Eye Shadow on Eyes

How To : Apply eye shadow to define and enhance your eyes

This eye shadow master class, presented by make-up artist Lisa Glassock, gives you a guide to applying eye shadow to define and enhance your eyes. Apply eye shadow to define and enhance your eyes. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

How To : Create eye shadow looks for different type of eyes

Beauty Newbie suggests determining the shape of your eyes to create dramatic makeup looks using eye shadow. For close set eyes, you'll need to create more space between your eyes. Try applying a light shade on the inner third of your eye. Then, on the outer part of your eye ad ...more

How To : Get that smoky dropped shadow for your eyes

Wondering how to get that dropped shadow, smoky eye? In this tutorial presented by the experts at Smashbox Cosmetics, learn how to get that smoky effect on your bottom lids, while leaving your top lid clear, creating the "drop shadow effect". This wearable look is stylish, sex ...more

How To : Create red and gold eye shadow look

Make your eyes shine! Watch this video to learn how to use gold and red eye shadows to make your eyes sparking PRODUCTS USED FACE Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup - shade 18 (g) MAC Studio Fix - NC 35 MAC Mineralized Skinfinish n Northern Lights (for blush) EYES Urban Decay P ...more

How To : Apply shadowy lady eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply eye shadow for a shadowy lady look. Use Bourjois eye shadows and M.A.C eye shadows. Blend the eye shadows with a M.A.C 217 brush.

How To : Apply white and grey eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply white and grey eye shadow for a dramatic effect. Use Benefit Lemonaid, MAC Mylar eye shadow, MAC Typographic eye shadow, white eyeliner, black liquid liner, red lip liner, and Clinique lipstick.

How To : Apply a night time eye shadow

Watch this video series for a demonstration on how to apply a night time eye shadow. Part 1 of 2 - How to Apply a night time eye shadow. Part 2 of 2 - How to Apply a night time eye shadow.

How To : Apply MAC Tempting Quad eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply the M.A.C Cult of Cherry Tempting Quad eye shadow. Use Benefits Lemonade as a primer eye shadow. Blend the four colors with a M.A.C 239 brush.

How To : Apply lime green and purple eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply eye shadow to create a dramatic lime green and purple fade on a white base. Use Ben Nye Lumiere eye shadow, MAC cream color, purple liner, Kenebo blakc liquid liner, black mascara, and MAC lipglass.

How To : Depot Stila Eye Shadow

Sometimes you want to get rid of those stupid pots that your makeup comes in. This video will show you how to remove your Stila Eye shadow from its pot. Depot Stila Eye Shadow. Click through to watch this video on youtube.com

How To : Apply bright green , brown and black eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply bright green, brown and black eye shadow over a white base. You will need MAC paint pot soft ochre, pigment green space, eye shadow- espresso, carbon and mylar, brown liner pencil, black mascara, and MAC lipglass oyster girl.

How To : Apply pink, purple and blue eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply pink, purple, and blue eye shadow over a MAC cream color base. Use soft brushes to blend the color transitions. This creates a three color eye shadow fade with a dramatic shape.

How To : Apply pink and yellow tropical eye shadow

This instructional demonstrates how to apply eye shadow for a dramatic colorful look using Ben Bye products. After applying a white base, use yellows, pinks, and purples to give your eyes a tropical look. Use some smokey grey shadows to accentuate the transitions.

How To : Apply eye shadow for an Arabic inspired look

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply eye shadows for an Arabic inspired look. Use a painterly paint pot for a base eye shadow. The M.A.C 217 brush can give even coats for this multilayered effect. Place a piece of Scotch tape on your face to create a straight line.

How To : Create a Hello Kitty pink eye shadow makeup look

Lauren, AKA QueenofBlendingMUA has joined the ranks with the other YouTube makeup gurus. Lauren is a makeup artist with a large collection of eye makeup video tutorials. Her eye makeup look span from everyday makeup to creative, more expressive party looks. Check out this make ...more

How To : Apply silver, red and black eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video apply eye shadow for a punk look. You will need a LOEW-CORNELLE 3/8'' brush, 1/2'', 1'' Maxine mop brushes, SEPHORA professional rounded crease brush, MAC 187 brush, M28 Bent eyeliner brush, ARDELLE falsies in Giselle, DUO adhesive, URB ...more

How To : Apply Sarah Michelle Gellar inspired eye shadow

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply a eye shadow for a Sarah Michelle Gellar inspired look. Use a M.A.C painterly paint pot base and a 242 brush to blend. For this project use subtle browns and peach colors close to your skin tone.

How To : Create a bronze and gold eye shadow look

In this tutorial, we learn how to create a bronze and gold eyeshadow look. To begin, brush a sparkly gold eyeshadow to your entire eyelid. Next, apply a brown eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes and in the creases. After this, use a sparkly brown/pink eyeshadow and pain ...more

How To : Apply yellow eye shadow with a crystal clear look

Man Woman Film demonstrates how to apply yellow eyeshadow to achieve a crystal clear look. First, define and extend the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Then, use a white makeup stick to highlight under the brow arch. Next, use a liquid yellow eyeshadow to paint on yellow eyes ...more

How To : Do an Outer V eyeshadow to lift your eyes

This video shows how to do the "outer V" eyeshadow technique. All you will need are 2 shadows (1 medium/light and one dark), eyeliner, and mascara. First you must prime your lid using an eyeshadow primer or cream shadow. Now take the lighter shadow and cover the entire eye are ...more

How To : Apply Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Eyeshadow can really make your eyes stand out if you choose the one that compliments your eye color. In this video, Aida shows us which colors compliment certain eye colors. Blue: Pick out a palette with blue, green and neutral brown colors that is designed to bring out your ...more

How To : Apply eyeshadow for mature eyes

This video will give some eyeshadow application techniques for mature eyes, or for people who are over the age of 30. The main thing for this type of eye type is that bright, artificial colors will not work as well on mature eyes and there should be a preference for more natur ...more

How To : Create "fairy eyes" using silver eyeshadows

Create amazing fairy eyes using silver eyeshadow in easy steps! Start with a base all over your lid and eye area. Now add a little to your lower lash line. You will then apply a highlight with brush to your brow bone With a new smaller brush use a light shimmery silver to appl ...more

How To : Airbrush eyeshadow onto your eyes

Who needs Photoshop when you can airbrush your flaws away right at the makeup chair? Watch this video by xsparkage to learn how to airbrush on eyeshadow. As any beauty junkie knows, almost all eyeshadow applications come with the inevitable creation of fallout onto the skin s ...more

How To : Apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes

This unknown video blogger provides a nice explanation on how to apply eyeshadow on eyes with a longer hood. She starts off by packing on a lighter purple all over the lid, and then using a darker color on the actual hood. After the purple, she uses a dark brown eyeshadow on t ...more

How To : Make up the eyes with digital eyeshadow

In this video, we learn how to put eyeshadow onto a picture using PhotoShop. First, open up the program and open your picture. Click on layer then new the click layer again.On the new layer put as blend mode "multiply". Make the opacity 50% and choose a color. Then select the ...more

How To : Get a smoky purple eye with eyeshadow

Tutorial on how to apply a smoky purple make up in minutes. Start off by applying a pink eyeshadow on the inner corner on the eyelids. Apply purple to the rest of the eyelids and blend it together with the pink eyeshadow. The top part of the eyelids is applied with a silver or ...more

How To : Apply eyeshadow and eye liner in Adobe Photoshop

In this video, we learn how to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner in Adobe Photoshop. First, load your picture in and zoom in on the eye. After you do this, you will need to click on layer one and then click on the color picker. Next, choose the color you want for the eye and paint ...more

How To : Achieve a smokey eye look with purple eyeshadow

Want to stand out? Try the eye-catching purple smokey eye look demonstrated in this beauty guide from YouTube's Queen of Blending. It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this free video tutorial can present a comprehensive overview of the process in just under three minutes' time. ...more

How To : Airbrush eyeshadow or eye shading

Learn how to do eye shading using an airbrush machine! This skill is for the more advanced airbrushers. Beginners, be sure to check out Koren's other videos on airbrushing basics before you start this process. Those looking to try your hand at this, practice makes perfect! En ...more

How To : Fake a defined eye crease with makeup

To really make your eyes stand out you may want to emphasize the crease in the eyelid with eye shadow. Dramatic eyes are great for going out at night and by using your darker shadow in the crease you will be sure to be noticed. Adding definition to your eyes couldn’t be simpl ...more

How To : Do a daytime smoky eye look for everyday

This is about how to do a daytime smoky eye look for everyday. Below are the steps: 1. Pat eye primer onto your eyelids with your fingers. 2. Apply a faint baby blue eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye with a flat shadow brush. 3. Apply a water blue eye shadow onto the ...more

How To : Recreate the One-Color Smokey Eye

The smokey eye has become one of the most popular makeup looks in recent decades. Worn by celebrities and the casual consumer alike, it is not only popular but is also one of the hardest looks to recreate. A few months ago, I was aske to create a simple, easy to follow tutoria ...more

How To : Get Carmen Electra or Playboy playmate smoky eyes

In this video, we learn how to get Carmen Electra or Playboy playmate smoky eyes. First, apply a primer to the eyelid, then apply a shimmer gray shadow to the entire eyelid with a brush. Brush the shadow so it makes a wing at the edge of the eye. Next, apply a darker shadow to ...more

How To : Wear smoky royal blue eyes with glasses

In this video, we learn how to wear smoky royal blue eyes with glasses. First, find the dark circles of your eyes and apply concealer to them to cover it up. Next, apply concealer to the face and define your eyebrows. After this, apply a silver shadow to the eyes, followed by ...more

How To : Get gold & smoky eye look

The Style Diet's Anna Saccone takes us through the process of getting a gold and smoky eye look using basic everyday makeup! 1. To start the look, obtain two different colors of eye shadow (gold and reddish brown) 2. Lightly apply the gold eye shadow to your upper eye lid wit ...more

How To : Get a elegant natural smoky eye look

This tutorial is a great one to watch if you are looking for an elegant but still natural smoky eye look. Start off by taking the eye shadow Grey Stone and applying it all over the lid. Then take the MAC eye shadow called Omega right over the crease, rounding it off at the end ...more

How To : Use makeup for a Stila Gold and brown eyes

This video will show you how you can use Stila makeup to create a brown and gold eyeshadow look. Products used: -MAC "Baselight" paint -Stila "Oasis" eye shadow -Bourjois mini loose eye shadow "#10" -Bobbi Brown "Graphite Shimmer Ink" liner -MAC "Nylon" eye shadow -Max Facto ...more

How To : Create an everyday smoky brown eye look

In this how to video learn how you can achieve a smokey brown eyeshadow look for everyday wear. This makeup tutorial uses the following products: -Urban Decay primer potion -MAC "Satin Taupe" eye shadow -Milani "Java Bean" eye shadow -MAC "Chocolate Brown" pigment -MAC "Nylon" ...more

How To : Get Kim Kardashian's bronze, smoky eyes

Bronze Smokey Eyes This is a video about how to get Kim Kardashian Bronze Smokey Eyes. Just follow these steps: 1) Apply with your finger a golden bronze shadow. This will be the base color. 2) Black creamy eyeliner to line your lower lashes. Smudge it with a pencil brush. 3) ...more

How To : Do easy smokey eyes for an older woman

Sharon Connolly, Image Consultant, demonstrates how to create a fabulous smoky eyes look. Start by brushing a very light color over the eyelid area from the lashes to the brow, accenting the inner corner of the eye. Then apply a brown shadow from the lashes to just above the ...more

How To : Get a Great Holiday Sparkly Eye Look

Who doesn't want to sparkle during the holidays? Here we show you how to use shimmery makeup to get that sparkly holiday look. Eye primer Apply a concealer or primer directly to your eyelids with your fingers to help makeup last. Example: CoverGirl Invisible Concealer Eyesh ...more

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