Eye Splice 4 Stranded Rope

How To : How to tie an eye splice with rope

The eye splice might sound like some horrible procedure from the lab of Dr. Frankenstein, but it's actually a very useful skill to learn for camping or disaster preparation. Eye splicing is a way to secure different strands of rope together so they're stronger than a knot. In ...more

How To : Tie an eye splice loop into the end of a rope

An eye splice is the best way to create a permanent loop on the end of a multi-strand rope. Whether you need an eye splice loop to hold a hammock up in your backyard or need one for your nautical voyages, this survival training video will teach you step by step how to tie one. ...more

How To : Tie the Sailor's Eye Splice knot

The Sailor's Eye Splice: Learn knot tying. To Tie the Sailor's Eye Splice Knot: form the eye and spread the strands away from you fanwise, placing them against the rope where it is to be entered. Untwist the rope one turn, open the top or center bight with a small fid, and st ...more

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