - the RIGHT way

Behold, a topic both repulsive and utterly irresistable at the same time. Jackpot. Kate Somerville is truly one of the Los Angeles gurus of skin health. She owns a local medispa and an eponymous skin care line. (And hint: Jessica Alba depends on her). Jackpot. This is a to ...more

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